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Warren Burgess was taking Kendra and Seth around the Fablehaven preserve since Seth was practically begging for an adventure and Kendra would not leave her brother alone with Warren since they both had a tendency to get in trouble. Warren would not let it show but he was glad to go venturing into the woods instead of doing boring work around the yard.

"Wait here guys I'm gonna look a bit ahead to see what dangers lay ahead!" Warren jokingly said. He walked ahead and left Kendra to hold a squirming Seth who was ready to go run after Warren to have more adventure.

As Kendra and Seth disappeared behind Warren, he saw something run across the path and stopped. He pushed back into the bushes to avoid being seen. When nothing showed up, he looked one way, but not the other. A peryton (Flying golden deer with fangs, sharp hooves and poisonous antlers) swooped down over him, just missing him. He panicked knowing that Kendra and Seth were left alone. He stood up and ran back to them but only found an unconscious Seth on the ground and Kendra was gone.

Warren scooped Seth into his arms and carried him back to the house. Nobody else was there, they were running errands around the preserve. He laid Seth on the couch and examined his wounds. One of the peryton's hooves must have hit him in the head as it flew over him. He left Seth there and he went looking for Kendra.

Warren wandered through the woods looking for tracks either from Kendra or from the peryton. He crossed the path and it swooped over again.

Man Warren thought, This thing is out to kill me. I should probably look both ways before crossing the path like on the street. He chuckled to himself and he tripped over a root and landed on his chin, busting it open. He sat up and brushed the dirt off of him and noticed something on the ground. It was a note. He opened it and read: Warren Burgess, I know you are looking for your fairykind friend but I cannot let you do that. Warren frowned. He wanted to find Kendra soon before anyone came home. He walked around and looked for Kendra with no luck.


Warren came across a large tree and saw something-no someone- no Kendra hanging upside down from a high branch. He climbed up the tree and untied her carefully and caught her before she fell. He climbed down slowly and ran back to the house.

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