Chanel comes from Paris, France. She's very neat and patient, isn't too upbeat and doesn't get out much. Her parents divorced when she was 8. Because of her parents' divorce, she decided to become a goth. Her mom does her best to bring money into their little apartment as a tailor for a local boutique that sells gothic clothing. Chanel, on the other hand, wants to go out and explore the world.

The first time she ever bonded with an animal in on her 10th birthday. While visiting the Paris Zoo, she dropped her favorite bat toy into the tiger pit. The zookeepers tried to get it out, but nothing work. Without hesitation, Chanel barged in and took the tiger. A Bengali tiger cub came up and cuddled her. Her mother wasn't mad, she was impressed that Chanel tamed a wild beast at a young age. After that, Chanel dedicated her life to protecting the vicious beast.

During her 5th grade summer, she got an acceptance letter to Cyrus K. Holliday. It was there she joined the poetry club, the drama club, and the school paper. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to befriend her, not even her roommates. She didn't have many friends back in France either. Now with the new Animal Caretakers Society and her new friends, she'll do anything to be a good friend.

Age: 14.

Birthday: October 17.

Blood Type: O-

Animal Fuse: Bengali Tiger

Weapon: The Striped Sword.

Family: Evelynn-mother(tailor) Silas -father(computer programmer)

Like: Horror movies, rock music, mystery novels, fine jewelry, chocolate, Michael Jackson's thriller, and romance movies

Dislikes: Practical jokes, being alone, math, oranges(highly allergic), anything that has to do with Lilith and dogs(Twilight is an insult to me).

Talent: Acting, dancing, swimming, sewing clothes.

Roommates: Saatvika and Vada.