The characters in this story are not my own other then Luke. The idea of Luke came about after I had seen a House marathon recently and done a Google search of House having a kid with Cuddy. I thought I would have him be a teenage prodigy and end up on Houses team for being too much like his father for anyone else to deal with.

It was the next day and the team had begun quizzing Luke on who his mother is. Luke told them "I'm not going to revel who she is in a round of 20 questions its's not fun for me."

Foreman replied, "well he's defiantly House's son."

Cameron then said, "ok how about if you give us something that we can work with to look it up."

Luke replied, "Ok I'll start with I have four names a first name middle name and a hyphenated last name."

Chase then asked, "is House the first or last part of your name?"

Luke looked over to his Dad ho was in his office and said, "last part."

Foreman then said, "is Luke your real name?"

Luke replied, "It's a short form of a longer name."

Camron then said, "Why don't we just ask HR to see his file."

Luke replied, "because you would need the permission of the head of the department for that and also the Dean of Medicine to do that too."

Foreman replied, "he's right as much as it would tell us about him, we can't go looking into personal files."

House then came out of his office and said, "I'm surprised you haven't thought of drugging him and stealing his wallet."

Luke laughed and said, "don't give them ideas Dad."

Chase then said, "I did suggest that, but Foreman shot it down as being unethical."

Luke replied "that's good to know, that at least someone thought it would be unethical to drug a 17-year-old just to get his ID."

Just then Wilson came in and said, "Why were you planning on drugging a 17-year-old to look at their ID?"

Like replied "It was me they were discussing."

Willison then said, "you guys are still trying to figure out who Luke's Mother is?"

Camron then said, "and you know who she is?"

Willison replied, "yes and I' sworn to secrecy by House and Luke to not tell you guys."

Chase then asked, "how did you find out?"

Luke answered back, "he did a DNA test of his own but had some extra information to go with."

Willison than said "the kids right anyway I think I might have something for you guys to work on rather then figure out who Luke's mother is."

He then handed House a folder with patient file in it, the patient n question had come into the ER with a low blood pressure and wasn't responding to fluids. House then makes copies of it for the team and went over to the white board to begin the discussion. Luke swung his leg up so he could rest his chin on his foot, the others looked at him weird as House said, "cool trick."

Luke replied "Yeah I know. It's fun to do just to be wired and it's good to have something to rest on. I have one foot that I can even turn backwards that makes it even more wired"

House began by listing all the symptoms of the patient on the white board. Foreman looked at it and said "they don't really seem to make any sense together"

Luke looked at it and at the file and was trying to piece it together. Oddly Dan had been easier even if they ended up having to test his DNA in the end to prove something. Camron looked at him and said, "are you ok?"

Luke replied "yeah, I'm just getting used to this. It's funny I got kicked out of a residency for doing what we're doing right now."

Chase looked at him and said "really?"

Luke replied "Yeah I suggested something different about a patient then they were being treated for and then when I tried to argue my point I was told I was being insubordinate and ended up having to talk to the dean of medicine."

House then said, "something that I had to deal with all too often in my own residency."

Luke replied, "yeah I think I ended up finding a few doctors that had a grudge against you that they took out on me."

House looked at that and said, "I'm sorry about that." They all looked at house as he said, "I'm not sorry that I treated them the way that they deserved I'm sorry that they took it out on my son."

Luke nodded and said "it's ok I got back at most of them once I was terminated. I wonder how many of them Cuddy is going to get in touch with."

Camron then asked, "has she herd from any?"

Luke replied "yeah the last one who I told wouldn't know his cranium from his gluteus maximus. I basically through some Latin at him. I honestly don't get why people are so up tight when you use Latin terms instead of swear words to them."

House replied "probably because they are an idiot and they don't want to admit it. Shell, we stop discussing my son's residency experience and get back to the case at hand."

They all nodded Luke then said, "am I the only one that can't figure out how a cough fits into any posable diagnoses?"

