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Chapter 46: Old Moon

Izuku was moving side to side as he zig zag towards his opponent. The clay man threw more sludges of clay at him but Izuku was too fast for him, but to Izuku it was getting annoying, "Stop, Now!" as he brought his blade down on the clay man's arm, severing it from his body.

To a normal person this would have been horrifying, but the clay man just laughed as he pointed his stub at Izuku, "That won't work on me!" as a spear was launched from the severed arm hitting the place Izuku was at a moment ago. "Hold still."

"No," said Izuku as he put some distance between them, 'Opponents like this are tricky as they aren't fully solid, but this does mean I don't need to worry about truly cutting him as his whole body does seem to be made of clay. Though that still doesn't answer my question.' Izuku looked at the man, "Who are you?"

"Huh?" The clay man looked confused.

"I mean, I'm trying to remember but I have no idea who you are, why are you angry?" asked Izuku curious as he couldn't place the man anywhere.

"...What do you mean?" asked the man in a quiet voice.

'Oh man did I hurt his feelings,' Thought Izuku, feeling a little bad, "I'm sorry, but I'm trying to place your face and your quirk and I'm not remembering...anything, I mean your quirk is powerful but are you sure we fought before."

The police officers that were watching were stunned, "Is he apologising to the villain?"

"I think he might have bruised his ego." said another officer.

In the news helicopter the reporters were trying to analyse the situation, "it appears folks that Demon Slayer is trying to reason with the villain or talk him down. Oh wait, it appears the villain is shaking for some reason."

The Clay man was shaking but it was from rage, "YOU BASTARD!" yelled the clay man as he brought his arms up and behind him as he built a massive amount of clay.

Before he could even bring it down, Izuku had moved, in a flash Izuku had appeared before him sword drawn, "Breath of Flower fifth form: Peonies of Futility" Suddenly the clay man was cut several times and clay chucks flew back, "There that should end this."

"Not quite," as the Clay man's face reformed with glowing purple eyes, "DIE!" as he brought the clay back in a crashing wave to engulf Izuku. Izuku however took a different stance until…


"Wha?" squeaked out the clayman as Izuku knew what came next and dashed away as a pin point explosion hit the clayman right in the face. "Aggghhhh."

Izuku looked at where the explosion came from, "Katsuki, you're okay."

Katsuki landed next to Izuku, "Mostly, what I'd miss?'

"Well not much but what are you doing here?" asked Izuku

(A few minutes)

"You want me to what?!" asked Tomo "I came all the way here to pick you up and bring you back to UA not to run off again."

Katsuki growled for a second before taking a deep breath, "Look I'm only going to handle some bargain bin extra because it would fit with what you guys are trying to spin. Be honest do you really think anyone would believe I would back down from a fight or much less let someone drag me out of fight."

"Yes," replied Tomo Immediately, "because I can literally just snap my fingers and take you back whether you like it or not."

"Do you really think anyone would buy that?" asked Katsuki, "Cause what I would do in this situation is charge right in kick ass and drag Izuku back and to top it off it would fit much better explaining to everyone back at the stadium."

Tomo was getting angry at the boy, "You're a stubborn one," sigh, "Fine, but if things go south don't expect me to bail you out."

"As if that would happen."


"She then dropped me off here, so I could wrap things up and we could get back to the tournament," explained Katsuki, "Not to mention we all have a few things we need to talk about."

Izuku nodded, "Right."

"KATSUKI BAKUGO!" roared the clay man as reformed, "Today you both die, today I get my revenge."

Katsuki sparked his hands, "Bring it on you no na-" Katsuki was then cut off as Izuku put a hand in front of him. "Hey, get your hand out of my face."

"Hold it," said Izuku to Bakugo before pointing at him and turning to the clay man, "You know him?"

Katsuki suddenly had a tick mark on his face, "What is that supposed to mean, are you looking to fight me right now?"

"Of course I remember you two," said the Clay man, "You two ruined my life."

Katsuki blinked as he looked at the villain, "Wait who is this guy?"

