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"Why are you putting on your pants?" The goth teen traced her finger on her brother's broad back. Once again, they found themselves in the dim candle lit attic. Lincoln shifted his body to move away from her.

"I promised Clyde we'd meet up tonight." He barely glanced back at the budding teen. Lucy moved closer and pressed her breasts into the white haired boy's back.

Her hot breath whispered into his ear. "Wouldn't you rather spend it with your sexy goth girlfriend?" A shiver was sent down his spine. "Clyde won't mind. Come back to bed."

"Well I do mind." He stood up with force. Lincoln still wouldn't look at her, Lucy laid barely covered and sprawled on the bed. His fist balled into a fist as he spoke with conviction. "I bailed on him last week to do this and I won't again. I need to get out of this attic and live my life."

Lucy let his words hang for a bit. "That's good and all," she said with indifference. "But I already cancelled for you." Lincoln spun on a dime and looked at her with wide eyes.

"You what?!"

"If it makes you feel better." The girl rolled onto her back and exposed her ample chest upwards. "I managed to set him up on a blind date."

"That's not the point!" Lincoln shouted, uncaring of volume as he knew they were home alone. "This is the third time you've done this, Lucy! Enough is enough!"

"Mmmhmm." The goth girl's neck bent over the bed lip as she opened her mouth causing her tongue to lul out. "Go ahead and use my mouth to soothe that anger, big brother." Is what she attempted to say with mixed results.

"Shut your mouth." Lincoln began grabbing his remaining clothes off the ground. "I'm done with your games. This ends now."

The pale nude girl twisted herself to lay on the bed again. Her sweaty back glistened in the flickering light. A slender hand reached out and wrapped around Lincoln's legs to paw at his crotch.

"You've said it before." Lucy's voice was still monotone but all Lincoln could hear was taunting. "But you never really mean it."

He slapped her claws away. "Well this time I do." His feet thudded as he marched to the ladder leading down. "I'm locking this attic and throwing away the key. Get your stuff and get out."

Lucy suddenly felt fear.

His voice sounded different.

"L-lincoln," she scrambled to stand. Her foot getting tangled into the bed sheets causing her to trip. It hurt, yet her love did not turn to care for her. "Wait!" She called out as his white hair dipped below her sight. The goth ghost ran to the ladder. "No, wait! I'm sorry!"

"No you aren't!" Lincoln shouted back. His form disappeared into his room as the door slammed. "You keep on doing this! I'm fed up with it! I want a life again!"

Lucy rushed the door and shoulder barged it. "Lincoln open the door! Let's talk it out!" Her fingers clawed at the door.

"No, I'm done talking!" She could hear his voice ring out from the other side of the door. "This is all a game to you, isn't it?!

"No it isn't!" Her hand grasped the door knob and twisted to no avail. "I love you and we are meant to be together!"

"You're my sister!"

"The sister you've fucked for years!" Her fist slammed into the door. "We've done everything together! Our firsts! Our fetishes! Everything!" Her fist slammed with each emphasis. Lincoln could feel the thuds reverberate through his back that was against the door. "Am I not part of your life!"

"... You are." Lincoln clutched his hair as the guilt flooded in. "But we need to be brother and sister again."

"We are," Lucy's voice echoed forth. "That's one of the reasons I love you so much."

"Lucy…" His pained voice dragged out. From the other side of the door, Lincoln listened as the goth stood and walked away. His curiosity was peaking and he almost brought himself to open the door. This would not be necessary as she quickly returned.

"I'm sliding something underneath the door." A plastic bag slid through the door crack. It was too dark to make out the contents but it was long and round. "Please look at it."

He looked at the silhouette on the ground, it's stick like shadow not connecting to any known memory. Reaching into his pocket, Lincoln produced his phone and shined its light upon the object. It was placed purposefully upside down by the grinning girl on the opposite side of the door, but he could easily name it now.

It was a pregnancy test.

Lucy could hear the crinkle of plastic as he picked up the bag. Her smile grew as he did so. "I meant to tell you…" She made her voice falter. "I-i just didn't know how'd you react."

Inside the room, the goth's words turned to background noise as his heart began beating louder than an earthquake. His breath was erratic and a sweat was building up on his brow. The object slowly rotated in his hand.

Inside the test area where two lines. One was a strong, vibrant blue line. The other was a barely visible outline of the prior. In his frantic state, the white haired teen did not comprehend what it was supposed to be.

"W-what does it mean?" Lincoln choked out. His lack of knowledge playing into her favor.

Lucy leaned in close and whispered into the wood. "It means we're having a baby." The sadistic nature behind her voice going unnoticed as he examined the test. "You wouldn't abandon your pregnant sister would you, big brother?"

The lock of his door suddenly clicked.

Lucy rushed to appear more vulnerable, perhaps even crying. Lincoln stood above her and all he could see was his naked sister cowering below him. Biting his lip in apprehension, he knelt down to be at her level. His arms reached around and wrapped her in a hug.

"I'll never abandon you." His hand rubbed her back in a feeble attempt to comfort her. "We'll get through this together."

Lucy's cool grasp engulfed him. "I'll hold you to that, my love."

This was it.

This was the moment Lucy knew Lincoln was hers.

Utterly and totally hers.

And that's why the present was so frustrating.

Lucy took a sip of her tea, her eyes secretly glaring at her brother and his wife's intertwined fingers. Her teeth grinded together as she took another sip of the lavender liquid.

At their only dining table, the three adults sat with a kettle of hot water between them. Lincoln placed his sister's tea accordingly before taking the opposite, and furthest, seat from her. His darling wife opted to bridge the gap and sat to his right but edged closer to Lucy. Ronnie Anne hoped to make her feel welcomed regardless of her husband's inhospitably. She had a cup of her own tea that she was letting sit.

