Third Person POV

A small six-year-old child laid in her bed. She was bored out of her mind as she counted the ceiling tiles.

'I don't even want to get up, the caretakers will only make me wash the dishes.' She thought to herself as she lazily lifted her arm and looked at her small chubby hands.

Her eyes slowly widened as she looked at her small hands. 'Why does it feel like I am forgetting something?' She thought to herself as she lifted her other hand and stared at it.

Her stomach turned and she sat up quickly. Something was wrong, she looked around as she took notice of where she was.

The room was empty and there were bunk beds lined up against the walls. She recognized that she was home, the orphanage was home. But it also felt wrong.

She closed her eyes as she felt a sharp pain behind her eyes as her head seemed to pulse in pain. 'No this was not right, how could this be home? Home was the house she was renting with her three roommates, home was her cozy bed that she had just bought where she would lay down to watch anime and play video games.'

She took notice of her surroundings once more, but this also felt like home. Was she 6 or was she 20? She could remember being both but was this real or was this a figment of her imagination? She remembered that she was a 20-year-old college student and that she went to work daily even on the days she went to class?

No, she was an orphan in the fire country who had just signed up to the academy, the same academy that would pay for all of her tuition fees so that she could be a kick-ass ninja like the ones that came to see them at the orphanage.

She groaned as she placed her hands against her temples. No these were memories, She was both. Or was she? Was it cause she had a vivid imagination? She had read about reincarnation. Was she one of those lucky souls? What else could explain the memories.

"Riku! What are you doing hiding here?! It is your turn to wash the dishes!" The caretaker Umi yelled as she stormed into the room. Riku flinched and instantly stood up as she looked at the woman with wide eyes.

"Hurry up child, I told you to wash them more than two hours ago." The woman scoffed as she crossed her arms and tapped her foot against the ground. Riku could feel her face flush.

'How long has it been since someone yelled at me like this?' She thought internally as she stood up and scrambled out of the room.

As she hurried down the hall, she was reminded that she knew this place. She had lived here all her life. She could see the other kids running around and playing. Her eyes trailed over the familiar faces. The oldest kids were eleven, at twelve the village would allow them to find apprenticeships with artisans or they graduated from the academy and moved out of the orphanage.

'Academy? What...' Her eyes widened as she remembered. 'I'm in Konoha! Like from the Naruto verse. Holy fucking shit!' She could feel her heart quicken as she entered the kitchen. 'Would I even fucking survive?! The third war hasn't even happened... or at least I don't think it has. I've only seen three faces on the monument.' She tried to remember every piece of information she knew.

'What do I even know? I started reading and writing a few months ago. I can talk Japanese? I knew English and Spanish fluently back then. What should I even call it? My past life? This is so fucking weird.' She thought to herself as she walked to the sink and grabbed a stool.

She reached out and began opening the faucet before grabbing a sponge, soap and the first dish that was nearby.

In the before she hated washing dishes, but she could admit that the repetitive motion of washing dishes gave her ample time to think.

'Okay so in the before what was I like?' She thought to herself as she tried to remember. 'I was twenty, I hated sweetmeat, I was well.' She cocked a brow as she thought of her personality. She had always thought about zodiac signs and was a firm believer in them. She had been a Leo that much she could remember.

' If I had to judge my personality I have to say that I was a bit arrogant and working hard on not being that. A bit bossy for sure, but I was...' She stopped for a moment.

She had friends, not many but the ones she did have she had been pretty loyal to them. She had a realist personality, trying to make her decisions based on logic although sometimes she let her emotions get in her way especially anger which had been a work in progress. But when she tried to remember her friends and family she was met with blank faces and blurred memories. She could remember being a bit of a mother hen but most of her memories were blurred.

She could remember going to college for cosmetology and always wanting to take a psychology class because she liked helping people find the root of their problems.

Her hands moved almost automatically and with little thought as she washed the dishes. 'Whatever the hell this is, I'll take it as some other chance. Thank god I actually paid attention to the plot of Naruto. Maybe..' Her thoughts slightly wandered as she thought of the main characters. She had read plenty of Fanfiction. Maybe she could help out in some ways.

She nodded as she looked down at the pile of dishes. She was going to take this chance in strides.

Soon she found herself waking up to go to the academy. She looked around at the other kids as they chatted loudly. "What do you think we are going to learn?" She heard one of the kids say.

Riku took a deep breath as she walked over to where the kids were at, she could admit that they all looked adorable, all of them looked so cute wearing their backpacks and bouncing around talking amongst themselves.

