Into the Pit

SPN100 Challenge, word: lamp

Summary: When reports of missing people start to pop up, the Winchesters decide to take a closer look at the old mining town near the Mosquito Pass.

A/N: Since I've been an awfully lazy drabbler the last few months, I decided to start with a multi-chapter drabble story into 2020. Let's see how that'll work ;-)) So here's the first act …

The rising sun had set the mountaintops near the derelict mining town on fire. Autumn leaves glowed in red and yellow and green. It was like entering a glossy tourism brochure for the Rocky Mountains – all beauty and adventure. Apart from the fact, that seven people had gone missing around the Mosquito Pass over the past two months, and the last cellphone signals pointed towards the abandoned gold mine.

"Hey, ready to get going?"

Dean grabbed his headlamp, took a deep breath of cold, clear air and followed his brother down to the entrance.

Dread was close on his heels.