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Lucy Dreyar-Heartfilia, a beautiful young woman with blonde hair, deep brown eyes, flawless skin, and a perfect figure. She is an heiress to the Dreyar-Heartfilia Konzern. Lucy is Jude and Layla Dreyar -Heartfilia's second child and only daughter. She is also known as the most beautiful and popular girl at Magnolia University. She is not only popular because of her beauty and her family's wealth, though, but also because of her kindness. She is also kind to everyone. Not to forget she is also smart! Not as smart as her best friend but still smart.

She always loved reading books since she was little, no wonder she is smart, right? Her mother, Layla Dreyar-Heartfilia, will always read stories for her, mostly about a fairy tale, about the adventure princes and princesses experienced and about dragons. Then, little Lucy will tell her mother that she doesn't like dragons because they're bad creatures. They always keep the princesses away from their princes and their family, making her sad. However, that thought change after her mother told her that dragons are not bad creatures, they just protecting the princesses from the arrogant princes who would only hurt them.

It was all the reason why she took a lesson for English Literature at Magnolia University to pursue her dream to become an aspiring writer. At first, she was hesitant to tell her family about her decision, mostly her father. Jude Dreyar-Heartfilia may a caring father, but he also a strict type of father that valued their family business. She was afraid that he would against it and tell her to take a lesson that would benefit their company. However, imagine her surprise when he had agreed and told her to do whatever she wants.

He then told her that he would give everything that she needed, he would never order her around to do what he wants. Her father had said he just wants his precious daughter to be happy and enjoying her life and told her to do not worry about the business. He also told her he still has Laxus, her overprotective older brother, run the company, which makes her brother rolled his eyes at him and jealous of Lucy's freedom. He still loves her, though, and always protective of her even though they always fighting and bickering. Same as her father, Laxus would do anything for his little sister. And always make sure she was safe and sound.

Her love for books also led Lucy to meet Levy McGarden. The resident bookworm at Magnolia University. Levy is a young girl with wavy wild look blue hair and brown eyes similar to Lucy. The two had met at the campus library, at the time Lucy was walking in through the library hallway when she saw a petite girl struggling to reach a book on the top shelf. The girl was small for a college student, so little that Lucy had thought that she was a lost child.

After watching for a while, Lucy decided to save the girl from her misery and help her. Tiptoeing to reach the book, her hand barely touching the lower part of the book cover. She read the title, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, before handing it to the petite girl.

"I read this novel too," she had said, smiling at the girl. Levy's face lit up immediately with what she said. Since that day, Lucy and Levy become inseparable. They also found out they are in the same department, English Literature. While Lucy was focusing on creative writing, Levy was focusing on becoming an editor.

Well, it was all about Lucy's life. She had a strict but caring father, a loving mother, and a protective older brother. She also got to do whatever she wanted to, and she has a best friend who is always there for her. Overall her life is perfect! Except, nothing is perfect. Lucy's life turned upside down when her father told her something she must to do even though he didn't want her to do it. She had never thought she would become somebody's wife at the age of 22 years old when she is one step closer to achieve her dream as a writer.

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