The clay man froze at the comment, "Wha-?"

Izuku leaned towards Katsuki, "hey do you have any idea who this guy is?"

"How the fuck should I know?"

Not too far away the hero Crust was making his way through the crowd, "Excuse me, please stand aside." As he got through he saw the situation, "Did the fight reach a stand still?"

"Not exactly."

Crust looked up and saw the number 3 hero, "Hawks! When did you get here?"

"Not too long ago," said the avian hero as he sat down on top of a police car, "I was originally going to help but she's not doing anything." as he jabbed his thumb at Tomo who was sitting on a bench not too far away with an annoyed look on her face. "If you're not doing anything then does that mean UA's good with this?"

"UA?" said Crust, slightly confused.

"Yeah from what I hear UA is trying something new," he said to Crust before turning back to Tomo, "So is this cleared by UA?"

Tomo sighed, "Not entirely," she admitted before standing up, "Look I'm going to head back to the stadium and update everyone, if they get done before I return tell them they need to run back on their own." before either hero could ask she vanished from sight.

"Uh what does that mean?" asked Crust.

Hawks thought about it for a moment, "For now we wait and let them handle this, who knows it might be interesting."


A small hole opened in the middle of an alley way as Numa poked his head out, "Looks like the coast is clear." as he hopped out.

"Finally," said Kumori as Churan exited the portal with Kumori being held in Churan's arm bridal style and two other girls all sitting on his shoulders, "You could have mentioned that your pocket dimension was a disgusting swamp."

Churan then knelt down as the girls got off, "uh, I think I got muck on my skirt." said One girl, who was wearing a white skirt with a white shirt that had a diamond design on it, with a thin open sweater over it, her hair was in a braid down her back.

"We just got these outfits too." whined the other. She was wearing a short skirt with long knee socks and a white sweater on top. Her hair parted at the top.

Numa was getting annoyed, "I mentioned that pocket dimension was a swamp, what the hell did you think I meant? Anyway, I don't hear the others complaining."

"It's called their being girls." said a lanky teen with a white tank top that had a spider symbol and baggy loose pants on, that were covered in mud. "Ain't that right Rui."

Rui responded by grabbing his pants and then taking the layer of mud right off, "I just made an extra layer with my string." A smaller boy next to Rui did the same, removing the mud with a layer of string. This boy wore a simple dark shirt and pants.

The others just blinked, "Wow, smart move Rui." said Kumori.

Churan looked down at his mud soaked pants, "I'm going to need new pants and shower."

"We're all going to need showers," said Chrono as he stepped out. "Overhaul will kill us if we come back like this," grimaced Chrono. "The job comes first, where's the target?"

Rui turned to the small boy, "Patu, can you find him?"

The small boy, Patu nodded. "Yes I can." The boy then put his hands on the ground as his eyes glowed, "I see the target, he's walking south two streets down."

"Where is he headed?" asked Chrono

"He's walking towards a crowd," said Patu, "Give me one second, the spider I'm looking through isn't at the best angle at the moment."

"Don't bother," said the lanky boy as four massive spider legs emerged from his back, he quickly used the legs to jump into the air above the buildings.

"Nogia! Don't jump out like that in the middle of the day." yelled Kumori.

"We're trying to be discreet here." yelled Churun

"Yeah, yeah," said Nogia as he looked around, "So this is the new world huh. Not bad I guess." he muttered as he looked far in the distance and saw the crowd, "Oh shit!"

"Did he just say Oh shit?" asked Chrono.

"I think he did." agreed Numa.

"Nogia, what do you see?" asked Rui.

"A fight," he responded. "One with a demon slayer."

"Oh son of a..." as Chrono groaned.

"Uh Rui," said Puta in a small voice.

"Yes Puta?" asked Rui.

"There's something else. We're not the only one's following him."


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON"T KNOW WHO I AM?!" yelled the clay man who threw several balls of clay at Izuku and Katsuki. Though with there skill it was easy to avoid them and Katsuki was getting annoyed.