"So, Ronnie Anne." There was a low hiss in her voice that the goth tried to keep to a minimum. "How was the wedding?"

"Oh!" The newlywed suddenly sparkled getting a chance to share her special day once again. Even with her tomboy nature, Ronnie Anne was quite proud of how hot she looked that day. "I'll grab the album." The latina stood and strode to the master bedroom to fetch the photos.

Left alone, Lincoln glared as his sister took a graceful sip.

"So…" Lucy placed her cup down. "Does she still take it in the ass?"

The white haired man turned away and began coughing. Lucy smiled at her ability to elicit such a response. The wife returned touting a book under her right arm. She turned to Lucy.

"What's up with Lame-o?"

"Nothing!" The man raised his palm between mild coughs. "It's nothing."

Ronnie Anne rolled her brown eyes. "Whatever," she returned to her seat. "Now bear with me, the photographer did not order them properly so I'll need to jump around."

"So you're anal in that way too."

Lincoln began coughing again. The room was allowed to settle even as Ronnie Anne screamed internally.

"Anyways!" The recent bride turned to a page where guests were arriving.

Lucy recognized many of them, especially her family and some of Ronnie's closest family. They were laughing and recollecting, all about to witness a tremendous occasion. Ronnie Anne's voice faded into the background but Lucy's already quiet demeanor made it seem like she was paying attention.

While Ronnie was distracted with her tale, Lincoln watched Lucy's body squirm. The goth's pale fingers curled around the handle of her teacup, shaking with tension but not snapping it. He noticed her lip was slightly raised hiding underneath the fact she was using her canine to bite the tip of her tongue. And he would be the only one in his family familiar enough to recognize her aura of loathing.

He wanted her out and away from his wife.

"Could you go back to that one?" The woman in black suddenly asked.

"Huh," Ronnie Anne looked up at her but Lucy did not return the gaze. "Um, yeah. This one?" Lincoln watched as his wife flipped back to them at the altar. He would have felt some joy if it wasn't for the person looking at them.

"You look very handsome, Lincoln." He heard Lucy's monotone voice call out. Looking up, he could see a mild smile on the goth woman's exposed lower face.

"Well he didn't stay like that." Ronnie Anne chuckled to herself. "He and Clyde got wasted during the reception, hehe. It's a little out of order, but pretty funny." The wife, reveling in her husband's embarrassment, stood up and scooted around her sister-in-law. "Let me go grab my tablet."

Lucy's head turned to follow the latina as she left. As soon as she was out of sight, her head snapped to her brother.

"You know," her voice echoed forth. Lincoln felt his stomach churn at the moment she started. Lucy's pale hand traced over his and Ronnie Anne's picture. "It's a lovely wedding. One I would have liked." She stressed her word. "To have back when I was younger."

Lucy's thumb crawled up the page and smushed the bride's face. "I wouldn't have even minded a white dress. As long as my lover was in black."

"But I was robbed of that."

Lucy raised her thumb, a small oil print was left on Ronnie's treasured photo. The man in the photo couldn't help but feel both fear and anger at the woman sipping tea across from him.

"Found them." Ronnie Anne quickly took her seat, her personal tablet already opened to some sort of social media video she made for friends only. The obnoxious singing of his best man Clyde already blasting out a speaker.

Lincoln covered his face in misery.

Lucy glanced over her shoulder to the kitchen window. Wanting to escape the conversation of his wife's teasing and his sister passive aggressive attitude, the man of the house opted to wash some dishes in preparations for dinner. This also happened to be the first time Lincoln had left his sister and wife alone.

Lucy needed to see if Ronnie Anne would be an issue.

"Ronnie," The tan woman flinched at the goth's words. To say their conversation was one sided was an overstatement. "I have a request."

"Oh, um," Lucy must have had a problem with the volume at which the woman started with as she raised a single finger and shushed her. Ronnie adopted a quieter voice. "What's up?"

"I'd like to request the use of your husband."


"If you don't mind," Lucy clarified. "Could you arrange for him to spend the day with me?"

"Oh, like a day around town." Ronnie nearly slapped her forehead for being so stupid. "Yeah, no problem Luce. I'll give you and the Lame-o some room."

"Thank you." Lucy cracked her neck to alleviate her annoyance of having to gain permission. Lincoln was at a state where he wouldn't willingly do anything for her. It pained her but the bitch would be a necessity.

A silence hung over the room as Ronnie Anne couldn't come up with a way to continue the conversation. Luckily, or not, Lucy had a topic she was sure would be tantalizing.

"You really aren't curious about what happened between us?" The busty goth took a sip of her tea as she waited for Ronnie's reply.

"N-n-" the freckled woman cut herself off. "Well a bit. It's not my place."

"But you do have a place in it." Lucy's words dangled like a chew toy for the wife.

"... No, I'm okay." The woman looked away. "I couldn't."

"Perhaps a hint?" Lucy waited for a response. Instead, she could just barely make out the fact the wife's ear twitched in anticipation. "Hmm, nevermind."

Ronnie Anne's eyes widened and her head snapped back to the goth.

"W-what?" The latina stuttered out.

"Nevermind." Lucy was about to take a sip but noticed her cup was empty. She placed it back in its saucer.

"No," Ronnie Anne scooted in. "C'mon, you can't just leave it at that."

The goth hummed in her head, she would not be an issue. "No, I promised."

"Shit Lucy." Ronnie peaked back to her husband. Lincoln was still washing the dishes. "Just a little one."

The goth shook her head no. "Perhaps after I see where I stand with Lincoln."

"Fine, fine." The wife leaned back and folded her arms. "I don't know what happened between you two, but it really eats at him. If you guys can at least start reconciling then maybe you can go back to how you two used to be."

Lucy smiled, "I'd like that."