Alexandra gasps. "I am so sorry! I got lost on the way to my room; please do not be upset!"

John is furious. "HOW COULD YOU? I TRUSTED YOU, ALEXANDRA!" He feels his heart breaking.

"I-I didn't know! I'm sorry! I'll leave immediately!" She ducks under his arm and slips out into the corridor.

John simply stands there in shock for a few moments. He goes back downstairs, where Hercules comes to comfort him.

"What happened, sir? You look quite unhappy compared to the way you have been for the last few weeks." Hercules asks gently.


Hercules flinches slightly at John's yelling, but gives no other sign of discomfort. "Why does that bother you, sir?"

"Because she broke the only rule that I had set with her! But most importantly, because now she might run away if she realizes the impact that an attachment to me entails! I wanted to earn her love and respect without the concern of the rose, because I love her. I really do, Hercules." John says, taking deep breaths to calm himself.

"Have you told her this?" Hercules asks.

"No." John replies shortly.

"Then I suppose that you should tell her right away, since she is packing her bag and has called for a carriage to take her away." Hercules says.

"What?" John asks unbelievingly, running up the stairs toward Alexandra's room.


Alexandra tries to muffle her sobs with a pillow as she puts her few sparse objects back into her bag. The Beast looked so furious! How will he ever forgive her?

At that moment, the door opens softly.

"Alexandra?" asks the Beast.

Alexandra remains silent.

"Alexandra, I am so sorry. I did not mean to react so harshly. Can you ever forgive me?" The Beast asks in a soft voice.

"Oh, Beast! I didn't realize the effect that me entering that room would have. You really want me to stay?" Alexandra replies.

"Yes. Because I love you, Alexandra." The Beast says.

Alexandra gasps. The Beast has never said such a thing before!

"Of course I will stay!" Alexandra acquiesces.

Alexandra gives the Beast a hug before he helps her unpack her items once more.


Lafayette gathers the other objects for a group meeting. "Alexandra and John are getting closer! They nearly split apart this afternoon, but the excellent work of Hercules the clock, they seem closer than before! And John admitted that he loves Alexandra. Now all that she has to do is say and feel the same!"

The group cheers.

"But the last petal will fall in two days' time! They must get together before then!" Lafayette warns.

The group agrees, then disperses to perform their various functions (and potentially get the master to convince Alexandra).


John and Alexandra are sitting politely to eat dinner, when John's mirror makes a loud noise.

John shifts his position to retrieve the mirror, but when he sees its face, he turns to Alexandra and beckons her to his side frantically.

Surprised, Alexandra joins him on his side of the table.

John turns the face of the mirror toward Alexandra. In it, she sees her father being forced into a prison wagon by villagers with pitchforks and torches.

"Oh no!" She cries. "Is this a reflection of what is going on in the outside world?"

John nods solemnly.

"I must go to him!" She then pauses, thinking about the rose in the glass case and her exchange with the Beast in order to let her father go.

That seems to have been for the best. She thinks reverently for a few moments about how she and the Beast have bonded.

Then her thoughts turn back to George. "I am extremely sorry, Beast. My father is in danger. May I go?"

John looks at Alexandra, who he loves so dearly. Her face is clearly twisted in concern, but not with a longing to get away from him or anything of the sort.

He knows that if he lets her go, she will never profess love to him and the spell will never be broken. But of course he realizes that because he loves her, he must let her go.

He nods. "Please take any help you need. I am afraid that I would only cause more panic in the situation, so I cannot help you. But all our wishes are with you. And please, call me John." He offers his first name to her.

"Thank you, John. I appreciate it." Alexandra smiles her appreciation, but her face conveys a reluctance to leave, which he internally hopes has to do, in some part at least, with him.

Within a few minutes, Alexandra has packed her belongings (which are few in number to begin with) and is waiting outside with John for the estate carriage.

When the carriage arrives, John helps Alexandra into it, and she places a kiss on his nose from inside.

"Thank you." She whispers.

Once the door is shut, the carriage sets off for the village.

Lafayette, Hercules, and the other objects all join John outside as the carriage rumbles away.

"Monsieur, vous ĂȘtes gentil. Vous et Alexandra sont merveilleux ensemble." Lafayette whispers to John.

[Sir, you are kind. You and Alexandra are wonderful together.]

"Thank you, Lafayette. I just hope it isn't too late." John replies despondently, looking at the nearly petal-less rose in his hand, which he has brought down from its case in the West Wing.

"Us too." All the other objects add somewhat hopelessly.

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