"Oh just shut up already," yelled Katsuki as he shot forward with his explosions dodging every ball of clay until he got right in front of his attacker. "We don't have time for you." as he set off an explosion at point blank range splattering the villain across the building behind him.

"Katsuki!" yelled Izuku.

"Relax, Izuku." as Katsuki kept his eyes on the clay, "It will take more than that to kill some like him."

The clay slowly began to pull itself together as the man began to reform, "its all your's all your fault."

"Oh for fucks sake," as Katsuki began to get pissed, "What is our fault, who the hell are you and what the fuck are you crying about?"

The clay man raised his head at the two, "you two really don't remember me."

Izuku shook his head, "I'm sorry no, maybe if you'd told us we might be able to remember."

"How about I show you," said the clay man as he began to change shape as his features became more detailed and he started to look more man than clay, revealing a young handsome face, blonde long hair with purple eyes wearing a grey light coat and pants with designer shoes. A generic pretty boy. "A face that you can't forget."

"..." Izuku and katsuki turned to each other as neither of them had a single idea who this guy was.

"It's a young man!?' said Crust, who was slightly shocked.

Hawks slowly facepalmed and groaned, "This is going to be something stupid, isn't it."


Back at the stadium Yuki and her class were watching the news on their phones, "Wait a minute, I know that guy."

"You do?" asked Ten.

"Yeah, he's uhhh...hang on a second his name is uhhh." Yuki thought for a moment before giving up, "I don't remember but I think he went to my middle school."

"Wait, he's a former classmate." Said Risu surprised.

"I guess the plot is thickening." commented Shika.

"I don't think so."

Yushiro was with Nezu when Tomo reappeared next to them, "Welcome back Tomo," greet Yushiro, "Let me guess Katsuki was giving you trouble."

Tomo huffed, "That boy is stubborn to his core, I was about ready to drop back into the stadium from the sky. He demanded to go and help Izuku due to that being the cover for this whole mess and I couldn't really argue with that." she then looked up at the clay villain, "Also while that villain does have a powerful quirk I doubt it will give the two much trouble."

"Indeed, at least we know the boy is safe." agreed Nezu. "In any case I'll call All Might to pick the two up if they take any longer."

Yushiro breathed a sigh of relief, "It looks like shortly things should be back on track." he hoped.


Both Izuku and Katsuki stared at the guy but both drew a blank. "Who are you?" they both asked.

The man's face started twitching, "What do you mean 'who are you', we went to the same school."

"We did?" said Katsuki surprised.

"Wait do me Aldera middle school?" asked Izuku.


"Wait, we went to school with this guy?" asked Katsuki to Izuku, not believing it.

"I guess so, I wasn't in middle school for very long, so I'm not sure." admitted Izuku.

"What do you mean, not sure, I was voted hottest guy in school." said the guy, getting even more angry if that was even possible, especially after he saw the blank looks on their faces. "How do you not remember me, I had a modelling career, that you two destroyed."

"What?" muttered Crust, confused.

"Yeah as I thought, something stupid." said Hawks disappointed.

Izuku scratched the back of his head, not sure what to make of this, "umm sir, for starters what's your name?" asked Izuku.

The guy's face literally turned red at the comment, "My name is Dare Demonai, I was the most famous student that went to our school, until you stole all the spotlight." As he pointed at Izuku, "I was famous, loved, and then you showed up and ruined everything, I lost two girlfriends because of you and your awful fashion tastes."

"Awful fashion taste?" said Izuku, slightly hurt by the comment but mostly bewildered, "You mean my hero outfit?"

"That style went out over a hundred years ago, don't try bringing it back, and lose those ear rings they are not doing you any favours." He then pointed at Katsuki, "You got me fired."

Katsuki raised an eyebrow. "How the hell did I do that?"

"When you kicked the ball too hard in PE class and destroyed my body, showing everyone I was made up of clay. " explained Dare.

Katsuki just blinked, not remembering any of it, "Okay and..."

