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"This will be your room."

Lincoln pushed the door to the guest room open. It laid as it was yesterday, clean sheets and a fresh set of towels meant to welcome its guest to the abode. Lucy eyed it; plain white walls, some self built nightstands, and an ornate queen bed. It was quaint.

Her duffle bag hung low and her knees knocked it as she walked forward. If Lincoln had offered to carry it, she would not have had to struggle like this. Roughly dropping it on the ground, she looked around.

"Hmm," she hummed. "A little bright for my taste, but it will do."

"Good," the white haired man turned to leave. "Bathroom's down the-"

"This bed." Lincoln was facing out into the hallway but he knew Lucy's pale hand was tracing along the antique backboard of the bed. "It's so familiar."

"...You're mis-"

"I kid." Lincoln's momentary relief was crushed in an instant. "I recognize it." Lucy's voice grew closer. Fingertips lightly traced along the satin comforter as she approached. "Putting it together made everything much more comfortable, didn't it? Something I could hold onto."

Lincoln squeezed his eyes shut. "It's not the same."

"Please," Lucy sneered. "As if I wouldn't recognize Grandma Harriet's antique." A quiet tsked escaped her lips. "My guess is that they gave it to you as a housewarming gift. So much cheaper than a new bed. Am I right?"


"Lori didn't want it," She continued. "And Leni found it creepy. Luna lives in a tour bus and Luan in a furnished apartment." Lincoln heard Lucy's fingers flick off the bed. "Did you even change the mattress?"

"I did."

"Is it still there?" She ignored his words and simply watched the hair on the back of his neck. "Bottom right corner, was it?" No reaction. "Unless you flipped it?" The white hairs on the back of his neck twitched. "Mmmhmm."

Lincoln's eyes were still closed but he heard footsteps as Lucy rounded the bed. His heart was thumping like crescendoing timpani, trying to find the courage to move.

Lucy got down onto her knees and slide her fingers beneath the mattress' edge.

"I'll just give it a quick pe-" Her wrist was torn upwards. Lincoln stood above her, fury in his eyes. The courage he found manifested in rage.

"Don't." The white haired man commanded.

Her head slowly turned to look him in the eyes. Her subtle frown revealing her chagrin. Choosing silence, she took a moment and looked to her wrist. Her brother's grip wasn't crushing but it was strong.

"Ouch." Her dull voice did not fit her word. "Is this how you treat your sister after so many years?"

"Get away."

"What did you tell her?" Lucy asked still kneeling. Lincoln was leaning down into her, hand still gripping her wrist preventing further movement. "A nose bleed? No, it's too small. A cut? Well, that'd be closer to the truth."

"Move." He tightened his grip.

"...You can't deny it forever." Lucy's jeans would later thank her for not kneeling too long. As she stood, Lincoln's grip stayed firm. She looked at it again. "You've greeted me with nothing but hostility. Am I not allowed to feel betrayed?"

"..." Lincoln's rage filled eyes softened but he did not speak. His features turning back to ones of guilt.

"Well, brother?" She stressed her adressment. "Answer me."


Lincoln released her.

"Better." She rubbed her wrist with her other hand. "I'm still your sister. Can you at least treat me like you would Lana or Lily?"

"...Fine." His chin tucked into his chest and his eyes lowered in defeat. "Would you like something to drink?" The white haired man's face strained as he asked as politely as he could.

"May I have some tea?"

"Yeah, okay."

"Something with lavender?"

"I'll look." He turned to leave.

"Erhmm." Lucy cleared her throat. Lincoln stopped and sighed. Peeking over his shoulder, he could see the goth woman standing with her arms open and relaxed in an inviting way. "Now that you accept that I am your sister. I believe I am entitled to one hug."

Lincoln grinded his teeth together. There she stood, like some holy mother. Her words were getting to him again. His feet dragged as he moved towards her and slowly reached around her.

Lucy's speed was less slow. As soon he was in distance, her arms wrapped around him and brought him close. Her chest squished into his stomach in a way most men would envy. Enveloped in her hug, Lincoln heard a sniff.

"I missed your scent."

He tried to back away but couldn't, she held firm.

"Did you miss mine?"

Her mention seemed to spark something, a subtle fragrance entered his nose. A light sweat build up had released an alluring perfume to him. Memories of him holding onto her waist as she bounced on top of him filling his mind.

He pushed back with force.

"I'll get you that tea." The Loud man stormed out of the room too quickly for any interruption to stop him. Not that the thumping of his erratic heart would allow him to hear such a call.

Left alone, Lucy smiled to herself. She hugged her curves still warm from her brother's embrace. She took a sniff of the air, hoping to catch just a bit more of him. She caught something else.

