It had been 9 months since Bruno's exile, Layla was officially crowned queen of the Pridelands with her friends and her mother looking up at her and roaring along with her during her coronation.

During her early days as queen, she decided to choose her mate, Jasper, as her king to rule beside her. Layla's male friend, Tau ,was slightly disappointed that it wasn't him. Since it became clear he and Jasper could put aside their differences, they had become such good friends! Tau realized that his relationship with Cora is now important. Layla and Jasper have been living a happy life but their lives were about to get even happier...

It was the middle of the night, Jasper was sound asleep soundly in he and Layla's den. Layla was about 9-months pregnant and was wide awake looking at the moon shining through the opening of the den. She wasn't wide awake to look at the moon, she felt this pain that she was having in her stomach.

"What is this pain that I'm feeling...",thought Layla to herself.

The more she felt the pain in her stomach, the more it hurt.

"Am I'm in labor already?",thought Layla.

She looked over to see Jasper who was sound asleep. Without thinking, Layla gently put her paw on Jasper to rock him so he can wake up.

"Jasper, Jasper!",she called softly into his ear,.

Jasper slowly woke up looking up at Layla.

"Layla, what is keeping you up so late?",asked Jasper sleepily.

"Well thats actually a good question...",said Layla sarcastically.

"Wait why?",asked Jasper.

"Because I think I'm having contractions and going into labor...",said Layla.

"What!?",shouted Jasper, as he immediately stood up.

"Shhhh,not so loud, the entirety of Pride Rock will hear you!,said Layla,who was getting weaker by the moment.

Jasper looked down at Layla, "Layla, this is the biggest moment of our lives. Pride Rock should know anyway. How long have you been in labor?",asked Jasper.

Layla was quiet for a while. remembering when did her contractions first started and let out a groan as she felt even more pain.

Jasper,on the other hand was running around in circles in and out of the den.

While Jasper ran out of the den, he discovered Ruby and Tracey were sleeping near the entrance of the cave.

"What is all the commotion about?",asked Tracey.

"Layla's in labor and about to have our cub!",said Jasper.

"What? That is exciting news ! Can you believe it ?Tracey was going to be known as Uncle Tracey and Aunt Ruby!",shouted Ruby happily as the two of them cheered happily making Jasper annoyed.

"Can you two keep her company while I go get help?",asked Jasper softly.

"Will do!",shouted Tracey.

"If Ruby stops dancing.",whispered Tracey.

Ruby immediately stops dancing, "What are we talking about?",she asked.

Meanwhile In The Den~

Tracey and Ruby were trying to calm down Layla to make her not think about the pain she was having,

"Layla ,look at the dance I can do!",said Ruby.

She started dancing in a goofy way. This made Layla feel like she was about to laugh, but, she started groaning. She felt another pain hitting her while Tracey and Ruby felt like they were running out of ideas. Jasper came just in time with the medical lions beside him.

A Couple Of Minutes Later~

The medical lions assured him that he should wait outside until she is done giving birth. Jasper was worried for Layla, even more, thinking that something will go wrong, but, his Layla's mother tries to calmed him down.

"Relax Jasper, Layla would be fine...",said Kirara softly.

"It's, you know, I'm scared. I mean my parents were rogue lions. Dad caught a sickness while we were traveling. In the end, I didn't grow up with a Dad. I'm worried if something happens to me, will this happen to my daughter or son ?",asked Jasper.

"Jasper, don't worry, they will be okay. If something happens to you, they will know they are always going to have their father right beside them.",said Kirara.

This made Jasper cheer up.

"King Jasper!",shouted one of the medical lions to get Jasper's attention.

"Your mate wants to see you now.",said the medical lion.

Jasper went inside of the cave to see Layla holding two baby lion cubs in her paws!Jasper's eyes widened when he saw the two cubs, "Twins?",said Jasper in shock.

Layla nodded happily as Jasper came closer to get a good look them.

"They are beautiful.",said Jasper.

"Mmmhmm..both boys, the orange one's name is Sanjay which means "protector", and, the other one's name is Kovu, after my father."decided Layla.

"They're going to grow up and be such wonderful lions.",said Jasper,as he gave Layla a smile.

She smiled back.

Tonight was a special night that Layla and Jasper wouldn't forget.