She closed her eyes as she remembered. '* look at my backpack! I'm a big kid now!' was it a small boy she was remembering? His face was blurry but she could remember him being a small boy. He was excited about going to school, She could remember picking him and listening to him ramble about what they did in school.

"Alright, single file. You have to follow the big kids to class. Make sure you do not get separated from them. Is that understood." The caretaker Umi stated. The woman was pretty she had auburn colored hair cut in a short bob, freckles were scattered across her cheeks and she had hazel green eyes.

"Yes m' am!" She called out along with all of the other kids. She looked around and followed the crowd of students following the older kids to school.

Riku POV.

So this was the village hidden in the leaves. I paid close attention to the stores around me. Whatever it was that brought me here I would make sure to try my best.

If I remembered correctly I was a pretty shitty student. I was shy and sweet at first but if my memory serves correct somewhere around middle school I became a bit of a hellion. By Highschool, I had already been in fights, tried to fight teachers and students alike due to my temper and literally passed each grade by the skin of my teeth. Honestly, I would have punched 9th grade me she was a complete disrespectful shit head.

But I guess I managed to calm down and graduated Highschool before going to college two years afterward.

I was lost in thought as we arrived at the academy. The older kids made their way inside and to their classrooms. On the other hand, the rest of us were called to get in line with other six-year-olds to the entrance ceremony.

I looked around trying to see if I could see any familiar faces, that was until I realized that I wouldn't be able to recognize them. Unlike their anime counterparts, everyone looked pretty fucking real here. How did I know? Well because of the Hokage. My eyes widened slightly as I looked at the man.

He did look like the anime while at the same time he didn't. He also looked a lot younger. My stomach turned what if the second war was ongoing? Fuck graduating early. Sure I wanted to be a ninja and be all kick ass but I was not about to die young.

Names were being called out and the other kids hurried to where their sensei was. I waited until my name was called out. Did I even have a last name?

"Riku of Konoha" The instructor called out, apparently no last name then.

The first thing we did was sit around in a circle and tell everyone our name, and favorite color. I tried to memorize all of the other kid's names but there were so many faces to keep up with. Our sensei was a man named shunichi he had dark brown hair and slightly tan skin, he had a very eastern look to him and he was okay looking. Not hot but not too ugly a solid 6...

I sighed and nearly face palmed as I thought of that. ' Why am I rating my sensei's looks. Stupid twenty-year-old brain.'

I would like to say that the classes were boring but I was actually learning. Most of the kids didn't know how to read or write well so we were going over the Kanji and I couldn't be happier.

Sure the learning part was tedious but unlike how they described it in fanfics nothing was translated and it was the actual Japanese language, thank god I could speak it. We were also told to do basic math. I wasn't a math major but I could do some math to a certain extent.

I couldn't help but glance over at the two kids that were sitting beside me, I was in the middle. The classroom was set up as it had been in cannon. And to be honest the last thing I needed was to be labeled as a prodigy if canon taught me anything it was that those kids usually crash and burn and I wanted no part in that.

I looked down at my chicken scratch of handwriting and smiled slightly... no improvement just like in my last life shitty handwriting.

I hummed quietly as I swung on the swing. I wonder if the music here was shit?

I leaned back as I swung higher if being a ninja failed I would either become a hairstylist or makeup artist, maybe a songwriter. Shit maybe my dumbass could open a restaurant, I remember cooking a lot in my past life.

I grinned as I swung higher, genius! Did I really even need to be a ninja? Maybe I could be like Jiraiya and have something as a side career. Although maybe that was just me daydreaming.

I was lost in my own little world as something took ahold of the swing and I found myself tumbling forward.

I closed my eyes as I hit the ground and groaned. " I want to play on the swings." I heard a voice say as I slowly pushed myself up.

"Ow." I whimpered out as I turned to see a kid a bit older than me. He had a large grin on his face as he held onto the swing. Did that brat... oh hell no.

"Why did you do that?" I ask as I stood up and wiped my hands on my pants. He looked at me and cocked a brow. "Because I wanted to." He responds while grinning as he crossed his arms.

"Okay, But what made you think that what you did was okay?" I asked a bit annoyed and a bit louder as I placed my hands on my hips. Did this brat pick me out of the bunch of newbies and decide to bully me?! I had enough of that kind of shit my last life, I was not about to deal with it this time around.

"Because I wanted to, you're just a stupid girl. Why don't you leave huh." He grinned as he had just roasted me or at the very least hurt my feelings.

I couldn't help but cock a brow as I look around and noticed that there weren't any teachers. I could feel myself become irritated, I am not gonna pick on a kid, I will not pick on a kid. I chanted in my head.

