The following hours involved an exhaustive work by each team member.

Stella was right, one of the key clues was in the pool. Adam searched the place and found a pillow, which the suspect had lost when fighting with her. What finally put Tony as the main suspect was an interesting finding by Lindsay, confirmed with one of his famous reconstructions. She showed that one of the pillows in the department of Marina was used as a silencer, thus discarding the theory of suicide, and Tony had taken that pillow with him. Then he had returned to the apartment for the healthy pillow he lost in the pool.

However, they could only prove that Tony had stolen the pillow, they still needed to put the gun in the suspect's was more difficult, but the observations of Sid and Sheldon on the state of the skin of the left hand of Marina in conjunction with the work of the Messer marriage, they had achieved, they had discovered that Marina held in her left hand the evidence that pointed to Tony Dirisa as his brother's killer.

Danny discovered with Flack that he planned to flee the city and they went to ruin him plans. Meanwhile, Stella stayed in her office, thinking about how things took such a quick turn. She noted that on his desk was a letter, addressed to her, from Marina. Without hesitation, she opened the envelope and began to read.

Marina told her that she finally discovered what had happened to her brother, that she could already remember everything. She explained that it was a case of repressed memories, where the brain completely erases some traumatic experience that you really want to forget and acts as if it never happened. Her stepfather had accidentally killed her brother and she had witnessed everything. Only that time later, that memory was repressed, and she began looking for her brother as if he had disappeared. She also told her that, as much as she could remember everything, she had no intention of going against her stepfather, she would forgive him and end everything. She would abandon everything.

Flack and Danny arrested Tony and took him to the station.

-It was an accident- Tony explained.

-Really? Did the pillow get between them and the gun went off by mistake? - Stella asked wryly.

-I would never hurt Marina.

-She trusted you, and you killed her.

-I don't kill her.

-Yes, you did!- She said angrily.- You realized all the clues she had found, the connections she had made, you knew she was close to the truth. But what you didn't know, what nobody knew, is that Marina had ceased her commitment to look for Luke. She was finally letting go. The email was confused with a suicide note just because she was found dead ... Listen to her words: "It's time for me to finish everything, to release me, and this is the only way I know, leaving is my only option. Tony, we are free". She knew it was you. You panicked for nothing... You killed her for nothing.

She could see how Tony cursed himself inside and tried to hide the tears. The lump in her throat formed again and she hurried out of there.

Mac was heading to leave the laboratory, at a time that would be too late for the rest of the mortals, when he saw how Stella was struggling to keep the papers, photos and evidence of the case in her office.

-Stella- called Mac. When she raised her head, he could see the tears running down her face, confirming that the case had disturbed her more than any other.

-Mac- she whispered, in an almost imperceptible tone. It was all that managed to say, she had a lump in her throat that seemed to drown her. Her heart or soul, or both, had broken in this case, she still felt guilty.

Mac approached her and hugged her again as hard as when the case had begun. Maybe more. It shattered to see her like that. Stella was not a person who would show how much the cases affected her, but this one in particular had hit her hard, had collapsed her.

Stella clung to Mac, she needed to let go of all the pain inside her, clear herself, stop feeling guilty. She felt Mac caressing her back and head, trying to calm her down and letting her know that he was there for her, that she could lean on him, that he would help her get up.

When they parted, Mac looked straight into her glassy eyes and wiped a tear from her cheek. At that moment he realized how truly important Stella was to him. Just as he is now, she has been countless times by her side, lending her valuable friendship, listening, laughing, sometimes even rebuking. Sometimes only one glance was enough to know that she was there and that she understood him. He loved this woman, would protect her from everything, even from the pain that was invading her now.

-Thanks Mac, for being here- Stella said smiling, she really felt better, him hug filled her with energy and strength.

-You kidding? You said it, "that's what we do, we take care of each other."- He said with a flash in his eyes remembering the same words she once said to him.

-Well, yeah it's true.

-I will help you with this, just give me a second- he said and took his cell phone. He sent a message to Aubrey, with whom he would have an appointment at the end of his shift, and warned him that he could not go. A few minutes later a message came from her saying that he didn't worry, that it didn't bother her.

Mac took a box and began ordering the disaster that was there with Stella. At the end she looked much more lively, she had regained her strength and her big smile shone again on her face. Without a doubt, staying with her had been the right choice. He looked into her eyes again, and gave her a smile. Maybe she was the correct person.

The End