House then said, "lets ignore it for now and treat the other symptoms first. Let's start antibiotics for sepsis and an echocardiogram."

He then turned to Luke and said, "do you want to come to the clinic with me for a bit to see your old man work there."

The others went to go and see the patient well Luke followed House to the clinic. When he went to sign in for his clinic hours Cuddy was there as well. Luke stood beside her as House announced that he was the only doctor being forced to be there and that he may take vicodin in front of them making them wonder if he is just insane or an addict instead. He then asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to be first for hm. No one did as he said he would be in exam room 1 Luke went to follow him as Cuddy garbed him and said, "I want to talk to you a bit in my office about something first ok."

Luke said to her "am I in trouble already?"

Cuddy replied, "no you're not I just want to spare you from his nonsense right now." She then called someone up and sent them off to see House.

Luke flowed Cuddy to her office, and she motioned for him to sit down on the couch and sat beside him and said, "ok so I want the full story how much did House actually know about you coming here?"

Luke then said "I found out two days ago that I was being suspended for insubordination and I sent Dad a text and he said to get the first flight I could here and then talk to you the morning after I arrived. I arrived latish at night and Dad picked me up at the airport and took me to his house. Shortly after I arrived was when he got the call that the patient he was treating was missing and he needed to come in. The next morning, I got up with him and then came in a little bit after him and took the bus in to here and talked to you."

Cuddy then said, "did you know that he was going to come down to ask about a treatment?"

Luke said, "honestly I didn't know if I would see him in your office at the time I was kind of hoping that you might just take me up to his office, but I think it worked out better."

Cuddy then said, "Foreman said that you actually had a good repour with the parents and with Dan. Also, from what I saw in here you were able to defuse the situation a bit too."

Luke replied, "yeah I think part of it is that I have you repour with patients but at the same time I have Dad's temperament when I can't deal with someone."

Cuddy then said, "which would explain how you seem to have insulted so many Deans of Medicine."

Luke replied, "in my defence a lot of the doctors I worked with had something against me as soon as they heard I was House's son."

Cuddy then said, "did they ever ask about me?"

Luke replied, "to be honest really I got asked more about Dad then you."

Cuddy then said, "I never really thought how hard it would have been for you having his last name."

Luke replied, "it's ok I wouldn't want to have it any other way."

Cuddy then asked, "I'm just curious are you still practising your faith?"

Luke replied, "yea I usually give thanks before I eat in Hebrew which is how Wilson figured out that you were probably my mother, and I sometimes light candles on Friday night if I can and go to temple on Saturdays when I can."

Cuddy then said, "you prayed in Hebrew in front of Wilson?"

Luke replied, "yeah I didn't think of him being Jewish."

Cuddy then asked him if he wanted to come over on a Friday and then go to temple with her on a Saturday.

Luke replied, "yeah sure."

Just then the phone rang it was House asking Cuddy for a consult on a patient. Cuddy the said "your father needs me to consulate on a patient." Luke followed her.

When they got to the exam room there was a man sitting on the exam table and House was playing his Gameboy. House then said, "his throat's sore."

Cuddy looked at him as she said, "you called me in for that?" She the turned to Luke and said, "take a look at it."

Luke looked in his throat with a tongue depressor and a light and said, "it looks like just a regular sore that you should just go home and get some lozenges." Cuddy also suggested some hot tea.

After the patient had left Cuddy said to her "you called me in for a consult on something that Luke could do?"

House the said "in all fairness a monkey could examine someone with a sore throat."

Cuddy was about to say something when Luke said, "true but the monkey would probably make a mess in the exam room and I don't think cleaning up a monkey mess is in the janitor s job description."

Cuddy then said, "true however clinic hours are in House's job description."

She then turned to Luke and said, "go find out what the rest of the team is doing, you don't have to be here right now."

When Luke found to team, they were heading to the conference room to report back to House. Well they were waiting for him Luke told them about how he had a talk with Cuddy about how he had a good repour with Dan. Foreman told him that he was really impressed how he had helped him out with him and had kept Dan calm during his surgery. Luke then told them how House had called her in on a consulate and Cuddy had Luke do the exam. Chase explained that House really didn't like doing clinic duty because he felt that most of the patients weren't worth his time.

