The characters in this story are not my own other then Luke. The idea of Luke came about after I had seen a House marathon recently and done a Google search of House having a kid with Cuddy. I thought I would have him be a teenage prodigy and end up on Houses team for being too much like his father for anyone else to deal with. I recently got asked if there will be any relationship with Cuddy and House, I am thinking of doing it eventually and I also have some thoughts on what I may do with the end of the series as well.

The team was sitting in the conference room once again trying to find out more from Luke about who his mother was and why he would be hiding it from them. Foreman then said, "for all we know it could be Cuddy, but I honestly don't know how she would even consider having a child with House."

Chase then said, "well we know that whoever she is she was with House at least 17 years ago."

Luke replied "yup, I will say that before going away to school I would alternate who I lived with when I was in high school."

Camron then said, "what about getting his medical records?"

Luke replied, "you would have to one know what hospital I was treated at and two you would have to have a reason to obtain them."

Foreman replied, "he's right and because he's still a minor we would need to get consent form both of his parents for that."

Chase then says "I still think we should drug him and take his ID."

Luke replied, "and what if I don't have a piece of ID with my full name on it with me?"

House walked in and said "still trying to figure out Doggie's mother I see. We need to stop that for now we might have an epidemic in the maternity ward."

The team went to the maternity ward and stared testing baby's and found four that had a mystery illness and got them into isolation so that they could treat them. Well the team begins figuring out what is wrong with them Cuddy gathered the internets and residents to begin getting samples of everything that they can. One of them asked why Luke wasn't with, Cuddy informed them that he was assigned to House's department and that he was helping them out.

Meanwhile the babies in question were being given high dose antibiotics to try and stabilize them and to give the team some time to figure out what was making them sick.

Camron informed one of the families that their child was sick but wasn't giving them enough information and Foreman stepped in to give them more information. Luke took her aside and said, "you can't sugar coat this you're not taking to a kid you need to tell them that we don't know yet why their kid is sick."

Camron replied, "you're one to talk."

Luke replied "I was brought into the hospital with a broken ankle from skateboarding and we'll I was being examined they noticed a bump on my leg and found a mass in the x rays. They didn't tell me all of it because I was a little kid and wasn't expected to understand what was found. They told my mom who I was with at the time and she called in House. I went through 3 mouths of chemo and radiation before they decided it wasn't working so they amputated my leg. They told me that the only way to make me better was to cut off my leg."

Camron then said, "so I take it that House and your Mom shared everything with you?"

Luke replied "only once they figured I was old enough to understand it. I figured that I must have been really sick for them to not want to say much to me about it right away. Then of course after I lost my leg I had to go through physio and learn to walk with a prostatic leg."

Camron then said as they walked back to the conference room "you're a pretty good kid. I bet your mom is proud of you, I can see House is sometimes when he looks at you."

Luke replied "yeah she is" as he caught a glimpse of his Mom cutting the tie off an intern who had just let it fall into a sink he was swabbing. He thought to himself "note to self don't let a tie contaminate something in front of Mom."

Meanwhile House's team had discovered that the babies were now suffering kidney damage from the drugs they were being given. They realise that they can't figure out which antibiotic is working or not Luke then said, "what if we take two of them and put each on a different one?"

Foreman then said, "That could kill one of them."

House then said, "true but we would then know which one is the right one." They all look at him as he said, "alight well will go with Doggies plan and I'll go inform Cuddy, hell spawn you're with me."

Luke followed him to his Mom's office and said, "I wonder how well this is going to go." After they had presented their idea Cuddy said she had to call in the hospital lawyer to clear it. At first, he wasn't too thrilled with the idea and compared it to some of the experiments that the Nazis had done in concentration camps. He then said that the parents needed to be informed of everything. Luke then said, "wouldn't they're be a problem with doctor patient confidentiality if we tell them about something to do with another patient?" Cuddy replied, "he does have a point." The lawyer then agreed that the parents don't have to be told everything.

House has Cameron and Foreman inform the parents that there are going to be changing the meds for their kids. Willison confronted Camron in front of Luke and asked her what she had told them. She said that she didn't give them all of the information because "if their son dies tomorrow, you think they'll give a dam what I said to them today? It's not going to matter, they're not going to care, nothing is going to be the same ever again. Just give those poor women a few hours of hope." She walked off as Luke said to Wilson "I'm not really sure how good she is with giving bad news to a patient or parents, although I'm not so sure how I would do in her situation though." Wilson replied "its tough and it never gets easier to do." He then asked "so what did they tell you?" Luke replied "not much just that I was sick and needed to have treatments in the hospital to get better. When they decided to amputate my leg, they said that the medicine that they were giving me wasn't working and that in order to help me they had to remove part of my leg. House and my mom told me about the diagnosis."

