On a quiet Saturday morning, Carla, Danna, and Harley were sleeping like doggies in a basket. When the alarm rang at 7am, the girls woke up. "Girls," said a semi-awaken Danna, "it has been nearly few weeks since we became Mew Mews, and things are crazy."

"I know," a semi-awaken Carla agreed. "A new dance teacher behaving like a monkey. Talk about bananas."

"What could be worse than dreaming that your teacher lives in your dorm?" Harley asked as she placed on her glasses.

"Having monkeys live in your dorm?" guessed Carla.

Danna and Harley didn't know what she meant, until they were fully wakened and they saw numerous monkeys live in their dorm. As they got out of their dorm, they saw their fellow Mew Mews with monkeys in their arms.

"Did you guys get monkeys in your dorm too?" asked Harley.

"We did," the rest of the Mew Mews did.

"We gotta get Ms. Benjamin fast," suggested Chanel. "Good thing she's grading our dance exams today."


In the dance room, Kiki was going through the notes. "Okay now," she said as she got out another piece of paper. "Charlotte Ashley is catching on with her leg stances, while Winter Rosales is falling a little bit behind with her spins. "

"Ms. Benjamin!" shouted Harley furiously. "What's the idea of leaving monkeys in our dorm?!"

"The monkey exibit is being fumigated. I know the zookeepers there and they asked me to look after them. Unfortuntaley, a certain someone could get jealous of visiting monkeys, so I decided to let them crash at your dorms."

"What?" asked the Mew Mews.

"But we can't let Dean Dennis see them," urged Presley Beth. "We're not allowed to have pets in school unless their in a cage or guide dogs."

"Now, now," replied a familiar voice. "Is everyone here for Saturday detention?"

Outside the dance room, they could see Coach Landon with a bunch of troubled students, including Lilith and her gang. Ms. Benjamin explained that Coach Landon was running Saturday Detention this week, just so she could give kids discipline.

Thinking quickly, Carla and Harley decided to play a little practical joke on her. Tip-toeing towards her, they replaced the roll call list with a fake one Carla did, just incase of an emergency. Looking at the Saturday detention list, Coach Landon started the roll call. "Anita Bath?" the coach asked as the detention kids laughed.

"Okay, okay." groaned Coach Landon. "Stew Pid Teacher?"

The students laughed like hyenas, then Coach Landon turned her head to see the ACS giggling. Knowing that it was against the rules to prank a teacher, Coach Landon decided to give them Saturday detention as well.

"I see Paris, I see France, I see Cranky's underpants!" shouted Harley as Coach Landon turned her head. THe coach tried to catch her, but she missed and landed in a janitor's bucket.

"Oh, great," groaned the janitor. "Now I'll have to clean this up again."

Angry as a bull, Coach Landon ran towards them and Danna and Chanel grabbed her by the arms.

"See, Coach Landon?" chuckled Ms. Benjamin, "Saturday is about having fun and making friends, not running weekend detentions."

"Well," growled Coach Landon, "Dean Dennis will not tolerate this."


Meanwhile on his ship, Poach McCartnet was going over what monkey to poach. Just then, he picked up signals of Ms. Benjamin's little monkey business. There he got an idea.

Sneaky as a fox, he got out a McCart Bug, the bug flew down to earth, bit one of the monkeys, and it turned into a monster.


In the cafeteria, they were learning how to make their own Chinese dumplings when they heard thumping outside.

While Ms. Benjamin was escorting the children to the dining area, she winked at the Mew Mews and they know what to do.

Mew Mew Metamorphosis


They found McCart Monkey causing havoc while the others mimicked his moves because monkey see, monkey do.

Using their ninja hops, the Mew Mews spotted McCart Monkey and then got an idea. "I See Paris, I See Frace, I See Monkey's Underpants!" shouted McCart Monkey.

McCart Monkey heard the noise and followed Mew Mew Honey. "Everyone split up!" she shouted. "That'll distract McCart Monkey!"

In the boys' dorm, Mew Mew Chocolate had a feeling that if she could lead ontop of the fan and at the right time, she could grab a few monkeys and trapped them in a laundry basket. And sure enough, she was right. The boys from the boys' dorms saw her and flirted with her. However, she did a somersault and ran off, leaving them confused.


In the school's gymnasium, Mew Mews Dumpling, Peanut Butter, and Jelly found a few monkeys. Peanut Butter closed her wings, and Jelly opened her own wings. Remembering from her books, Dumpling remembered that cockatoos were really loud. With a loud cockatoo call, she grabbed the eyes of the monkeys playing with the dodge balls. Within five seconds, Peanut Butter and Jelly grabbed a net and wrapped the monkeys around it.

"Like cockatoos," smiled Dumpling, "monkeys want attention."


Mew Mews Cupcake and Honey were grabbing all the school supplies from the school store. Gently, Cupcake placed the items back where they were with her Sprinkle Frisbee. After the last item was placed, they needed a way to get McCart Monkey. Thinking quickly, Honey got an idea. "I see Paris I see France, I see Cranky's Underpants!" she shouted as McCart Monkey spotted her. "Quick, Cupcake!" she shouted. "To the rec room!"


In the rec room, Mew Mew Sundae was using her chameleon eyes to look for the monkeys. By the snack bar, she spotted them eating the food. Using her Freezing Flute, Mew Mew Vanilla lured the musical monkeys to the crafts table, where they started doing some drawings. Using her hearing, Vanilla could hear Honey and McCart Monkey coming. "Sundae!" shouted Vanilla. "Have you ever heard of Saturday Morning cartoons?"

"Yeah," replied Sundae. "Snooper Dawg, Paula Poundcake, and Frida the Fox; that was my mom's favorite cartoon growing up."

"In some stories," Vanilla replied, "foxes are real tricksters. I've got an idea."

As soon as McCart Monkey came in, Mew Mew Sundae used her camoflauge skills and grabbed him. The rest of the Mew Mews came in and it was time for the final call.

Mew Mew Style

Mew Mew Grace

Mew Mew Style

In Your Face

And just like that McCart Monkey changed back into a normal monkey.

"Nice job, Mew Mews!" shouted Miss. Benjamin. "Not only you saved the detention kids from being bullies, but from the school from turning into a monkey cage. Don't worry about the detention kids. Dean Dennis was thrilled about the prank you guys pulled and decided to let them participate in an educational film about bears in the conference room."

"Cool," Mew Mew Honey said as she changed back to normal. "I hear that bears dig up for food and catch fish with their mouths. Figure that they needed Saturday detention to be informative. Speaking of informative lectures, you are going to lecture us on super transportation."

"But what about the monkeys?" asked Vada, "We don't want them wrecking the school again?"

"I got this." answered Miss. Benjamin as she used a monkey whistle as all the monkeys rushed up to her.


Later, Ms. Benjamin was lecturing the girls and the monkeys on superhero transportation. "Besides suit-up cars, jets, cycles, choppers, boats and flying," she said, "we hop from place to place. Other uses of superhero transportation are teleportation, broomstick rides, hover boards, jetpacks, rocket shoes, creating portals, riding animals, or super speed."

The girls and the monkeys applauded for Ms. Benjamin's lecture. Looking at their superhero homework, she was pleased with the results. "Nice job on your superhero studies." she commented, "The National Supers Agency informed me that new supers like you girls should get homework that's fun like learning how to be a superhero. And what do you do if anyone asks?"

"Tell them that we're writing stories for Mew Mew Power!" shouted the Mew Mews.

The End