Danna was coming out of the pet shelter, *Another day at the pet shelter,* she thought to herself. Just then, she got a text from Chanel about the hangout tomorrow night. Danna was so busy texting Chanel, she unintentionally stepped on the wrong bus. As soon as she was done with her text, she looked up and saw abandoned and dangerous building.

"I think i'm on the wrong bus," she said to the driver.

After she got off the bus, she saw numerous criminals everywhere. Remembering from the crime movies that her step-father watched all the time, she turned her phone off so she won't have it destroyed, "What is this?" she asked.

"This is a movie production," explained the Italian-American director wearing posh clothing, Gunnar Accardi. "You may know me from my film, 'Twin Mountains'."

"I've heard of it," Danna replied, "but I never saw it. My step-father is the person that destroyed your career."

Annoyed by what Danna said, he decided to cast her as one of the henchmen for the villain. The henchmen were planning to take all the stolen jewels from the abandoned jewlery store and sell them at the black market.

*Of course that girl thinks it's all a movie,* Gunnar thought evilly. *It turns out the whole thing is real.*

Little did they know was that the main camera man was getting annoyed by Gunnar's rudeness. In order to save Danna from getting involved in his schemes, he decided to secretly livestream the crime to her friends.


Chanel, Carla, Harley, and Saatvika were doing a jigsaw puzzle of the Haitian flag when Chanel started to feel sad, because Danna never came, "Where's Danna?" asked Harley. "She was suppose to be back an hour ago."

"I know, right?" Carla replied. "She's got that math test tommorow, and we don't want her to get at least one F. Otherwise it's back to Haiti."

"I know," replied Danna as she started daydreaming. "They way her eyes dazzle at me and how she serenades the stars."

Harley, Carla, and Saatvika were a bit confused by Chanel's behavior. Just then, Harley got a notification from her Viewtube channel. There was a new livestream from one of the henchmen, "She's in the bad part of Kansas City!" exclaimed Harley. "I recognize some of the buildings from the travel sites!"

"What are we going to do?" asked Carla.

"Chanel and I will go," Saatvika suggested. "Chanel cares about her deeply. I've read about it in her diary and learned French in middle school."

"Good idea, Saatvika," replied Harley. "You are the cinema expert, and Chanel has been close to Danna since we came here."

Chanel was annoyed that Saatvika peaked into her diary, but was more desperate about Danna's safety.

Mew Mew Chocolate, Metamorphosis!

Mew Mew Sundae, Metamorphosis!


When Mew Mew Chocolate and Sundae got to the bad part of Kansas City, they started to look for their friend, "So," Mew Mew Sundae said, "you really think Danna is smokin'?"

"Yes," Mew Mew Chocolate admitted. "It's not Declan i'm hitting on, it's Danna. I've been crushing on her since we first came here. The way she took care of those animals at the pet shelter and how she beats those drums."

"You could've told me sooner," Mew Mew Sundae suggested. "We're your friends."

Mew Mew Chocolate looked at Sundae and smiled. "You guys are the first friends I actually had," she replied. "Back in Paris, everyone thought I was a freak."

"We don't think your a freak," admitted Mew Mew Sundae. "Who else can master Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'? Plus you helped me with my sewing homework when the teacher assigned me a dark ages project. It was awesome. You are full of inspirations."

"Merci," replied Mew Mew Chocolate.


At the Golden Bridge jewelry shop, they spotted some filming equipment. They had to hide fast, so Mew Mew Sundae used her chameleon instincts to make her and Chocolate blend in, "These costumes are so cool," Danna commented as she looked at her biker outfit.

"Okay now," Gunnar replied. "In this scene, the Mossy Cobble crew sneak into this very jewelry store and steal all the jewelry. Then they head off for the van and make their getaway."

Before he had a chance to say "action," Mew Mew Chocolate let go of Mew Mew Sundae and barged up to them, "You're not a real movie crew," she recalled. "You're the Flamingo Freaky Fiends. Seen your wanted posters at the Paris Zoo."

"She knows too much," growled Gunnar to his crew. "Run!"

Before they had a chance to leave, Danna looked at them in anger and decided that she should power up.

Mew Mew Dumpling, Metamorphosis!

Just as Gunnar and his crew were about to escape, Mew Mew Dumpling blocked them. "Don't you dare hurt that girl," she growled. "She's delicate."

Mew Mew Chocolate and Mew Mew Sundae were relieved because Mew Mew Dumpling didn't use "me" or "I"; otherwise she'd blow her cover, "Why bother?" chuckled Gunnar. "Girls don't like horror movies."

"Are you sure?" asked Mew Mew Chocolate and she pounced by Dumpling's hand "Because, this is the last dance."

Taking Mew Mew Dumpling's hand, they waltzed their way to distract the criminals. Quickly, Mew Mew Sundae returned the stolen bags, and then she made an illusion of the bags with her illusion staff. After Mew Mews Chocolate and Dumpling made them dizzy, Sundae looked them and said, "It looks like everything is dancing."

Mew Mew Chocolate explained that she had to stop Gunnar without violence, so perhaps a waltz around them till they got dizzy would stop them. "Speaking of getting dizzy," said Saatvika, "we better get back to CKH before Dean Dennis gets dizzy about our tardiness."

As they left, the same man who showed them the footage of their theft came in. He explained to Gunnar that he recognized Danna from her music tutorial videos. He figured that if he showed a livestream to one of her friends, they could find and help them.

"Omari!" yelled Gunnar. "You betrayed us after six years of mutiny!"

"I'm sorry," snapped Omari "but I'm tired of driving for him. In fact I'm not much of a driver. So, I'm going to suspend my driver's license and go back to my parents' filmmaking shop in Paris."

After Gunnar left, the police came and arrested him and his crew.


Our heroes arrived in the nick of time before curfew.

"By the way," Danna said to Chanel, "that was some great waltzing you did."

Hearing the words from Danna's mouth, Chanel blushed. She was about to profess her feelings, but then she looked at the clock and realized that it was her bedtime. Saatvika was a little disappointed that Chanel didn't profess her feelings, but was glad they were back in time for curfew.

The End.