"And because of that my modelling agency discovered I lied about my quirk and apparently that can cause legal issues, because of that they haven't assigned me a single photoshoot for months until finally I got the call today that I was fired."

"You lied," pointed out Izuku, "So doesn't that make this your fault."

"Are fucking serious," yelled Bakugo who was now angry, "You're causing all of this damage for some bullshit like that. That's stupid."

"It's not bullshit, it's my life that you two fucked over." he yelled back.

Izuku sighed as he sheathed his blade, 'I have to agree with Bakugo, all this damage for something like that, in any case we might be able to de-escalate things if we talk to him.' Izuku cleared his throat. "Look Demonai, this doesn't need to go any further, you're already in a lot of trouble and I think it would be best for every if we all just stopped for the day."

"I agree," said Hawks as he landed in front of Izuku and Katsuki, "Just stop will ya, this ain't worth it."

"Ain't worth it...ain't worth it," Dare then started to transform as his figure got larger. "You all ruined my golden years, how dare you say it ain't worth it!"

None of them were impressed as they all got into a fighting stance, Katsuki started some sparks on his hands. "Look, nobody, if you're golden years were middle school then that's on you, not us. Don't blame others because you already gave up."

Izuku grabbed the handle on his blade. "Just stop, you're throwing your life away."

Hawks floated in the air as he readied his feathers, "Yeah, this guy ain't listening, too many mental issues."

"Everyone get back," Ordered Crust as he started ordering the civilians back and the police to be ready. "Heroes, be ready a deranged villain can be unexpectedly dangerous, even if they're young."

Dare clay form grew bigger and bigger before he became the size of the buildings around him. "I'm going to bury all of you in a sea of clay, this is where-..."

The villain went silent before a faint line appeared, going right down the middle appeared, the villain blinked "...wha..." before splitting into two sections and then more lines appeared on the two sections of the villain followed by a large force of wind scattering the clay villain across the area and past the heroes.

Hawks used his feathers to brace himself, Izuku and Katsuki from the gust of wind. Hawks looked up and saw the villain split across the street, "What in the world?"

"What the hell was that?" asked Katsuki as he looked past Hawks' feathers. "Looks like something hit, nobody."

Izuku looked at the damage, "No he was cut...this ...this is..."

Katsuki then remembered, "Hey isn't this like your one move you used against the sludge guy a year ago?"

Izuku slowly nodded, "Yeah...but-" Izuku then saw a man walking right down the middle between the two big clumps of clay that were the main remains from the initial cut. As the man got closer the more Izuku's eyes seemed to widen and the colder his blood felt.

The man walking through the clay was wearing jet black shoes and pants, a red shirt with a leather jacket over it with a simple moon design on the back, with long spiky black hair that was red at the tips. His eyes scanned the clay chunks around him before looking down at the blade in his hand. "Too messy, I'm still not acclimated with this body." said the man as he looked over at the heroes.

Hawks stared at the man, 'Who is this guy? Judging by the blade he was the one that sliced up the clay but I didn't see anything.'

Katsuki was also wondering the same thing, "Hey, Izuku do you know this guy?" Katsuki didn't want to take his eyes off of the newcomer but didn't as he started to hear heavy breathing and was surprised it came from Izuku. "Izuku?"

Izuku was breathing heavily as he looked at the man, 'This man... it can't be...right after Muzan, this man is here as well.'

The man looked over and locked eyes with Izuku as he saw his ear rings, "Oh so you're the one they're all talking about."

Izuku tightened his grip on his sword before asking firmly "Who are you?"

The man tilted his head slightly as he looked at Izuku, "you're so afraid, I wonder what brought upon this fear." said the man, "To answer your question the name you are most likely familiar with that I've gone by is Kokushibo."

Izuku disappeared in a flash of light as quickly drawing his blade as fast as he could, swinging it at Kokushibo. 'I may not have been able to stop Muzan but I can at least stop this one.' as he slashed his blade at the former demon. Though his blade never reached the man, 'What?' Izuku's attack was stopped by the man's own blade, 'When did he bring up his sword?'