Once House arrived Chase shared some new information with the team about how he was having sex with his girlfriend before he was brought in, and Forman suggested that they stop the antibiotics as the patient's kidneys are shutting down.

House then says, "that's seven symptoms now?"

Foreman then points out that the last one could be caused because of the treatment.

Luke then suggested something random to which House picked up a medical dictionary and said, "ok Doggie why don't we just start from the beginning and go through everything?"

Luke looked at him and said "seriously?"

House then wrote down several conditions on the board. Luke looked at it and said, "what if it's more then one?"

Foreman then said, "it has to be only one."

House then said "yes but anything that explains all of them really rare. Let's go with it being two different conditions for now. Let's try treating him for a snus infection and hypothyroidism.

The team went off to the patient's room to start treating him when his parents came in and he proposed to his girlfriend.

The team left the room and Foreman accuses them of always agreeing with House. Foreman then adds Luke I can forgive him because he's new and he's' also Houses son."

Luke the said "trust me I don't always agree with him. but you're right I am unsure of myself right now. But don't accuse me of agreeing with him because he's my Dad that's not fare."

Chase and Camron then say that house is always right.

Luke then said, "no he's stubborn that doesn't make him right." They looked at him as he says "he's' always testing us to see ho far he will go, for example he would always encourage me to push boundaries and questing thing where my mom would tell me to slow down and pay by the rules and avoid trouble."

Foreman then said he's going to the lab to run more test. Luke followed him and so did the others.

Well they were in the lab Chase, Foreman and Luke started talking about how hot Camron was as she was in another part of the lab. House came in as he knew they would be in the lab trying to prove him wrong. House said to test the patient's urine, the results end up showing that the antibiotics didn't cause the kidney failure.

Willison walked by well House was criticizing the team and asks him why he does it. House replied that if he makes them feel terrible then they will be better doctors. Wilson then said, "you do now that one of them is your son?"

House replied, "he wants to be treated like anyone else besides I've always practised negative reinforcement with him."

Wilson then asked, "what does that even mean?"

House replied "I don't coddle him like his mom does. I've always encouraged him to make his own choices even if they are wrong."

Wilson said, "that's not negative reinforcement."

House replied, "it isn't."

Wilson then said, "no it's the opposite of it it's positive reinforcement."

House then said "not when you encouraged him to break the rules that he doesn't agree with. Trust me Cuddy absolutely disagrees with me on how I rase him just as much as I disagree with how she raises him."

Wilson then said, "how is he not incredibly screwed up?"

House then said, "probably because he's' been away from both of us for a few years now."

Wilson then said, "who's he with now?"

House replied, "me it's less awkward for him then if he was seen coming in with Cuddy to come in with me, he took the bus in on his first day through so that Cuddy wouldn't be suspicious."

Wilson then said, "so you knew all along that he was going to be here."

House the said "yes but originally he wasn't going to be a resident with me, he was going to join me as fellow or even a partner once he was finished his residency. What neither of us figured is that he would come across people that just want to kiss ass all the time or want their asses kissed."

Wilson then said, "yeah of course because that's what medicine is all about."

Luke then walked into and said "isn't it. It's a all give and take you go to the doctor above you and tell him what you think is wrong with the patient they either call you an idiot or don't want to listen to you because your just a resident and you can't possibly know more then them."

House then said, "how much of our conversation did you overhear?"

Luke replied, "enough to know that my dad will always defend me making mistakes and that it's ok to think out of or away from the box when it's necessary. Of course not everyone thinks that way because they weren't taught to look at the problem as having more then one layer to it so they brand you as insubordinate because you suggest something that contradicts their medical opinion that they have spent years with their head up the ass of a superior doctor coming up with."

