Kikki Benjamin is now a dance teacher at the Cyrus K. Holliday boarding school in Kansas City, Kansas. She has not only the first-ever modern dance classes to get kids into exercising, but "The Animal Caretakers Society", a school club where she shows kids the wonders of endangered species, or so they thought. The Animal Caretakers Society is actually a cover-up for the new Mew Mew team, Mew Mew Infinity. Now, eight girls from eight different backgrounds must face a mysterious villain known as, "Poach McCartnet" who plans to drain the life on earth.

Mew Mew Members

Kiki Benjamin- Formerly known as Mew Mew Pudding, she is now a modern dance teacher at the CKH Boarding School. She negotiated with the principal on having a dance class at the school, just so she could get them into shape. After hearing rumors of Poach McCartnet, she decides to put her own team Mew Mew, together.

Chanel Proulx a. k. a Mew Mew Chocolate- A goth girl from France. She has autism and bonds with bengali tiger.

Vada Kesley a. k. a Mew Mew Vanilla- A food expert from Thailand. She bonds with the arctic fox.

Saatvika Jain a. k. a Mew Mew Sundae- A Bollywood child actress from India. She bonds with Two-banded chameleon

Danna Coste a. k. a. Mew Mew Dumpling- A musician from Haiti. She bonds with the Yellow-crested cockatoo

Carla Bello a. k. a. Mew Mew Cupcake- A circus girl from Columbia. She bonds with the Manta Ray.

Harley Dennis a. k. a Mew Mew Honey- A nerdy girl from Australia. She bonds with the brown bear.

Julianna Abbey a. k. a Mew Mew Jelly- A southern belle from Tennessee and Presley Beth's twin sister. She bonds with the Anartia Butterfly.

Presley Beth Abbey a. k. a Mew Mew Peanut Butter- A tomboy country girl from Tennessee and Julianna's. She bonds with the Silkworm Moth

Other students

Lilith Jakeman- the most popular girl at the CKH, and the MMI's rival.

Curtis Jepson- from New York City whom Harley has a huge crush on.

Rodrigo Bello- Carla's older brother. Saatvika also has a crush on him.

Leighton Morce- A reporter for the Cyrus K Chronicle.

Faculty of the CKH Boarding School

Dean Allen Dennis- Dean of the CKH and Harley's American paternal uncle.

Coach Howland- The boy's gym teacher and Kiki's love interest.

Mr. Janson- The Abbey Twins', Carla's, and Danna's homeroom teacher who teaches 6th-grade math.

Mrs. Georgeson- Harley's, Saatvika's, Vada's, and Chanel's homeroom teacher.

Coach Cyndi Landon- Kiki's love rival for Coach 's affection.


Poach McCartnet- A mysterious figure who plans to drain the life on Earth.

Elthunt John- Poach's keytar playing henchman. He specializes in Air pollution.

Aretha Traplin- Poach's siren henchman. She specializes in land pollution.

Crossni Laupelt- Poach's choreography henchwoman. She specializes in sea pollution.