Life is not always grim on board a Galor-Class cruiser, especially among the lower ranks. Writing Entries for Evaluations is a favourite pastime. This effort was discovered and stored in the Miscellaneous Files Section by the Gul in command, but the perpetrators not put on report.

Central Command writes OE's (Officer Evaluations). The form used for Central Command's Officer Evaluations is CC-OE396-500.

· His troops would follow him anywhere, but only out of curiosity.

· According this officer mentoring privileges would have far-reaching effects.

· This officer is really not so much of a has-been, but more of a certainly won't-be.

· When this officer develops strategies, the opponent is guaranteed a decisive victory.

· He has consistently executed his duties to his full satisfaction.

· This officer would become disoriented on the training grounds.

· Excellent engineer but suffers from foot-in-mouth disease

· This Officer calls a vortex to mind - always in a state of frenetic activity, but unproductive.

· This recruit is severely deluded about which area of Central Command he will be assigned to.

· This officer's patriotism by far outweighs his competence.

· Since the last evaluation he has reached the bottom and has started to dig.

· He sets personal standards in accordance with his abilities and consistently fails to achieve them.

· He has the competence of a new recruit, and the energy of a fused phaser emitter.

· This Officer should go far – and keep going.

· This navigator should not be authorized to fly any vessel but an impulse ship.

· The only ship I would recommend this man for is Pakled citizenship.

· Fulfils his duties exceedingly well when supervised and cornered like a fighting vole.

· This man is depriving a bar of an unsurpassed taste tester.