"The characters in this story are not my own other then Luke. The idea of Luke came about after I had seen a House marathon recently and done a Google search of House having a kid with Cuddy. I thought I would have him be a teenage prodigy and end up on Houses team for being too much like his father for anyone else to deal with.

Luke wasn't your typical 17-year-old boy in many ways. Mostly because he was smarter than most kids his age heck, he was smarter than many adults too. He had had graduated from high school as a young kid and went on to college as a teenager. He was even able to finish medical school before he could even drive a car. Of course, most of his smarts could be attributed to both of his parents his mom was an overachiever and his father was a genius, because there relationship was completed they never married and lived in separate homes so he would often spend time with both of his parents in different ways. His mom would do things with him to stimulate him with things beyond medicine dispute his interest in it she also encouraged him to be himself most of all and not have to follow in their footsteps. His dad on the other hand encouraged his rebellious side and also gave him a love of music of all kinds from classic to rock the only thing he couldn't get him interested in was jazz This young man was also special as he was the only son of Dr. Lisa Cuddy the Dean of Medicine at "Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital (PPTH) and his father was Dr. Gregory House of the Diagnostic department of the same hospital.

"It was a Monday morning and Luke had just arrived outside of PPTH he had recently been kicked out of his third hospital because he was showing off or at least that's what they had said or he had interpreted it that way they had claimed he was being insubordinate because he had corrected a doctor's diagnosis of a patient and had made them look bad in front of other interns and their colleges, so of course rather than admit that a 17 year old boy knew more than they did they did what so many others had done before him an labeled him a problem and got rid of him as soon as they could. This time he hopped that it wouldn't happen again. Initially he meant to do his residency program in a hospital away from PPTH to avoid any thoughts of favoritism towards him because of his parents being there but he was already tried of having to beg other hospitals to take him on so he figured it was time to suck it up and talk to his mom. When he arrived he went to his mom's office and told her secretary that he was their to meet the dean he only gave her his first name and said he would wait. The Secretary told Dr. Cuddy that there was a young man here to see her after the secretary had described him to her she said to send him in

"Luke waked into her office and she got up and gave her son a hug he was pretty much the spitting image of his father he even had his height except instead of being 6 foot 2 he was 6 foot 4, except he had her hair color that he had added some blonde highlights to and was at the length that a typical teenage skater boy would wear and her ears. He wasn't dressed as your typical doctor or resident would be he had on a vans t-shirt and an open casual button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and he was wearing a pair of shorts as well as a pair of vans shoes, because he was in shorts you could see the powered knee and foot he had because he had his left leg amputated because of cancer when he was 9. She then said to him " it's good to see you but why are you hear I thought you were in California at Los Angeles county hospital? Don't tell me you've been banned from another hospital again."

"Cuddy then said "let me guess you're here because you want me to take you on as a resident?""Cuddy was about to say something when House walked in and to ask for something when he saw Luke and said "what's our hell spawn doing here?

Luke replied "trying to get mom to help me finish my residency?"

House then said "let me guess you outsmarted another doctor again and they kicked you out rather than admit that they were wrong?" Before Luke could say anything, he turned to Cuddy and said "let me have him for a little bit he can help out with the ducklings and join my team."

Cuddy then said "absolutely not I know what you two are like with each other." Luke then said "ah come on mom I can be professional with dad and besides I know he won't get mad at me if I make a suggestion about something and it ends up being right, he's not like other doctors and he takes other things in to account other than what he thinks it is.

Cuddy replied "alright fine you start today." House and Luke slapped each other five as it was something that they had wanted to do for a long time, work together that is. Cuddy then added "however I am going to ask Foreman to give me updates on him and if I find out that you have your son doing anything unethical until he's 18 I will move him to another department." Both of them nodded.

Cuddy then said to House "so what are you barging into my office for anyway"House replied, "I want to treat a patient for neurosyphilis?" Luke replied "cool how old is the patient?" House replied "16-year-old male presented with night terrors after a lacrosse injury.

"Cuddy then said "fine you can go ahead with it I'll sign off on it and I'll get Luke's paperwork started and he can start now.