"How peculiar, you are called a demon slayer but up close I can see that you've never taken a life before have you, this blade has rarely drawn blood hasn't it. You weren't even aiming for my neck, you were aiming for my arm." said Kokushibo as he effortlessly pushed Izuku back before pointing his blade at Izuku. "This is how a demon slayer attacks."

In an instant everyone lost track of Izuku as he was sent flying into the air before hitting the side of a building forming a crater. Izuku threw up blood as he body was now bleeding from several cuts and stab wounds.

"IZUKU!"/ "DEMON SLAYER!" yelled the crowd around him.

"YOU BASTARD!" yelled Katsuki as he launched forward.

Kokushibo didn't even look at Katsuki as he kept his eyes locked on Izuku, 'Impressive, at such a short distance he was able to block and cover his most vital areas, either he's just that good or I'm out of practice.' as Katsuki fired a massive explosion at Kokushibo. "I guess you'll be a good test." as he cut the explosion in half with his blade.

'He cut the explosion in half!' thought Katsuki before feeling sharp pain across his chest, 'He cut me?! When?' he thought before blood spurted out of his new wound.

"KID!" yelled Hawks as he grabbed Katsuki and sent several feathers to pierce Kokushibo.

Kokushibo wasn't even fazed by the feathers, just slightly amused, "Interesting, I wonder what else this new world has to offer." As he then proceeded to cut each and every feather before they could come near him, if one could see or keep up with his speed they would say it was grace, even beautiful but also deadly.

"Halt villain!" yelled Crust as he stood in front of Kokushibo with a shield already made.

"A shield," muttered Kokushibo as he disappeared and reappeared behind Crust. "Pointless." as he brought his blade down on Crust's neck only for it to stop. "huh?" Kokushibo tried pulling his blade back but it was stuck as two hexagons kept the blade stuck.

"You're not the first speedster I've dealt with," said Crust as he formed more shields along his body, "Now Hawks!"

Kokushibo glanced up seeing several feathers surrounding him with Hawks in the air holding his arm up, "Let's see how you like this." as he brought his arm down sending the feathers down at them.

Kokushibo looked at the feathers, 'Do they honestly think that this will work, I could just let go of my blade and dodge all of them, though this does give me an excellent opportunity to see how well this body works with my power.' He thought as a small blade emerged from his hand. "First form: Dark Moon, Evening Palace" as he swiped his small blade in the air creating numerous chaotic crescent blades each one slicing through the feathers like butter.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me." said Hawks as he assessed the situation, 'He's fast and can make his own blades.'

"HEY ASSHOLE!" Kokushibo looked to the side and saw Katsuki running at him at full speed with his hands cupped together, "Flashbang!" As Katsuki cranked up the brightness on his explosion blinding everyone.

Even Kokushibo had to close his eyes to the light, 'I only have two eyes and neither of them are demonic, I actually can't see, smart move child. Thanks to this battle I understand a new weakness.' Even though he couldn't see he could still hear Katsuki's footsteps as he ran towards him, 'But exploiting this weakness won't do you any good.' As Kokushibo quickly slashed with his makeshift blade, he opened his eyes to see that he hit his mark as Katsuki was now falling to the ground covered in cut bleeding from each with a chaotic blade protruding from his shoulder. "How futile."

Katsuki twisted as he fell, making it so he was facing up before using his quirk to boost himself to keep going until he was practically under a surprised Kokushibo, "GO TO HELL!" yelled Katsuki as he raised his hands up at the resurrected demon.

What happened next was a surprise for the demon as it wasn't an explosion but a massive gust of air so powerful that it forced him into the air, 'How? What is this smell, I know this smell from Muzan's chemistry test. Years ago Muzan showed me how different chemicals react to each other causing things like discoloration or to cause a liquid to thicken, I don't remember what chemicals he used but he caused a whirlpool to appear in a small bowl. This is the same thing but instead of a liquid it's a gas.'

