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The News

Lucy walked down the hall to the classroom, her smile never fading from her face. Today is the start of the second week of the new semester in her final year of college. She is a senior now and she couldn't be happier with that. Her struggle in the past three years will soon be paid off.

She reached her classroom and sit down at the table near the windows, it was her favorite seat in the class on purpose to find inspiration when she had writer blocks. She put her bag on the table and rummaging through it to find her notebook that contains her unfinished story and her pencil case. After finding the two items she began to write to pass the time until the professor come.

She could feel someone's presence sat beside her, but she paid no mind to that, she was so engrossed in her writing. She startled by a hand on her shoulder, she stopped her writing and looked up. She finds Levy smiling at her. "Hey, Lu, what were you doing?"

"Oh, Levy! I'm sorry I didn't know it was you. I was just writing a new chapter for my novel," Lucy stated feel bad for not noticing her best friend sitting beside her.

"Oh, I don't mind. I already know how you are when you're writing," Levy assured her, giggled at Lucy when she sighs in relief. "You should put your notebook away, though, the professor just arrive" Levy added. Lucy scrambled to put her notebook inside her bag and took another book for today's lesson.

Lucy and Levy are tidying their book on the table to put it back in their bag, the class has ended a few minutes ago. As they walked out of the classroom to the cafeteria to have lunch, Lucy could feel the vibration from her pockets coat. She shoved her hand in and took her phone, she saw that she get a new message. It was from her brother, Laxus.

Lucy, can you come to the company after your afternoon class is over? – Laxus

Lucy frowned at the message, why would her brother need her to come to the company? Lucy rarely went to the company, if not for an important matter. She herself was not involved in it because she was not interested. So she found it very strange that her brother asked him to go there.

Alright, I'll go there as soon as the class finished. – Lucy

Lucy immediately sent a reply to her brother and decided not to think about it, for now. She would find out eventually anyway.

"What's wrong, Lu?" Levy asked her after Lucy shoved in back her phone.

They resumed their walk to the cafeteria and after buying their food, they walked looking for an empty bench and sat there.

"So Lu. How is your novel going?" Levy asked Lucy as she eats her food.

"Nothing much. I just started a new chapter today" Lucy stated "You may wait a little longer to read it though. With this is our last year in college, it could get busy making our project for graduation,"

"You're right" Levy agreed, she was so eager when she heard Lucy told her she just started a new chapter and bit sad she can't read it. Her novel was so good, she wondered why she didn't submit it to the publishing company. Well, like Lucy said they still have a project to finish so they could graduate, so she too, maybe not have the time to read it anyway.

"So, what's Laxus fussing about this time?" Levy continued.

"Huh?" Lucy frowned at her question.

"Earlier, you got a message from Laxus right?"

"Ah, That. It's not like that. He just wants me to come to the company"

"What for?" Levy raised an eyebrow at her. It was uncanny for Laxus to ask Lucy to come to the company because he'd never burden Lucy with company matters.

Lucy shrugged, not knowing the reason either, so she doesn't know how to answer Levy. They resumed their eating and then work on their respective projects until their next class begins.

Lucy walked out of the Dreyar-Heartfilia Konzern parking lot and headed inside, she had parted with Levy as soon as their class ended and drive here. The employee who saw her greeted her kindly and was a little surprised because she rarely comes here.

She walked to the elevator and pressed the top floor where his brother's room was when she was inside. Soon after she reached the top floor, she went straight to her brother's office. A brown-haired woman with glasses welcomes her.

"Hi, Evergreen. Is Laxus inside?" Lucy asked the brunette. Evergreen is Laxus secretaries, she may look bitchy but she is actually a nice person.

"Yes, he is been waiting for you,"

Lucy opened the door after she thanked the brunette and went inside. Laxus was sitting at his desk going through some paper she didn't understand the contents. He seemed not aware of her present though. After waiting for him to realize her presence, she walked over and lightly tapped on his desk to draw his attention.

"Oh Lucy, you're finally here" Laxus straightened up from his position and looked at Lucy.

"Yeah. It's been ten minutes ago, though," She said sarcastically. Laxus laughed at that. "So, what you need me here for?"

Laxus stopped his laugh hearing Lucy's question, standing up and walk around his desk to approach her.

"It's not me. It was Father who wants to talk about something with you," Laxus answer her and beckoned her to follow him to meet their father.

They walked through the hallway towards a room in the far corner of the floor. It was slightly bigger than Laxus's. They walked inside after the secretary informed their father about their arrival.

Their father stood as soon as he saw his daughter enter the room and enveloped her in a hug, ignoring his son completely. Laxus rolled his eyes at his father's antics. He is always like this, he always turns soft when it comes to Lucy.

"So, dad. Laxus said there something you want to talk with me" Lucy stated rather asked and break their hug. Jude smiled at her and told her and Laxus to seat at the couch after they're seated her father looking at her seriously making her nervous.

"Lucy," He clasped his hands together and addressed her with a serious voice and then sighed afterward.

"Dad?" Lucy asked hesitantly.

"I hate to do this, but we need your help," Her father said guiltily.

"What was it? Is something bad happening?"

"Our company is discussing to make a partnership with another company," Laxus tells her.

"What?" Lucy asked, shocked by the news. They never tell her about this and they never talk about the company having a problem at home!

"Partnership? Like Dreyar and Heartfilia?" Lucy inquired a little suspicious if the partnership they're talking about any like Dreyar and Heartfilia then there will be something she hates to hear. Dreyar and Heartfilia joined because there was a marriage between her parents, Jude Dreyar and Layla Heartfilia. They decided to combine the surname which now they are known as the Dreyar-Heartfilia clan.

"Yes, but no" Jude interjected.

"What do you mean?" She asks a little relief that the thing she suspected might not happen.

"We'll make a partnership, but without combining the two company" Jude explained.

"Alright. So what does that have to do with me?" she asks them, they rarely discuss company matters with her so she is still a bit confused.

"They agree with one condition," Jude tells her slowly as if she is fragile.

"What condition? Don't tell me..." She asks suspiciously.

"Yes, Lucy. A marriage" Her father confirms her suspiciousness.

Lucy's eyes widened at that, she should have known that would that they're asking for! "But Laxus already married. How..?"

"It's not Laxus they're asking for, obviously. It's you, Lucy. They want you to marry their son." Her father informs her, made her even more shocked than she is already are.

"Me?" She pointed to herself, she looked at her brother to confirm that she had not heard it wrong. He nodded at her in response. "But–"

"We know Lucy. And we're sorry," Her father cut in. "I don't want you to involve you either, but there's no other way. We need this partnership to strengthen our company" He added, defeated.

An arranged marriage with a stranger? She would never marry a stranger! But what would happen to the company if she refuses them? There are so many questions roamed in Lucy's mind, she didn't know what to do.

"Don't worry though. He is a good guy." Laxus vice breaking her from her thoughts. She looked at her brother once again.

"You know the guy?" She asked him and he nodded at her.

"Yes, I've been working with him a few times. He is quite talented even though he is young. He is a capable man"

"And I know his parents. We've been friends for years. I'm sure they will treat you well, daughter" Jude added.

"I don't know" Lucy sighed, still trying to digest what her brother and father asking her for.

"You don't have to give us an answer right now Lucy. We'll give you time to think about it," Her father assures her a little.

Lucy nodded and got up after confirming there is nothing else they needed to talk about, she needs fresh air to calm her. She left the room after saying goodbye to her father and brother and hurriedly headed for the parking lot. She entered her car and drove off.

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