Luke got up and followed his father out of the room his dad said to him "I'm not going to tell the team that you're my son or Cuddy's son either and don't except any special treatment in front of the team." Like nodded and said yeah, no problem. Luke was able to match his father's strides given that he was of equal stature to him. When they got to House's office they went into the conference room once their Luke put his bag into his dad's office and put on a lab coat that didn't have a last name on it, it just said "Dr. Luke MD", he liked to wear it when he was first starting somewhere so he didn't have to explain about his parents until he needed too. House looked at him and he came in and saw the name and said "Dr. Luke here is a residency student who will be working with us, he's a bit of a Doggie Howeser type. In fact, I think I'll call him Doggie." Like nodded as he was familiar with the TV series that it came from. House then introduced the rest of the team to Luke and asked if they had any questions before they continued with the patient at hand. The first question was about Luke's parents house replied that he has them and they will be told about them on a need to know basis as in they didn't need to know right now. Dr. Chase asked what House had meant by him being a Doggie Howeser type. Luke explained about the plot of the show Doggie Howser MD and told them that he was 17

House then brought everyone up to speed on the patient most of it was for Luke so he could be filled in on it. House then had them go and administer penicillin into a lumbar puncture. Luke remembered a time when he had to get one because of him being suspected of having meningitis when he was 14, he had to have one because one of his dorm mates at Harvard University had gotten it and because of Luke's age they wanted to make sure that he didn't have it, thankfully he didn't catch it but they wanted to make sure given his previous bought with cancer.

"Luke decided that he would just watch the patient rather than see the procedure done. He talked to the patient a bit and found out that his name was Dan and that his parents had brought him to see House because of his night terrors. Luke told him that he was about a year older than him and was doing his residency program, Dan was pretty impressed by it and asked if he had ever done the procedure that he was having. Luke told him no but he had had a spinal tap when he was 13. Dan winced in some pain as the needle was put in him Luke said to him "yeah I know it hurts like a son of a bitch but it's not to bad after they take out the needle. One thing I will say is I'd rather have a spinal tap then have chemotherapy again." Drs Chase and Camron who are also doing the procedure and look at each other and say "you had cancer then?" Luke replied, "yeah when I was 9, I had a lump on my leg, and I ended up having to have chemotherapy and radiation before they decided that I should have my leg amputated above my knee." Luke added before he could be asked "I had osteosarcoma in both my tibia and fibula they figured that amputation would be the best because of it being present in both bones " Dan then said "that sucks I hope I don't have to go through that." Dan started staring at Cameron's besets when she was holding him steady during the procedure he committed on her necklace and Chase looked up as Camron said "the kids scared" Luke replied "yeah I know that feeling I started at a doctor's necklace like that when I had my spinal tap he's just focusing on something to forget about the pain." Dan tried to smile about that but it hurt too much. Dr. Chase told Dan that he should start feeling better soon, however Dan stared having an auditory hallucination.

Luke looked at Drs. Chase and Camron and said, 'that's not good we should go back to House about this." They both nodded as they headed back to the conference room to go over the DDX (differential Diagnosis) they went through everything they could think of and eliminated all of them. House sent the team off to monitor Dan's brain waves to see if there was posable clue to it and run as many blood tests as they could to rule out everything.

While the team was doing that Hose took Luke to meet with Wilson and to get any ideas that he might have. Well they were talking Dan's parents came outside as well. House then pointed out that this was the reason why he liked to avoid contact with the patient as much as he could. Luke nodded as he felt that way too but at the same time he knew that knowing all of the information was important, he also liked to get to know his patients as much as possible, that was another thing that had gotten him in trouble too asking patients about everything to eliminate the obvious that was already being treated.