Katsuki smiled, 'Not bad for a first time, I'm going to need to practice this one.' Katsuki looked up, "Now take him out Izuku."

Kokushibo looked up to see a heavily bleeding Izuku above him, 'He can still move with those injuries!'

Izuku steadied his blade, 'This isn't an opponent I can hold back on, I have to aim for maximum damage. Breath of the Sun: Falling Rays' As a ray of sunshine followed the path of a downward path.

'An attack I don't recognize!?' Though Kokushibo as Izuku brought his blade down at him, he smiled, "Potential."

On the outside everyone watched as Izuku brought his blade down sending Kokushibo to the ground in a ray of sunshine. Izuku tried to land on his feet but fell to his knees and clutched his chest as it felt on fire, 'I think my lungs are about to burst, I really put every bit of air into that last attack. I don't think I could do that again.'

"Demon Slayer," yelled Crust as he rushed to him with tears in his eyes, "Are you alright?"

"I'll leave," squeaked out Izuku, "How's Katsuki?"

They both looked over to where Katsuki was laying and the combustion boy raised a hand with a thumbs up, with Hawks standing over him, "He'll be fine, but we need to get you two to a hospital." said Hawks.

"He's right," said Crust. "We need to-"

"I see, so you can't feel your lungs can you," came a voice from behind Crust and Izuku they both turned around to see Kokushibo standing, with little to no damage with several crescent blades protruding from his body. "Hard to maximise your power without being able to properly feel it."

Crust quickly went between them creating a large shield, "Run Demon Slayer I'll hold him off."

"Wait Crust-" Izuku tired to stand but coughed up blood as his body couldn't take it, 'Did his one attack really do this much damage.' as he felt his sword slip from his grip.

"A swordsman should never lose their blade," said Kokushibo as he calmly walked to the side ignoring Crust as he walked over to where his sword lie, "You all managed to make me lose my blade," as he absorbed the crescent blades back into his body, "I was even forced to use my ability to keep myself from sustaining substantial damage." he felt a small amount of blood come out of his cheek, "Having a body that heals slowly is cumbersome." as he reached down and grabbed his blade that was now chipped in several areas, "For a blade for show rather than battle, you have done excellent."

"Wai-" Izuku tried to stand but couldn't as he fell, making Crust stop as he tried to stay close to Izuku as the hero didn't want to leave and opening to Izuku.

"Don't worry I have no intentions of continuing this fight," said kokushibo in a calm voice, "You did well boy that first attack was meant to kill and you not only survived but mustered enough energy for one final attack, I'm impressed. Thank you, this fight was very enlightening."

"Hold it." said Hawks as he had his feathers ready and as police officers cut off all the streets. "You're not going anywhere."

"KOKUSHIBO!" everyone turned to see Yushiro and Tomo standing not too far away.

"Yushiro," said Kokushibo with somewhat surprise in his voice, "So you really are alive. You are the same Yushiro from all those years, yes? We never actually met before."

Yushiro was slightly shaking, "You are correct, we never actually met before, but I am the same Yushiro from all those years ago, so have to ask, are you alive, how are you here right now?"

Kokushibo noticed his words, 'So he's trying to ask me questions without revealing anything about the truth to the populace, very well for surviving this long and aiding the demon slayer corps in the final battle you have earned my respect. I will play along.' "To be honest I don't know, I died over a hundred years ago and someone has brought me back. How long has it been since I've been dead? When I was alive, powers like ours were rare, now it looks like everyone has one."

"Nearly a hundred percent of the world population has a quirks." said Yushiro as he side eyed Tomo 'I need to keep him talking for Tomo to get All Might here.'

'Located All Might, 30 seconds until transportation.' Came Tomo's voice into all the heroes heads thanks to Mandalay's quirk.

"That long," as Kokushibo as he looked around at the buildings, "So much has changed," he then looked at the heroes, "but in a way so much has stayed the same."

