It was a Friday evening, and the girls were pooped because of their excessive studies and their club meetings, "All I need is a strawberry and cherry sundae," Saatvika said. "I mean, two tests and a presentation in art class, nuts, and I don't mean the mega-sized replica of a walnut made of marbles."

"Oh, man," Harley, replied. "I promised Uncle Dennis that I would join him for a movie tomorrow."

"Come on," replied Presley Beth. "Y'all need time apart from your uncle. He worries too much."

"I know," replied Harley. "But keeping a promise isn't easy."

"Good point," replied Presley Beth.

Just then Saatvika got a text message from Ms. Benjamin, "She wants to invite us to the first ever ACS slumber party at the rec room. She's been hearing rumors that a ghost haunted the place."

"I'm nervous," Harley said. "Because this is my first-ever sleepover."

"But are you scared of ghosts?" teased Chanel, "I know how to contact the dead. I've been getting in touch with some of Miss. Benjamin's ancestors."

"No" Harley groaned, "I just don't want to scare my uncle."

"I'm sure Dean Dennis won't mind." Presley Beth replied, "Jul and I have always been to slumber parties with the children of the LGBT groups our Papas go to."


Later that night, they were all decked out in their pajamas and were heading down to the rec room. During the sleepover, they listened to Backstreet Boys music, played "Sugar Rush," and ate snacks from the vending machine. As soon as the girls finished their snacks, it was time for Kiki to tell them about The Ghost of CKH.

It all started in the early 70s, just around the time The Beatles were going their separate away, there was a girl named, 'Palmer Merchant' who is a big fan of The Beatles, she loved them so much, she calls herself, 'Lennox' in homage to John Lennon. She made wool sweaters inspired by their songs and gave them to her friends and teachers as presents. After all, they do say the best gifts come from the heart. In 1980 during a class reunion on December 9, 1980. She was enjoying to Nowhere Man when she got word on the death of John Lennon that lead her to complete devastation. She was so mad that she tore the rec room apart, causing a major fire, trapping and killing her. Rumors say that her ghosts still haunt the place, seeking for anyone who would play John Lennon music. There are four signs to her arrival. First: The sound of sheep will come from nowhere, Second: A warm feeling will come from nowhere, Third: Lights will flicker on and off like crazy, and 4: Beatles music will come out of nowhere and it will traumatize the victims.

Everyone was more fascinated than scared, "And that's why don't listen to Beatles music on fall nights." Kiki finished, "Because we're afraid that it might upset her."

"Were there any victims" asked Chanel.

"Only Four" answered Miss. Benjamin as she got out her toy monkey, "A group of morticians in the late 80s, a Snooper Dawg fanatic in the mid 90s, and Dean Dennis when he first came here in the early 2000s."

"I remember" Harley replied, "Dad told me that Dean Dennis was sleeping their cause of a repainting job. He claimed that the ghost was too scary for him to bare and that he hid in his painted room for four days. Luckily, he had snacks to hold him."

"Okay" said Miss. Benjamin, "Bedtime. We don't want sleepy faces for the movies."


Around the stroke of midnight, Chanel got up to get a drink from the water fountain. While she was getting her drink, a hand pressed against her. It was Danna, she told Chanel that Miss. Benjamin was acting strange and they should check it out.

By the Ping-Pong tables, they saw Miss. Benjamin juggling Ping-Pong paddles, with her feet, "What's wrong with Ms. Benjamin?" Chanel asked.

"I don't know," answered Danna, "She's acting sleepy for some reason. Now she's juggling ping pong paddles with her feet."

"She did say that she was an acrobat," recalled Chanel.

Before they could wake her up, they heard sheep noises come from out of nowhere, then a hot feeling struck them and it woke up Miss. Benjamin. "I got to remind myself, not to eat too many spicy cheese curls before bed" groaned Miss. Benjamin.

"Cheese curls" asked Danna, "We thought the ghost possessed you."

Chanel turned her head and was surprised, "But look what's happening to the others."

In the middle of the rec room, much to their shock, a bunch of funny-looking sheep were jumping over the others, who had just awoken from their disturbed slumber. "What's going on?"

Lights started to flicker like crazy and Beatles music started to play. This could only mean one thing, the ghost has come. The Mew Mews decided to round up the crazy sheep before it is too late.

Mew Mew Metamorphosis.

"Counting sheep," said Mew Mew Honey as she used her Beary Bow to control them, "Usually when they jump over a fence, they put people to sleep."

"How are we going to capture them?" asked Mew Mew Cupcake, "This is worse than Rodrigo doing karate at a family gathering."

"No time for family embarrassments" groaned Mew Mew Peanut Butter, "Time for a little pillow fight!"

As she tossed a pillow towards a sheep, the sheep jus bounced up and down on them. Then a whole bunch of sheep started bouncing around them. "You know something, "Mew Mew Jelly said to her twin sister, "This is exactly like that music box at home Grandma Lauryn made for me. The one with the purple carousel with the sheep. When you first got it, Sis, you got dizzy."

This gave them an idea, they decided to play ring around the rosie, The Kiki Way. Around the sheep, they ran around them while balancing a beach ball on their heads. Then they did a mega-size-juggle, where they tossed each other's beach balls, which made them dizzy. They were so dizzy, they became unconscious.

"Care to do the honors, teach?" asked Mew Mew Honey.

"Sure" Miss. Benjamin smiled.

Mew Mew Style Mew Mew Grace

Mew Mew Style In Your Face

Just like that, the sheep were fast asleep, only to change into ghostly forms. Knowing this, they were actually ghost sheep.

In the clearing, they saw a hippie ghost comes up to them. "That must be Lennox." Mew Mew Dumpling whispered in a suggestion.

"Hey, groovy gals" Lennox greeted, "How are the cool nights here."

"Far out?" Mew Mew Honey answered nervously, "Listen, your sheep have been bugging us while we were sleeping and we need you to control them."

"No sweat, dudette" Lennox replied, "I tried to befriend anyone in this pad, but no freaky friend wants to talk to me. The sheep wanted to help me too, but all they do is make a mess in here."

"Looks like we'll be cleaning up before the movies" Mew Mew Honey suggested.

"Don't worry." Kiki replied, "If you want a ghost to talk to, try my late mother. Her name is, 'Rika Benjamin'"

"Okay" replied Lennox as she and her sheep left for the spirit world.


The next day, our heroes and Dean Dennis were coming home from the movies when they spotted Lilith falling asleep by a door. Knowing that they don't allow sleeping in the hallways, they decided to take her to the nurse's office. "Funny" Dean Dennis replied, "I could've sworn I detected paranormal activity in the rec room last night. So Harley, How was the sleepover in the rec room."

"We were a bit sheepish, but we were fine." answered Harley.

The End.