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Chapter 27

Norman stood with Felicia above his head, laughing maniacally before he launched her from the building. Felicia let out a gasp of surprise as she began to fall several stories. She stared in front of her as she saw the roof of Oscorp tower getting further away from her view. She closed her eyes, preparing herself for the impact with the ground that would surely kill her. She had one thought running through her mind, Peter. What was he going to do when she died? Would he be able to cope with the fact that his girlfriend had died? Knowing Peter he would blame himself and she really didn't want him to feel guilty if she died. She smiled softly knowing it was her time, she allowed her body to be taken over by the love that Peter felt for her and was content with him being her last thought. About 30 feet from impact she heard screams from down below of people watching her body fall, she felt a tear come to her eye. She suddenly felt something wrap around her waist and she felt her body get yanked up slightly. She opened her eyes with a gasp.

A Couple Minutes Before.

Peter was swinging as fast as he could, trying his best to ignore the pain from the stab wound caused my Norman earlier. All he cared about right now was getting to Felicia. He landed on a building just beside Oscorp tower and looked up. He was about to fire a web to the building and head up but something falling caught his attention. He squinted his eyes and saw the unmissable silver hair flapping as the body fell. It was Felicia. He went to fire a web so he could catch her and stop her fall but something stopped him. If he came in from below Felicia, she would crash into him and the sudden stop could snap her body in two. He had to play this smart, it was a risk he had to take but he had to let her get below him so he could limit the fall as much as he could. As he watched her fall below him now, he dived from the building he was on and angled his body towards her. He fired 2 webs towards the ground which was about 40 feet from where he was and used them to slingshot himself after her much faster. He got within range and wrapped his arm around her waist and fired a web at the building he was just on, it stuck and he felt them both get yanked up slightly. He was relieved to hear her let out a gasp as she opened her eyes and stared right at him. Her eyes went wide before her emotions got the better of her, Felicia started to sob into Peter's chest, holding him as tightly as possible, not wanting to let him go.

"Hey it's okay I got you. " Peter whispered to her, this just made her sob more. Peter wrapped his glove hand around her shoulder and held her to him, he thought he was going to lose her but he managed to save her. He looked up and thanked whoever was watching over them.

"I can't believe you caught me " Felicia sniffed as she looked at Peter through teary eyes.

"I wasn't gonna let you die now was I? I can't lose you, Felicia, I wouldn't be able to live on without you." Peter gave her a soft smile from under his mask as she leaned her forehead on his masked one.

"Peter I love you " Felicia whispered to him as she kissed his lips through the mask causing him to smile softly.

"I love you too, but we are not done yet, We need to take this Norman down for good. He won't get away with trying to take you away from me " Peter growled the last part and started to swing towards the roof. Felicia held onto him as he was doing so, still trying to get her composure back. Soon they reached the roof and saw Norman was still there, talking to the camera crews that were recording him live from the choppers.

"Man this guy is worse than Screwball " Peter whispered as he and Felicia landed behind Norman. Peter let go of Felicia and she saw him take his usual fighting stance.

"Norman it's over, as long as I breathe I won't let you take this city over. Knowing you, you would try to make another devil's breath serum. " Peter walked towards Norman who had now turned around and was sneering at them. "That's what you want control of the city for right? So you can do whatever you want?" Felicia could tell by Peter's voice that he wasn't playing any games, he was fuming with what Norman tried to kill Felicia.

"You are partially right, Spider-Man. You see I want all the power again but it's not to make another GR-27, Which by the way you had to go and screw up" Norman started to fix his armor on his suit slightly.

"I am glad he stopped it Norman, people were dying because of it. " Felicia yelled back as she was now standing beside Peter.

"Shut up you stupid girl, you don't know what the real GR-27 was intended for.." Norman grabbed a bomb from his glider and was about to activate it but stopped when Peter said something.

"It was meant to save your son. He is sick with the same thing that killed his mother. " Peter said with a hint of sadness in his voice. "That's why you want me gone, with me gone you think no one would be able to stop you from making more serums to save your son. You would use the public to test them and you wouldn't care who would die, as long as Harry was alive. " Peter looked down at the floor as he finished.

"How do you know that my son is sick He told you he was in Europe" Norman had a look of shock on his face.

"I have my ways Norman but what you are doing is wrong, Harry wouldn't want you to murder people so that he could live."

"I don't care what Harry thinks! I want my son to survive, I wanted my wife to survive but I was too late. But I will not be too late for my son, you won't stop me Spider-Man, I will make sure you are and your girlfriend will not leave this roof alive. Now DIE" Norman pressed the button on the bomb and launched it at Felicia and Peter who jumped out of the way. The bomb exploded and took some of the roof with it. Norman sneered as he hopped onto his glider and started to fire bullets at Peter but he was able to dodge them with his superhuman speed. Felicia watched on in horror and awe at seeing her boyfriend dodging bullets. She saw Norman was distracted, reaching into her small utility belt, she took out a flashbang and threw it at Norman, it hit him in the chest and exploded, blinding him in the process.

"Ahh when I am done with him, I am coming for you!" Norman tried to clear his vision but started to fire blindly, hoping to hit Spider-Man. Peter saw that Norman was blinded for the moment wrapped a piece of rubble in webs and launched it at Norman who took the blow and fell right off his glider. Norman slowly staggered to his feet sparks were flying from his suit.

"You have really pissed me off now!" Norman ran at Peter and caught him with a boot to the face, sending him flying backward a few feet. He turned in time to see Felicia trey to give him a Klick of her own but he caught her leg and twisted it, hearing a satisfying crack as he did so. He let go of Felicia and smirked as she was on the floor crying out in pain, clutching her now broken leg. He took out the blade from earlier, the one he stabbed Peter with and brought it to Felicia's throat.

"It will be such a shame to kill such a beautiful woman, you would have been perfect for my son, pity yes but you must die. " He raised his arm back but was stopped from bringing it down to deliver to killing blow. He started to yell in pain as Peter was holding his arm back using electric webs. Norman let go of Felicia and stood up, trying to fight against the web. He felt his whole body shake with the number of volts going through his body. After a minute more, he managed to slice the web with his blade and stared at Peter, ignoring that his suit was telling him that it was close to overheating.

"Come on Parker, let's finish this. " Norman spat and ran at Peter, Peter managed to dodge his first few blows but received a knee to the rib cage in the process. Peter fell to the ground for a second trying to catch his breath but was quickly kicked in the ribs once again.

"Ah Parker, finally letting it sink in that you are going to lose?" Norman put his blade to Peter's neck. "I think we should unmask you before I kill you" Norman went to pull Peter's mask off but all he got was his hands webbed up in the process. He tried to break loose but Peter quickly delivered a kick to his head, sending him flying to the ground.

"You won't win Norman, now just give up and accept your jail time!" Peter stood above Norman, who was now laughing like a maniac once again.

"You really think I am going to come quietly? I don't think so." Norman went to get something from his suit but Peter again started to taser him with his webs, Norman screaming in pain on the floor. His suit was starting to smoke and that is when Peter stopped. Norman could barely move.

"It's over Norman. " Peter whispered to the man as he went to pick him up.

"Self destruct mode activated " The suit suddenly said. Peter looked at Norman who was now smirking through the pain, his finger on a button he had not seen.

"Goodbye Spider-Man "

Peter looked behind up at Felicia on the floor, she was still clutching her leg. He ran over to her quickly and picked her up into his arms. He leaped from the building and felt the heat as the explosion that followed rocked the full rooftop, Peter flinched as he landed on a safe spot and placed Felicia down. They both stared back up at the building, which was now in flames near the top floors and the roof.

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