"What are you planning on doing now that you're here?" asked Yushiro, 'I just need to keep him talking just a little bit longer, there's no way anyone here currently who could take on Kokushibo with the best odds, Tomo maybe able to catch him by surprise but she's not as battle hardened as he and he's fought other full fledge demons, the most I could do would be to humour him with my own skill in the breathing styles. All Might is the only one I can think of right now that has a true chance of defeating Kokushibo.'

Kokushibo thought for a moment, "That is a good question, today was to see the skill of today's warriors and to make sure my skill was still sharp. Though I believe whatever you're waiting for might be a better test of my skill."

'Shit.' thought Yushiro, "You're right as former number one let me show you the number one hero, Tomo."

Tomo focused the quirk, "6...5...4...3"


Everyone looked up as several figures crashed out of a building from above. The two figures that looked like they were trying to attack the third. The first two figures were Churan and Nogia attacking a man covered in bandages and blades.

"What the?" said Hawks as he saw the three falling.

Crust recognized the third one, "Stain the Hero killer?!"

"I AM HERE!" Yelled All Might as he announced his signature catchphrase with his hands on hips in a heroic pose. He then quickly looked up in time to lock eyes with Churan and Nogia as all their eyes popped out, "WHAT THE-" before they all crashed into him.

Everyone just stared at the dust cloud created by the crash. Tomo just blinked, "I swear I had no idea that was going to happen before I teleported him there."

Out of the dust cloud rolled the hero killer, "God damn spider fuckers," he then looked over and saw the crowd and Kokushibo, "You! You're the guy from the pawn shop."

"We're you the one that was following me?" asked Kokushibo

"Ugh, sorry about that," said Churan as he held a hand out for All Might who took the.

"Thanks." said All Might as he was pulled up.

"Nogia you okay?"

Nogia used his spider legs to stand up, "I'm fine," he said as he rubbed his head, "Not being able to heal is bitch, where's that asshole?" he then noticed the crowd. "And what the fuck is going on here?"

"WHERE THE FUCK IS THE PERVERT THAT LICKED ME!" they all turned to see Kumori on a car with a cut on her cheek. It was clear from her eyes she was out for murder.

"Calm down, please." begged Rui.

"Mom, please stop," asked Patu which seemed to have gotten her attention, "We're supposed to be stealthy."

"Unfortunately, Patu, stealth just went out the window." said Rui as he looked around and saw there reason for being here, "Kokushibo," as he got his attention, "We need to-look out!"

Without removing his eyes from Rui, Kokushibo raised his blade blocking Stains' blade. "and who are you?" asked Kokushibo.

"I am Stain the hero killer, we're you the one that injured Demon Slayer?" asked Stain surprising Izuku, "You're the only one here with a blade and he's covered in cuts."

Kokushibo turned to stain with a curious look, "Yes I was the one that injured him."

"I won't let you hurt someone who is worthy of the title hero," said Stain.

"You, the hero killer, want to kill me because I was the one who tried to kill a hero? You're quite strange."

"Now, Yura!"

"Don't tell me what to do, Riura." as the two spider sisters as they jumped forward as a net made of their spider webs came out of their hands large enough to capture both of them.

In an instance Kokushibo cut the net into ribbons, "Were you trying to capture me as well?" as he gave the two an angry look causing both of them to freeze up with fear, before they both quickly shook their heads no. Kokushibo then felt some disgusting and slimy on his cheek, he looked over to see Stains' tongue on his cheek, "You're licking me-" Kokushibo then felt the loss of mobility from his body as he slumped down to his knees.

"Oh no!" muttered Rui.

"That's the same thing that happened to me," said Kumori.

'That must be his quirk.' thought Izuku as he looked at Kokushibo.

"Well shit," said Nogia, "Is this a good thing or bad thing for us?"

"Definitely not good," said Churan.

Crust moved forward towards Stain, "Hold it right there Stain!"

Stain looked and saw that he was surrounded by feathers, "I may only have half of my feathers but that is more than enough to deal with you." said Hawks before looking at the spider family. "And none of you better even think about running."

"He's right," said All Might, "I thank you all for your assistance with the hero killer but we have several questions for all of you."

