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High School - September 23rd, 2019

After you've gone around to different places to remember the life you've lived, you've finally come back full circle.

When Margaret gave you away, you were taken by a nice woman named Esme. On the way to her house, she told you that she had a mentor to bring you up to speed over the before fall so you could attend high school with your new siblings. That's when you knew that you had found a home.

No one had ever taken the time to make sure you could go to school before, since Mama and Daddy were too poor, Tanya's Mama didn't have the time for you, Ms. Cope was busy with her charity work, and Angela had her classes to worry about. Sometimes Margaret would let you read some of her class books to try to learn a little bit, but that's the closest you've ever gotten to education. At least, until Bella.

When Esme took you home, you met your new brother and sister, Emmett and Alice. They both greeted you with big hugs and asked you too many questions. Emmett's a year older than you, Alice a year younger. You found out they were also foster kids who had been taken in by Esme and her husband, Carlisle, and after a while they were adopted. You were told that it was very likely that she'd adopt you too. It was disorienting, but it became everything you've ever wanted and more.

Esme and Carlisle eventually became your new parents. Esme still hugs you like Mama did, and Carlisle spends more time with you in a week than Daddy had all your life. They both made you feel special and wanted, and when you turned sixteen they adopted you. It still blows your mind that you have a home now.

One of the best things Esme had done for you was to hire Bella to be your mentor. Over the spring and summer she helped you until you were somewhat caught up with your age level. She spent more time with you than anyone else, even during the school year, just to make sure you were staying on top of things. Eventually, she became your best friend, and then-

"Edward! You're back!" Bella says, as she runs up to you in the halls. After your trip down memory lane, you came back home to hugs and love from your new family. The next day was the first day of your junior year at your high school, where you are now.

And as Bella gives you a kiss hello, you begin to smile.

AN: And this is the End. I'm considering writing Edward's story from his point of view, after he was adopted by Esme and how he and Bella got together-it depends on the response, if there is one. All errors are mine.