Dan's parents came over to them and started getting upset at House for not spending any time with Dan. House ran off all of Dan's current vital signs and then said for his parents to go be with him. Luke then spoke up and said "look just because Dr. House hasn't been to see Dan directly doesn't mean he isn't working on his case. The way the department works is the whole team meets together to discuss thing and then we eliminate what it can't be before we test for what it can be" Luke then said "look I know you're worried about what's wrong with Dan and he is to, it's tough to be a kid in the hospital and have e all kinds of test done to you and nobody explains it to you." House knew from what he had said that he was speaking of his own expedience from when he was a kid with cancer. As the parents were about to leave House got an idea as he realised that Dan's parents didn't look entirely like him. He told them that he would take care of the coffee cups himself and after they had gone, he asked if Wilson or Luke had any specimen bags on them. Luke pulled a couple out his pocket and said, "I'm way ahead of you."

Wilson looked at them as they left and said to himself, they seem to be alike in some ways and they look alike a bit too." He thought to himself "house has a kid nah." Then he thought about it again and thought it's posable and then realised if House can be sneaky and get a DNA sample the so can he.

House and Luke came into the lab where Chase, Camron and Foreman were running some tests on Dan's samples and gave them the cups and said to run a DNA test on them. After they left Case then said, "Does anyone think that House and Luke could be related to each other?" Camron then said, "what are you thinking?" Chase then said, "if house can run a DNA test on a kid's parents why can't we run one him and Luke." They all agreed that it did seem mysterious how much Like looked like House and the fact that he wouldn't say anything about what his last name was, and he didn't seem to be upset at house when he called him Doggie.

After getting the DNA results House and Like came into Cuddy's office where the parents were talking about moving Dan somewhere le for treatment. House then accused them of lying to them and they told him that they had told him everything about Dan. House then said, "yes expect that he's adopted." The parents then said that he didn't know. Luke then said in a calmer tone "what Dr. House means is that it's information that we should have had in order to properly treat your son. I understand completely hiding things from people when you don't want them to know or treat someone different but there are times when all of the informant needs to be known." He parents understood that then House started asking if they knew if Dan's birth mother was vaccinated? They told him Dan was when he was six months old, House then explained how that sometimes when the mother is unvaccinated for measles the virus can be transmitted to a child in utero and that it can lie dormant until something causes it to show itself. House explained to him that he was going to go back to his team to get the treatment options.

After he had done that the team went to go do a test well Wilson asked House and Luke to go to lunch Luke had wanted to see the biopsy being done on Dan as well but Wilson instead that he come along too. House and Luke gave each other a look that said to each other that they were suspicious about his motives. Once in the cafeteria Luke asked what they recommend House said that the Ruben was good and Like asked for one as well Luke also grabbed a coke as he wasn't in the mood for coffee at that moment. Both House and Wilson grabbed coffee. The three of them sat down and Wilson asked if House had known about Luke before he had come in that day. House said that he had been on his radar for a bit from contacts from other hospitals Luke remanded silent as he knew the truth was actually that Luke had always wanted to work with his Dad but he had just been dealt with a opportunity earlier then they had originally planned. Just as they were finishing up Hose got a page about Dan's biopsy results. House got up and Luke was about to get rid of his tray when Wilson said "I'll deal with that. Luke picked up his Coke can and could tell it was almost empty do he took one last sig of it before putting it on the table. After thy had left Wilson picked up Houses cup and Luke's can and put them into sample bags and headed off to a lab to get the tests done. He also grabbed a cup of coffee for Cuddy and took it to her after dropping the samples at the lab, a little while later he added a third to it.

"Meanwhile Foreman had gone to tell the parents about Dan's diagnosis and Luke had gone with them as he had developed a report with the patient and his parents. They tried to explain it as best as they could to them that Foreman would be drilling into their son's skull so that they could inject an antiviral into his brain to treat the measles virus that was there in it. Naturally they were scared about it and they wanted to have it explained to them. He then said "unfortunately it's not something that can be explained simply as it's something rare that they were already explaining it as simply as they could. Luke then added look if I was in yours's or Dan's shoes I'd be scared too. I know what it's like when I was a kid, I had cancer and ended up having to have part of my left leg amputated because the Chemo and radiation weren't doing anything other than make me sick. In Dan's case I we act now then we can help him if we delay it then it could be too late, and we may not be able to do anything for him."