Wilson then said "just wait a minute here there is no way that I can see that being the case. Luke here is definitely a very bright young man I for one would gladly take his medical open any day."

Luke then said, "even if it contradicts everything that you think is the right way to treat a patient?"

Willison then said "it all depends on the diagnoses. In oncology I don't really have as much room to try tings like your father does."

Luke nods as he looks down at his leg and says, "I know not everything goes to plan with cancer."

Luke then walked away to join the others as Wilson said, "I shouldn't have said that to him."

House replied, "He'll be ok he's just a smart kid and understood a lot more then his oncologist gave him credit for."

Later, that day after House had returned from the clinic. Cuddy had forbidden him from calling her for consults and when he had said "no problem I'll just call in Doggie."

Cuddy asked, "who the hell is Doggie?"

House replied, "our hell spawn that's what his nickname is for the team."

Cuddy the replied "you can not call in Luke for a consult he's a resident. Residents do not get called for a consult by doctors."

Back in the conference room the team had assembled again to reveal that the patient was getting better except for the cough. However, Foreman suspected that it might be viral and made a bet with House that it was. House told him to get a white cell count. Foreman then came back and said that the white count came back at zero. Luke then said, "how is that possible did someone slip him chemo treatments and wipe out his immune system?"

House looked at him and said "not very likely. However, we will need to send him to a clean room as soon as possible so that he doesn't get any new infections."

Well the rest of the team is in the clean room Luke was outside of it watching as he didn't want to get in the way as there wasn't lot of room in there. He insisted explained as best as he could that they had done some tests and they showed that he was getting sicker and so that he doesn't get any new infections they were putting him in a clean room.

Well the team made their way back to the conference room Camron asked Luke "so where did you get your prosthetic leg from I haven't really seen one like it?"

Luke replied "a friend of mine who was one of my dorm mates at Harvard started working with a company that makes it and helped get me into a beta testing program for it. I have to give updates to them every couple of weeks and every 3 mouths I have to send it out to them to evaluate it. So, during that time I switch to my non powered one which makes it a bit harder to move as fast as I want to but it's not as bad as with Dad's leg."

They all nodded as Camron said, "that's pretty cool that your friend hooked you up."

Luke replied "yeah it is. I think this model I have is a few thousand dollars or so."

Chase replied, "wow I guess I never really thought about what it would be like to have to replace a limb."

Luke replied, "yeah me either until about 8 years ago."

Camron then asked, "sorry to ask this but you're a transfemoral amputee, right?"

Luke nodded and replied "yeah it's funny until I went to med school, I had no idea what that meant. Most of the time I just tell people that I'm an above knee amputee or if I talk to other amputees, I'll say I'm a LLAK or left leg above knee."

As they were waiting for the bone marrow biopsy results they saw House in his office going through some medical text books before he came out and said "Wilson reminded me that all of the patients symptoms started with a cough and that he had been talking a prescription cough medicine for it." House then went on to explain that he suspected that there may have been a mess up at the pharmacy that had filled the prescription. House then went to speak with the family to find out if he had taken any of it well, he was in the hospital. The family confirmed it and gave him the bottle.

Chase went to the pharmacy to find out what had been given to him.

When he returns, they still aren't sure if that's what the underlying cause is and in Willison's advice, they began to prepare him for surgery. Unfortunately, well they are doing that the patient goes into cardiac arrest, after they manage to restart his heart they discover a new symptom that he has pain in his fingers, House realized what it was and came into the clean room without properly decontamination and then managed to get some of the patients hair as he was beginning to lose it. He says that the patient may have been using some illegal drugs that could have contained Colchicine and it had been posing him. They begin treatment for it and the patient recovers.

Later on, he is given something for his cough, and he notices it's something different. Meanwhile House was checking the hospital pharmacy to find out if there had been a mix up at the pharmacy that the patient had gone to. When Luke came down to go home with him, he found his dad behind the counter with two sets of pills and he said, "looks like they might have mixed them up."

House replied, "yeah at least the patient is doing fine now."

The two of them let the hospital together.