The next morning was Le Jour D'Amour and the city of Paris gathered as Spike rang La Fidele.

Screams and cheers filled the air.

Then, Bonejangles appeared.

"And now while Quasimodo rings La Fidele, come and proclaim your love for all of Paris to hear!" announced the skeleton.

Lovers gathered at the heart shaped gazebo and screamed their proclaimed love as clear as day.

"I love Goona!"

"I love Dug!"

Even animals had proclaimed their love, soon it was Rocky and Ginger's turn.

"I was wrong about all of it" Rocky said with a smile.

"I know" chuckled Ginger.

"There's only one thing I can say. I love Ginger!"

"I love Rocky!"

The crowd went wild as the two chickens kissed.

After a while, La Fidele then stopped ringing.

Everyone was confused but Bonejangles knew what that meant.

Up in the bell tower of Notre Dame, Spike was talking with Cholena, who held a rose in her paws.

"Spike, you've shown me that the world is full of miracles" smiled the Indian mouse.

"Eh, just ordinary miracles" shrugged Spike. "They happen every day."

The two nudged noses.

Rocky and Ginger smiled and shook their heads.

"That's our pal" Rocky said, chuckling.

The moment touched the crowd's hearts. All expect...

"Yuck" groaned Chip.

"Ah, eww! (Yeah. Yuck.)" agreed Lu-La, in alien language.

But Spike and Cholena ignored the teacup and alien and embraced each other with a quick kiss.

"I'm so happy I can mildew" Whitey replied. "I love a happy ending."

Mrs. Potts sighed happily. "Aw. She'd better take good care of our boy."

"Don't worry. I will" said a voice.

Mrs. Potts and Whitey were shocked to see Cholena talking at them. She winked at them, then giggled.

Spike rolled his eyes. Sure, Cholena was a little goof but he loved her anyway.

"Hey, Lu-La" he finally said. "Would you do the honors?"

He swung the rope to Lu-La.

Realizing that Spike wanted to her to ring La Fidele, Lu-La eagerly nodded her head and started ringing the bell.

The two rodents hopped onto the edge of Notre Dame's railing and proclaimed their love.

"I love Cholena!"

"And I love Spike!"

Screams and cheers filled the air as the sun and pigeons flew past the cathedral.

Now, life was back to normal.

Tzekel Kan and his circus was sentenced to labor until the end of their days.

Spike now had a life with Cholena, who helped him everyday and became an official babysitter to Chip, Timmy and Lu-La whenever Spike or Mrs. Potts wasn't around and a close friend to Ginger and Rocky.

And our heroes once again lived happily ever after.