As the three cubs make their ways to what Freya was trying to show them, Sanjay was getting tired.

"Freya, I'm bored already! How much longer?.", groaned Sanjay.

"Just a little longer, Sanjay! It's not that really far anyway.",said Freya.

She was the one leading the two brothers to where she was going to show them something special. Sanjay then turned to his brother, Kovu ,who was behind him.

"Don"t look at me,Sanjay, this was your idea.",shrugged Kovu.

"Oh Kovu, I'm just tired from the walking and I already wanna see the land already!",complained Sanjay,

That was until his attention was demanded by Freya when he heard her say,

"There it is!"

So both Sanjay and Kovu ran to see. They saw Freya, who had stopped in her tracks, gaze outward. The two brothers had stopped in their tracks fixing themselves to be able to see what Freya was looking at.

The three lion cubs were seeing a whole other land over the river of the Pridelands. It was deserted,damaged and looked like it was a wasteland.