After the parents had given consent, they went in to prepare Dan for his surgery. Dan asked if Luke could be there with him and Luke smiled and said, "sure thing Dan Ill be there with you." Luke then went with Foreman to scrub in for surgery Foreman helped him find some scrub in his size and then they went to the scrub room. Foreman said to Luke "it's nice of you to be here for Dan." Luke replied, "yeah well I know how stressfully surgery can be and besides with him being awake for it it might be good to have someone to talk too." Foreman then said, "does I bother you that he's closes in age to you?" Luke replied, "a little bit but it also helps that I can relate to him a little bit too." Foreman nodded and said "you're a good kid and I don't mean that to be derogatory to you, you're a credit to your parents they definitely knew what ty ewer doing when they raised you the way they did." Luke nodded and said, "thanks I'll have to let them know."

After Dan's surgery had been completed the members of the team went to check on him and Camron asked if it bothers him that he was adopted. Dan replied that he had know when he was 5 after he had noticed that he had different features then his parents mainly a cleft in his chin. Luke held out his fist to give him props and said, "to kids being smarter they returned to the conference room House was sitting at the table with an envelope in his hand and said, "its seams I wasn't the only one doing DNA tests what do we have in here do you suppose.

After House put t on the table he looked to Luke who was just as suspicious as he was and then Chase picked it up and opened it, he showed it to the others before House said "well does it confirm what you wanted it to?" Cameron then said, "yeah you're Luke's Father." Luke then said, "yeah well the odds of him being my mother are a bit on the high side so yeah I'm the son of Gregory House." Chase then said, "well we know that Like is Houses' son then who's his mother." House relied "wouldn't you to know now pay p on your bets for Dan not being his parents' son" The team then paid up Luke was amazed that they had the money on them.

Next they went to Wilson's office who also had an envelope on his desk this one was open though as he said "so I see you have brought Luke in to help your collet. It figures like fatter like son." The two of them looked at him as he said, "I ran a little test of my own and discovered something interesting it seems that Luke here is the son of House and of a certain Lisa Cuddy." Luke then said, "who your father then the team they only managed to figure out dad so far." House then said, "why did you suspect Cuddy then?" Wilson then said, "Luke's Jewish." House then said and how did you find that out?" Willison then said, "he prayed in Hebrew before we had lunch, I caught a few of the words that he muted at least." Luke then said, "so why did you jump to Cuddy?" House then said, "it's obvious him and one other male doctor in this hospital are the only Jews apart from your mother." Just then His pager went off and he said speaking of her I think I need to see her.

House and Luke went into her office as he saw them come in, she said "Luke this doesn't concern you." Luke then said, "is this about a d DNA test then yes it does because I had knowledge of it." Cuddy then demanded that Hose pay for it as she wasn't going to make the parents cover it and the hospital wasn't going to cover the cost of it either. House took out his winnings from his wallet as Luke looked on ad said, "you knew when they placed the bets that you would have to pay for the DNA test?" Cuddy then said, "of course he did just like you knew that Luke was coming her before I even knew about it." Luke smiled and said, "what tipped you off about it?" Cuddy replied, "the fact that Hose wasn't overly surprised that you were here." Luke then said" yeah well I find it easier to talk to him about being kicked out of residency then you as he understands it." Cuddy then said speaking of that did you really call the Dean of Medicine at Los Angles County hospital a pompoms old coot who wouldn't know his cranium from his buttocks?"

"Luke then said "yeah but it was only after he told me that he was terminating my residency. Also, I'd like to point out that would never insult my mother like that because I know that she would never do anything to me that would deserve it.

Cuddy then said, "that's good to know so how was your first day working for your Dad?" Luke replied "it was good the team did a DNA test on us and now they want to know about you but were going to make them work it out on thee own.: House then said Wilson knows. Cuddy asked how?

Luke replied he heard me pray in Hebrew before lunch and He also got DNA samples of us. Cuddy the said that's why he got me a coffe.

Cuddy then sad "so Luke have you decided where your going t stay?" Luke replied yeah I'm going to say with Dad it's easier then having to explain why I'm coming and going with et tea Dean of medicine." Cuddy then said, "ok but stay out of trouble ok." Luke nodded as the two of them left her office.

As Luke and House, we making their way out so was the rest of the team until the next day./span/p