"Look, leave me alone kay." I snapped as I crossed my arms not daring to give him my back that was just asking for him to pull my hair.

"What makes you think that you can tell me what to do! You're like a stupid first year! I'm a third-year and I'm nine years old. So I can do what I want." He yells angrily as he starts to stomp toward me.

He's probably been trained already. He had like two more years of training than me. I could feel a bit of fear creep down my spine. I bit my lip as he was making his way toward me. Fuck.

'My momma ain't raise no bitch' I thought to myself as I took a deep breath, sure I was an orphan but that was my life motto the last time around I guess it'll keep it that way. The memories were blurry but I could remember taking a MMA class. Alright, this was it, would I let some snot-nosed brat bully me?

The second he was close enough I struck. I could feel my fist connect with his cheek and he slightly stumbled back. I could see the rage in his eyes and everything seemed to be in slow motion as he threw himself at me. The answer was hell to the fuck not, fuck this kid whoever he was! I gritted my teeth as I grabbed his hair and yanked his head back while he tackled me down.

I could feel my breath quicken. Everything seemed to become a blur as I punched his face. All I could feel were my fists colliding with his face as he yanked my hair. 'Fuck this little dipshit!' I screamed internally as he yanked my hair back and forth.

"Fucking brat!" I snapped as he tried to pin me down. I buckled my hips forward and he nearly lost his balance, I wrapped my arms around his waist and twisted my body to switch our positions. My body trembled as I felt the adrenaline run through me my head was spinning and my neck hurt from him yanking my hair. I could feel a smile spread across my face as I grabbed his arm and pulled it across his chest to the other side and pinned it down.

With my knee on his side, my left hand holding down his right hand by his left shoulder he was pinned down and I was on top. I pulled my right arm back and punched him across the face hard."That fucking hurt you little dip shit!" I yelled angrily. He stopped trying to fight back and started to cry loudly as I punched him a few more times.

I didn't stop, I couldn't help but feel angry. Angry that this little prick decided that he would pick on me for no other reason than because he could, angry cause my head and neck hurt, so fuck this kid. That was until a pair of hands wrapped around my stomach and pulled me back.

"Let go!" I snapped angrily as I wiggled around in their arms. "Fuck with me again ya little bitch! I'll fuck you up! I don't care! I'll fuck you up, I'll fuck your mama and your dad up!" I yelled angrily as I tried to break free from the person's grip. The kid was crying loudly and I couldn't help but feel a bit bad for him.

"Riku, Stop." I heard a stern voice say and I closed my mouth. I took notice around me. Most students were looking at me and had gathered around to see the fight. Well shit.

Only a few days in and I was already in trouble, not only that but on my first day of school. My sensei stood in front of me with a stern look on his face.

I could feel myself sweatdrop. How could I forget, my temper. Even in my last life, my temper had caused me a lot of trouble. It was pretty explosive and pretty irrational.

I looked down and picked on my nails while ignoring the dark purple bruises on my knuckles. My entire body hurt, from my neck to my arms. I wouldn't doubt that I pulled several muscles.

"That was unacceptable behavior you do realize that." My sensei Shunichi spoke up and I slightly flinched. "Yes sir." I replied while slightly ducking my head.

"There was no reason for you to attack a fellow student and fighting outside of spars is prohibited." He stated and I lowered my head slightly. "Sorry." I whimper out.

"So what happened that led up to that fight?" He asked and I looked up and gulped.

"Well I was playing on the swings, He grabbed it." I say and furrowed my brows. "The swing he grabbed it and I fell and hurt my hands." I say as I opened hands and showed him the palm of my hands that were scraped. "Here too." I say as I pulled up my pants leg to show the scrapes on my knees.

"I got mad and asked him why he did it and he said because he wanted too. Then he told me he was a third-year and nine years old before trying to beat me up." I say and he scowled. "Why didn't you tell a teacher?" He asked and I gritted my teeth.

"I..." I thought for a moment if I told him why he would think I knew better and know I thought the entire situation through. "He ran toward me and pulled my hair so I punched him." I say and nod while crossing my arms.

"He's a sissy, that's why I beat him up and a bully." I say with a nod as I watched my sensei's expression he didn't look guarded, that was a good sign. He sighed. "I'll be telling the orphanage what you have done." He says and quickly tells me to take my seat.

Well, at least no one was going to try and bully me.

This was basically setting our Main OC personality. As you can tell she is quick-tempered and cautious.Other Cannon characters will appear in further chapters but at the moment we won't see much of them. OC is a year younger than Kakashi.Rosymalik/Rosyhatake