Her mind tried to trick her into thinking it was fabric softener, but she knew better.

It was Ronnie Anne.

Knuckles cracked are she balled her hands into fists. Her long black nails dug into her skin, the pain dulling her emotions. That bitch was here with him. Of course she was. This was their home. Their love nest.

"Calm yourself, Lucy." She spoke to no one but herself. "Your time will come."

Lincoln plugged in the electric kettle and promptly lowered his head above the counter. His fingers pushed into his locks and his elbows stopped him from bashing his forehead on the granite.

"Keep it together." He told himself. "It's another one of her tricks."

Lincoln's mind went back, way back, almost but not all the way to the beginning.

"They're getting bigger." Lucy cupped her chest and squeezed them together. Lincoln glanced over his shoulder. They were alone in his room again. The goth girl, in regards to how you'd probably believe her to be, sat uncharacteristically daintily on his bed at arms reach from the desk. The boy was pretending to study but her words could not be ignored.

"Do you need a new bra?" Lincoln grumbled still watching as she massaged her chest.

"Yes," Her hands stopped and she looked up at her brother. She caught his eye. "What kind would you like?"

The white haired boy quickly averted his eyes. "It doesn't matter to me." He looked back to his homework but only tapped his pen.

Lucy smiled at his grumpy demeanor, he was so charming. Her footfalls were soft like an uncollared kitten as she jumped off his bed and approached him. Her pale arms wrapped around his neck and draped over. Even in his chair, she still had to stand on her tiptoes to do so.

"Is it because you'll just remove it?"

"...No," he placed his pen down to the side of his paper and held her hand. "Just get something that fits you."

"Something black?"

"I mean your size." He felt a small pinch of lips nipping his ear.

"Take me to the store and I'll let you choose."

"I'm busy."

"I mean later." Lucy's hand began sliding down her brother's stomach and onto his crotch. "No one's home right now." She whispered into his ear.


He didn't respond and quiet filled the room. Uncomfortable for him but not for Lucy. She knew he would do it.

After a moment, Lincoln released his grip on her hand. It slowly moved to the top drawer of his desk and opened it. A second of rummaging produced a folded roll of condoms.

A cold hand was placed onto his.

"You don't need that." The goth's corrupting whispers wormed through his mind.

"Yes," he told her. "Yes, I do."

"You didn't need them the first time." Lucy reminded him.

"I did," He countered. "I just didn't have them."

"...I'm not doing it unless we don't use them." Lincoln looked back in shock. The black haired girl's frown showed her seriousness.

"Y-you don't mean that." His voice shook.

"Raw." Her arms released their grasp. They folded as she turned away. "Or nothing."

"Lucy, you do-"

"Don't you miss it, Lincoln?" Her voice was breathy. Spinning around, she cornered him by holding the armrests of his chair. "Our flesh melding together. No barrier between us. Just unadulterated fucking. Do you miss it? Because I sure do."

"No," He shook his head. "We're using a condom."

"Use a condom. Use a condom." Her voice mocked. "You know what I hear boys love, having to use a condom." Lincoln grimaced and looked to his side. The goth girl used this chance to get close and whisper deep into his ear. "No guy thinks that."

"I-I'm not most guys." Lincoln still wouldn't look at her.

"No, you aren't." Her hands slide up his chest and she leaned into him. The chair creaked back under the new weight. "You're the guy who enjoys fucking his little sister."

Lincoln shut his eyes tightly.

"But that's okay." Lucy's sultry voice penetrated his ear. "Because I'm the little sister who loves getting fucked."

Her carefully calculated words worked, and Lincoln snapped.

Her tiny frame was shoved off, her back slammed into the wall. Lincoln slapped the wall behind her and glared into her showing eye.

"Attic." He growled. "Now."

"No condom?" She playfully said.

"No condom."

Lucy's tongue shined her upper lip.

The sound of the electric kettle going off snapped the man back to reality. Basically waking up from a bad dream, Lincoln looked around in a panic. He was home. This was his kitchen.

"Son of a-" he didn't finish his own words. What was the point anyways.

Lincoln stood up and looked through their kitchen cabinets. Ronnie Anne was a tea drinker, and while her tastes were vastly different from Lucy's, in a variety pack was three single cup bags of lavender tea. He still found himself sighing, not wanting to give in but had to.

The cup steamed as the water poured into it. A brown hue spread through the liquid and the definite smell of tea filled the room. He watched it swirl and settle in contemplation. His ear twitched as the sound of a lock turning came from the front door.

"I'm home!" A voice with a gruff amber called out.