A few hours later one of the babies goes into cardiac arrest, the team does their best to save him until House calls the time of death. He then tells Camron to tell the family about their son being dead. Camron tried to get someone else to do it she even suggested that Luke should do it. Luke meanwhile had pulled himself away from everyone. House told Camron "Luke is a resident and it's not his job to give bad news to a patient or their families. I'm also telling you to do it." He then turned to Willison and said for him to make sure that Camron tells the family. He looked for Luke and said "go find your mom and tell her what happened." Luke nodded as he wiped tears from his eyes with his lab coat. Luke went over to Cuddy and she took him aside to an out of the way room to comfort him.

The next morning after house had done an autopsy on the baby who had died the team and Cuddy had assembled in the conference room. Camron noticed how Luke seemed to resemble Cuddy a bit and looked at Forman and said "am I imaging it or does look seem to have a resemblance to Cuddy?" House then said, "if we are done whispering about who you think my son's mother is, we have a case here?" Chase looked at them and said "she does have a point though." Cuddy then said "for God's sake Luke is mine and House's son we had him well we were in residency together." Luke was a bit shocked at that as Cuddy said, "sorry Luke didn't want people to know because he was afraid, he would be treated differently.' Luke then said "yeah that and I didn't want people to be treated that I'll tell my mom everything, trust me coming her was my final straw and I didn't want to have to use my mom is the dean of medicine card to get in." The others all nodded as Luke added "I'd rather keep this just between us and Wilson if we can." Cuddy then said "I'll keep it secret a much as I already have. HR does know but there under strict orders to have any and all inquires regarding Luke's paperwork to go through me."

House then said "ok now that that out in the open we have a case with sick babies, and more could die if we don't identify it. House tell them that his autopsy reviled that it was virus attacking the heart. Since there are thousands of possibilities, they eliminate the most unlikely ones from the list and test for the major ones well Willison gets some ant vials ready for the babies.

After testing an unaffected baby as well they were able to confirm that it's Echovirus 11 as only the infected babies tested positive for it. House explained that the other babies all still had immunity from their Mothers and hadn't picked up anything that they hadn't been exposed to the fact that this was something different meant it was the culprit. Luke then said "so this is a bit like how Dan's birth mother wasn't vaccinated or wasn't up to date on them when she had him and the measles virus was passed on to him and stayed dormant in his system despite him being vaccinated for it." House nodded and said, "Yup your' definitely my son to be able to reason something like that."

Foreman told the parents of all the children affected that the treatment that they needed to give their babies was the only option but was experimental.

A little later on well Camron and Luke were checking on one of the babies they needs to change the bed lines when Camron saw the parents out there watching them and she realised that they may not have gotten to hold their child yet she went and brough them into the room and had them old the baby well Luke and her put on new sheets. Luke smiled at her and said, "nice one I wish I though of that." Camron then said, "I figure that they may not have had much time to bond with their baby yet."

A little while later after the babies had all recovered House questioned Camron about weather she had seen a death before and also where she had gotten the idea to have the parents hold their kid from she said that she didn't want to talk about it and said he was bastard as she walked away. She caught a glimpse of one of the sets of parents leaving with their kid and smiled. Luke walked over to House and said "I think she just figured that sick kids just want their parents sometimes. I know I always felt better when you or mom was with me anytime I was sick."

Wilson found House and Luke trying to figure out how the babies had picked up the virus as there didn't seem to be anything in common with all of them and the test that Cuddy had all the interns do showed nothing. House then noticed that there was a volunteer with some teddy bears that seemed to be coughing and had a runny nose. Luke then said, "wait didn't all of the sick babies have a teddy bear with them?"

House tuned to Luke and said, "yes I think your' right I'll meet you at home tonight unless you want to be with your mom which I understand completely." Luke nodded and said Yeah, I might just do that tonight. I'll grab some clothes from the apartment and go stay with her for the night." Wilson seemed suspicious of it before Luke said, "it's Friday night tonight." Wilson nodded as he knew what that meant.

A few hours later Luke arrived at Cuddy's house and had dinner with her before they went to the temple the next morning for the Jewish sabbath.