"My mission, isn't done yet." growled Stain. "I won't be surrendering until-"

"You dare!"

All of Stain's instincts told him to run as he turned to see Kokushibo standing up, 'It's not even been a minute yet, how is he standing?'

Kokushibo's body was shaking as he willed his body to stand, as veins began to appear on his face as he looked at Stain with death in his eyes. "You dare!" he said as he raised his arm unsteadily with his blade in hand.

Stain listened to his instincts and jumped away past Hawk's feather as the hero was distracted by Kokushibo's killing intent. 'What the hell is with that guy?'

Kokushibo saw Stain running, "You're not getting away." In an instant he steadied his hand and slashed.

Lucky for Stain, gravity still existed and he fell low enough just in time to feel the air slash go right over his head, Stain tried to follow the slash as he looked at the building he was next to but for a moment the building looked completely fine until a horizontal line appeared across the building. "He cut the entire building with one slice." he yelled as the top half of the building started to lean towards him. "Oh Shit!"

The heroes quickly broke out of their shock and ran towards the building. Yushiro quickly grabbed Izuku and Katsuki, "I got them, Tomo go help the heroes."

"Right!" Tomo then sprouted wings and summoned Ragdolls goggles.

Rui saw this as their chance, "Nogia grab Kokushibo now!"

"Roger that," Nogia then jumped towards Kokoushibo who glared at him, "Hey man we need to get moving," he then used his webs around Kokoushibo waste, "You'll thank me later." as he then jumped away with the former number one moon.

"I guess we're leaving now?" asked Kumori.

Rui thought for a second, "No not yet, Patu, locate that Stain guy." he ordered, "Yura, Ruira, with me."


Over at the building All Might was using all of his strength to try and keep the two halves together, "Hold dammit, hold." he looked over and saw Tomo and Hawks carrying people out with their feathers.

"Focus your feathers around their midsection, that way you don't have to use so many feathers." advise Hawks.

"I'm not as practised with this quirk." said Tomo as she was using a lot more feathers than Hawks to move people. "Can you divide your feathers anymore?"

"No I'm at my limit, that guy from before cut over half of my feathers." explained Hawks, "How many people are left?"

"Little bit over thirty, has Crust cleared the ground yet?"

Hawks looked down to see Crust and a few other heroes moving people as far away as possible. "Not yet, I don't suppose you can transport this thing away?"

"Too big."

"How about the vines or the barrier to keep it from falling?" asked Hawks.

"No plants nearby, I checked and the barrier wouldn't be big enough to hold it in place," said Tomo. "Now shut up I need to focus."

"AAAAAHHHHH" screamed some people as the building started to shake.

"The building is losing its stability." Yelled Tomo

All Might could feel the building start to crumble under his grip. "No, don't break." suddenly a spider web landed next to him connecting the two halves of the building, "What?"

"Keep it steady." yelled Rui as he then began to fire off more webbing at the building. "Yura, Ruira, help me."

Both of them nodded, "Right." They both then began to fire off webbing at the split in an attempt to secure the building.

Tomo blinked, not sure what she was seeing, "They're helping?"

"Hey Tomo focus." yelled Hawks, "Right we need to get the people out."

"Right," as she returned to her task of getting the people out.

Stain was watching from the distance, "They're helping? Why? Early they said they were with the league of Villains, so why are they helping the heroes?"

Stain then felt something hit his lower back as he looked back and saw what appeared to be hair piercing his back. "That's a good question." said Chrono, whose upper half was sticking out of Numa's portal. "But first we need to thank you for getting in our way earlier."


Yushiro looked over at the building as he saw Hawks and Tomo carry the last of the people out, "It looks like with the help of the spiders, there going to be able to rescue everyone." he then looked over at Izuku and Katsuki who were both losing consciousness from the blood lose, as they were being looked at by EMTs. "Tomo has used her quirks too much, the delay it took to bring All Might here is proof of that, I'm afraid this is where the sports festival ends for both of you." And where the nightmare begins.

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