"Ronnie?" Lincoln felt a wave of relief wash over. The rustling of plastic bags could be heard as the door bonked into its stopper. The man walked out to see

"Hey, Lame-o." The slender woman pressed her butt up against the door. Several groceries hung on her arm. "Don't just stand there."

"Oh, sorry!" Her brown eyes rolled at the man's dumbfoundedness. Positioning her arms like a slide, Ronnie rolled some bags onto Lincoln's. He wasn't much stronger than her but some sense of manhood forced him to accept more bags than he'd leave. "What'd you get?"

"Some cheese, crackers, and…" Arms freed, she reached into one of the bags Lincoln left her. She produced a small bottle of red wine. "Some blood of Christ!"

Lincoln chuckled at his wife's antics. "Anything for dinner?"

"Who needs dinner when you got," she reached into the same bag. A white wine bottle in her opposite hand, she made a party pose. "More booze!"

The white haired man's eyes rolled as his wife did a small dance. Bags still in hand, he moved close and gave her a kiss to the forehead. "Never change, babe."

"Err hmm."

Lightening shot up his body and forced him to freeze. Had he not positioned the bags in the crook of his arms, he would have dropped them. Ronnie Anne peeked around her husband.

"Lucy!" Lincoln's wife shouted in glee. "You're here!"

Wine quickly left on a nearby table, Ronnie Anne went to give her, one of many, sister-in-law a hug. The slender wife's arms wrapped around the more curvaceous woman in a tight hug, not noticing how the goth did not reciprocate it or unball her fists.

"Welcome," Ronnie voice was spritely as she greeted the sister. "I'm so glad you could come."

Due to her monotone, Ronnie Anne missed the strain in Lucy's voice that Lincoln picked up on. "It's nice... To see you as well."

The white haired man watched from afar as the hug was released. They may as well have been a football field away in regards to how distant he felt in his situation. "I'm sorry, there isn't much to do here." His wife told his sister. "But it really means alot to us for you to come and visit."

"Thank you for inviting me," Lucy's head turned towards Lincoln. "I'm surprised Lincoln allowed this, considering."

"Oh yeah, hehehe." The chica nervously stepped back. "Well, I may have kept it a secret until a few days ago, hahaha." Ronnie Anne looked between the two siblings, her hands tucked behind her back and hunched over. The air in the room seemed heavy as she finally noticed simmering annoyance on her husband's face aimed at his little sister.

"Look," Ronnie Anne sighed and stood up straight as she tried to build a bridge. "I know something happened between you two... But I-"

"Perhaps you should tell her what that thing was." Lucy cut her off.

"But I-" Ronnie tried again.

"Come on, Lincoln, she has a right to know."

"But I!" The tan woman finally shouted out. She waited to make sure the goth did not interrupt. Little did she know, Lucy was biting down on her own tongue in anger. Ronnie took a kind demeanor. "But I am a part of this family now, and as part of this family, I don't want to see two of my family not getting along."



Lincoln looked towards the ground, avoiding his wife's sad eyes. Lucy hadn't once looked over to Ronnie, keeping her hidden eyes locked onto her brother.

"Aren't you just a bit curious, Ronnie?"

Lincoln's head snapped up. The goth was still fixated on him but addressed his wife.

"Why you had to invite me to the wedding?" Lucy continued. "Why the sister who was closest to him, is not allowed within a foot of him?" The man could see his wife shaking. She wanted to know. She really wanted to know.

"No." Ronnie Anne managed out but did not look up. "It's between you two."

"It involves you." The woman's corrupting voice tried to nudge the wife closer to the edge.

Ronnie Anne looked up to her husband, who was standing in fear. "No. I have my secrets and Lincoln has his. As his wife, I respect his choice not to tell me." Lincoln's fear melted as he looked over to his partner, not seeing Lucy harshly biting her lip in frustration. Her mind raced with avenues to take, scenarios discarded and new ones formed.

"Sigh," Lucy returned to her constant look of indifference. "I will also respect this decision." Her eyes glanced to Lincoln as the shock of her words caused him to flinch. "I admit, I have missed being able to confide in my brother. And I'm-" The goth choose to scream internally as she said her next sentence. "I am grateful to you, Ronnie Anne, for allowing me this chance."

The latina in question looked back with watery eyes. A heartwarming scene if she had ever seen one. "Of course!" She hushed to hug the goth. For the sake of the act, Lucy returned this one. Ronnie whispered into her ear. "If there is anyway, and I mean anyway, I can help you. Let me know."

Lucy smiled and curled her fingers into the woman's shirt.

"Thank you, Ronnie." Lucy whispered back with menacing grin she hid via the wife's shoulder. "Your assistance is exactly what I need."