My seventh crossover story and my first sequel.

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame belongs to Victor Hugo and Disney.

All characters and rights belong to Aardman, Disney, Warner Bros., Dreamworks Animation and Universal Animation Studios.

More than about a year ago, Spike the "deformed" rat of Notre Dame had defeated the corrupted Judge Nooth and got his wish to be with the people in Paris outside his comfort zone with the help from Ginger the beautiful gypsy hen and the heroic, smooth talking rooster, Captain Rocky Rhodes.

Ever since then, Spike lived a life both in and out of Notre Dame since he still had to ring the bells for masses of course.

But today was the annual, oh very special holiday that everyone expected, aside from the Festival of Fools. It was called Le Jour D'Amour, which meant 'The Day Of Love.'

Le Jour D'Amour was a day where the Parisian society gather around and claim their true love for the city to hear while Spike rings the most precious bell of Notre Dame called La Fidèle (The Faithful One). It's kinda like Valentines Day, only you shout out your love to everyone.

Bonejangles the gypsy skeleton was the most excited about the holiday. He and Spike were setting up yellow roses and beautiful decorations all over the city.

The entire city was buzzing around Paris, singing their excitement of the festival.

"Le Jour D'Amour

Your song is in the air

What magic will you make for us?

What promise will you share?

That golden bell

Sweet La Fidele

Will soon be ringing clear

The best of all the festivals

Le Jour D'Amour is here!"

Spike, however, didn't feel like singing. He still didn't like romance, but he wanted to socialize with the entire city.

It was two days before Le Jour D'Amour and Spike had returned to the bell tower.

"Mrs. Potts!" he called.

A teapot jumped off the table and landed on a pillow.

"How is the festival coming along?" asked Mrs. Potts.

"It was exhausting" replied Spike. "Bonejangles had me jump on thirty bloomin' buildings to place banners and roses."

"Sounds like everyone is thrilled about Le Jour D'Amour."

"Yes. Yes, they are."

"Come along, Spike. We have to polish La Fidele for the festival."

Spike approached La Fidèle and started to polish the bell. But then, he heard the voice of a small child.

"Torro! Torro!"

Spike and Mrs. Potts turned their heads, seeing it was Chip, a small teacup.

Since Nooth destroyed Lumiere and Cogsworth, Spike made a small, little teacup to give Mrs. Potts company and a son. And Mrs. Potts had already came to life through God's 'magic of miracle' as she called it, Chip came to life too.

Chip was wearing a paper horn tied on his nose, imitating a bull snorting.

Smiling, Spike handed the polishing rag to Mrs. Potts and used his jacket as a matador's red cape.

"Torro! Torro!" repeated the rat.

"CHARGE!" cried Chip as he ran for the jacket.

As they were playing, Spike and Chip laughed. They were really great friends, almost like a great big-brother-little-brother team.

After a few 'misses', Chip playfully tackled Spike to the ground and the paper horns fell off the teacup's head.

Timmy bleated as he entered the room. He grew up a little over the past year.

"Hello, Timmy" Spike greeted. "My, have you grown."

The lamb responded by licking Spike's face.

Sure Spike had changed since Nooth's death, but he liked it, even though he was still a little bit aggressive sometimes.

But before Timmy could walk away, something tickled the lamb and made him laugh.

In the shadows, a figure emerged and licked Timmy's face. Timmy bleated in alarm and pulled the figure out.

It was Lu-La, a cute, blue mischievous alien. She had lived within the bell tower long before Spike did.

Spike saw this and glared at Lu-La.

"Uh-oh" mumbled the alien.

Lu-La knew Spike since he was young and she knew the angry glare meant she had to leave, even at the worst times.

At that moment, Ginger picked up Chip.

"Chip" she smiled, tickling the teacup's chin.

Then, the teacup quickly jumped out of Ginger's feathers and slid across the room, but luckily Spike caught him.

"You need to slow down, Chip" Mrs. Potts said calmly, but sweetly. "You're going to break yourself."

"Oooookaaaaay... Mom..." answered Chip in a silly, slow voice.

"Listen to your mother, young teacup" Ginger chuckled.

"Yes, Ginger."

Spike shook his head, thinking "kids these days."

Ginger then noticed the large bell that Spike was polishing just moments ago before Chip appeared.

"La Fidèle, you are truly magnificent" she said with a smile.

"And Spike here has been polishing here day and night" Mrs. Potts added.

Rocky then arrived in the bell tower and examined La Fidèle, amazed.

"Are you gonna ring it once for Ginger, Spike?" Chip asked.

"You bet he is, kiddo" Rocky answered. "And she's gonna be down in the square screaming loudly into the night I love my husband Rocky!"

"Really?" Ginger asked. "I can't see why I would be shouting that loud."

"You have to be heard over me yelling like this: I love Ginger!"

The two chickens danced and then embraced, kissing each other.

Chip and Lu-La were disgusted, however.

"Ugh!" groaned the alien.

"Yeah, yuck" the teacup agreed.

"Yuck, eh? Wonder where you two would get the idea from..." said Mrs. Potts, turning to Spike with a knowingly smile.

Spike could only chuckle nervously and shrug his shoulders.

"Come on, lad" he then said to Chip, trying to distract him.

"We've got a job to do. La Fidèle needs to be polished for the festival."

With that, both rat and teacup went to work, polishing all the gems and lead out of the bell. Even Lu-La pitched in to help, using her tentacles.

"Who's name are you gonna yell tomorrow night, Spike?" Chip asked, curious.

"Eh, no one." replied Spike.

"Then who's gonna scream your name?"

"I'm really not interested in girls, Chip."

"Well... Well, why not?"

Lu-La silently shook her head at Chip, gently telling him to please stop since Spike wasn't going to answer anyway.

The rat wasn't worried about his 'ugly' appearance anymore, but he was still insecure. He just wasn't ready to meet a girl nor he wasn't interested in dating one anyway.

Ginger then appeared at Spike's side, her wings over his shoulders.

"Spike, it takes more than looking to really see" she said to him. "Someday, you'll be ready. And when you are, you'll find the right girl."

Spike felt encouraged. The two friends stared at each other's eyes and shared a warm smile.

Suddenly, they heard a loud trumpet blare.

Chip and Lu-La looked out the window.

"Huh?" frowned the alien.

"Look, it's a circus!" cried Chip.

A parade of circus animals and performers marched down the streets of Paris, making the crowd gasp in awe and surprise.

Bonejangles then appeared before the crowd.

"Come, mes amies!" he cried. "As part of the Festival D'Amour, Cirque de Kan has come to Paris!"

Excited children screamed and cheered.

Inside one tent carried by four strongmen, the ringmaster, Tzekel Kan was chanting as he conjured up visions.

"Our arrival in Paris has been greatly anticipated" he said to the acolyte.

"The city will be distracted by magic and fire-breathers while we steal gold. And with Ch-"

The ringmaster looked around, something was missing but what?

"Where is Cholena?" he snarled.

To be continued...