Optimus was walking again three days after the Cybonic Plague incident. There was an antipsychotic in his subspace to help him sleep.

When he'd startled everyone yesterday, screaming 'no, make them stop', he hadn't been talking about Bumblebee and Wheeljack. There were voices in his head, coming from a violent reaction combining the Matrix and the plague. All the primes that ever were usually whispered in his mind, creating a white noise effect. They were all yelling when the virus reached the matrix, and his processor was still recovering from the noise no one else could hear.

In either case, they were back to a faint buzzing, but the wisdom over millions of years was still built up in his processor and pressed uncomfortably against his skull.

So, for real, Wheeljack shot Megatron dead. It was highly possible they could plug him back in, but they were already discussing euthanasia. It seemed rather pointless to speculate, seeing as Starscream was the active leader, Soundwave doubtlessly his second.

It was of course no shock that the warship disappeared off sensors when the electromagnetic shielding was repaired and vanished. No trace of them was seen. It hadn't been this way since before Megatron's reemergence through the space bridge.

Jack shrugged. "Stealth is a virtue."

So of course, when Megatron reactivated, they immediately got reports of the decepticons trying to melt a polar ice cap to get to an energon deposit.

Bulkhead whistled. "That's a D-7 class. One of the largest unmineable energon deposits there is."

"Unmineable until Megatron melts his way down to it," Ratchet said.

"Unmineable unless we have an energon harvester," Margo said halfmindedly, coloring Bumblebee in one of her sketchbooks. She snapped her fingers sarcastically. "Oh, wait! We have an energon harvester!"

Wheeljack smirked. "What other unmineable energon deposits are there, exactly?"

And the others smiled too.

"Well, we've got to stop them before that. If that ice cap melts, it'll demolish coastal cities all over the planet," Raf said.

Their good mood was immediately shattered.

Optimus, Arcee, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, and Wheeljack left.

The heat lens was shattered, and the device destroyed. The cold would return in no time, and cause permanent system damage in both the ship and the decepticons, and they would have to leave before getting to the actual mine.

Margo sighed and turned to Ratchet. "Hey, Ratch? Why're all these cybertronian relics stuck on Earth of all places?"

"Because they were transported here."

"Yeah, but there are a ton of habitable planets in the galaxy, and on this one there's already a ton of energon, an energon harvester, scraplets, and Skyquake. Is there anything else here we should know about?"

"Without the Iacon database or decepticon-sentry locations, it's impossible to know."

"Seems inconvenient. Why don't you have a copy of this 'Iacon database'? Isn't that where Optimus lived?" Margo asked.

"Not when the city fell. Only Alpha Trion and Smokescreen were present when the Iacon hall of records fell," he answered.

"Sucks," she said.

"Yes," Ratchet said.

Well... The good news was that they didn't have to go through standard defrosting procedure. Bulkhead reported that it felt like summer, and everyone more or less confirmed this.

Good news was that anything decepticon was put on halt while the ship was being repaired and displaced from the arctic.

The autobots waited another five hours to be certain before taking turns mining the unmineable, a few hours each until reading entered the blue zone. There was always at least one person on defrosting procedures, and always coming back with a mother lode of energon that filled at least a hundred cubes.

She laughed and leaned back against the chair, and started laughing. "Oh, what magnificent jackasses the decepticons are. What a lovely contribution they've made to our cause."

When the D-7 in the Arctic was empty, they chose to relax for a while. The other unmineable deposits wouldn't suddenly become less unmineable.