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Also, remember when the game had the DLC characters? Well, I've chosen to gone with two that Neptunia fans will definitely recognize. ;)

Old Friends, New Discoveries

"Oh yeah, don't know how, but we did it! We wiped out an army of monsters and got ourselves a new home." I said.

"Indeed, this is the first victory I have witnessed for such a long time." Histoire agreed. "It fills me with joy that there is still hope for this land."

"Yeah, but first, we gotta have a word with the people you detected nearby."

"Well, if you're looking for us, I'm right here." A voice intervened.

BGM: Trails Of Cold Steel II OST - Reunion

I then turned to see the first of the eighteen generals I would get to reunite with.

"I knew it!" I smiled happily. "Blossom!"

"Hmhm, I had a feeling that you would sense me once I got here." She replied with a warm smile. "It's been a long time, Randy. You look really well."

"Same to you..." I walked over to her and hugged her, whilst pecking her on the cheek since I was still a flirty guy.

Blossom gasped. "Goodness, that was unexpected."

"Sorry to surprise you like that, but it has been a year. When I heard about what happened, I got here as fast as I could, but I never thought it would be this bad."

"You do have a valid point." We then pulled away. "However, I'm not the only general who came to save you."

"I figured as much, so who else is here?"

"Randy!" A cute voice called from afar.

I looked to my left to see the familiar yet adorable looking elven girl run towards me before she wrapped her arms around me.

"Resta!" I responded before accepting her surprise hug.

"I'm not seeing things, is it really you, Randy?" She asked.

"It's alright, yours truly is standing right here, in the flesh." I assured. "Nice timing with that attack by the way, have you grown a little?"

She giggled. "Yes, I grown a few inches taller since you last saw me. I'm just so happy to see you again."

"She's not the only one, cause I'm here too." Another voice intervened. "Surprise hug!"

I turned to my right and saw the familiar neko pounce at me. "Moru?!" I was then struck down to the grass, landing on my back. "Ooof!"

Moru gasped. "Oops, sorry!"

"Well, that was a dramatic entrance." Blossom commented.

"Ow, my didn't need to pounce on me." I groaned before putting my arms around her and petting her head. "But I'm happy to see you're okay."

"Mmmm, I've missed this, nyah..." Moru purred.

We then got up and I took a moment to take in the fact that I had reunited with three generals.

"Well, that's the three of us together." Blossom said.

"And I am thrilled to know of this! \(^_^)/" Histoire replied. "But for now, may I suggest we go inside and help clean up the mansion?"

I shrugged. "Well, I'm not fond of manual labor, but we gotta do what we gotta do."

End of BGM

After cleaning the interior of the mansion, the whole house was now clean, we also agreed to sleep well for the night. I took the masters bedroom whilst the others chose other rooms, there were at least eight other bedrooms. We were in the study room the next morning where Histoire said she would use this as a briefing room, as well as a bedroom, since there was a small bed that was placed in here.

"Good morning, Randy. I trust that you slept well." Histoire greeted.

"Sure did, I guess you got a good sleep too, I take it?" I responded.

"Yes, very much so. Now then, let us discuss the situation." She cleared her throat. "It all began two months ago. Gamarket was going through a peaceful evening until one night, during her concert, Tsunemi said she spotted something coming from the sky. She thought it was a shooting star, but it turned out to be a giant comet and it struck the mountain, causing several earthquakes that hit most of the generals cities."

"Geez, that's a little extreme!" I exclaimed.

"The effects of the comet was so severe, that the sharicite crystal in the main four nations toppled from their stands and shattered. This caused the CPUs to lose all of thier powers, they were severely powerless to stop what followed. Once the effects of the comet was over, a giant tower was constructed on the top of the mountain where the castle of arfoire once stood."

"Oh I remember, reminds me of when we had to face Leon...ugh."

"Then, appearing from the tower were a pair of giant battleships that flew across the island, they were revealed to be transport ships, carrying a numerous amount of foes that were armed with bombs that caused severe damage to buildings."

"Right, so where were you girls when all this happened?" I asked.

"When we were attacked, we ended up being separated from each other." Resta explained. "We had to make do with finding the best hiding spots until we could figure out what to do. Then just an hour ago, we heard from a reliable source that you came back, so we got here as soon as we could."

"Well, news travels fast. So what happened next?"

"We heard that the CPUs got kidnapped and the shares in the four nations all suffered drastically." Blossom added. "And to make matters worse, the whole island began to rumble and then it broke into smaller islands, apart from the centre where the giant mountain is."

"Then some giant building came down on the mountain." Moru said. "It looked"

"Futuristic?" I suggested.

"Yeah, that's the word."

"If I may, generals. I shall continue discussing the situation." Histoire said. "We then heard rumors that the temples were assumed to be lost forever had resurfaced on these five islands, they are known to provide the hope and power in keeping Gamarket together. However, the stones inside them were broken due to the effects of the earthquake and were left scattered across the islands. Some report that they have been taken in by those foes in order to continue thier plans without interruption."

"And what are thier plans exactly?" I asked.

"Unfortunately, that's the extent of my knowledge. We have no idea who is behind it or what they intend to do, but we cannot allow this suffering to continue."

"Right, so what about these temples then?"

"Yes, this is where you come in, Randy." She continued. "If we want to restore Gamarket back to the way it should, you must go to the islands, find the stone fragments and bring them to the temples. Their exact locations are unknown, but since the islands are small, you should find them eventually. But once you do, there may be a possibility that the evil behind may have prepared several traps, waiting to ambush you. You would be wise to bring along the generals who can fight alongside you."

I winked at the three generals. "Well, I have three of them right here, so that's no problem."

"Of course, you can count on us, Randy." Resta said.

"It wouldn't do me any good if I didn't assist you." Blossom added.

Moru jumped for joy. "Yeah, let's work together!"

"Anyways, do we have any means of traveling to these islands?" I asked.

"Indeed, since liberating the mansion took a short while, not much was damaged." Histoire answered. "We can use the large speedboat at the small dock as a means of travel. However, I would advise you in not going anywhere near the mountain in the centre of Gamarket. They have a nearby island which can respond to any threats, it is also home to a giant security prison, I fear that's where the CPUs are."

"Looks like you've got this figured out already, huh."

"Correct, but if you will allow me to summarize this up, this is a three-stage plan to restore the land. First, go to the islands and restore the temples, as you are doing that, find and reunite with all of the generals that remain missing. When you have achieved both of those goals, the second stage will be to invade the security prison and rescue the CPUs. Finally, we'll then be able to go to the giant tower and confront the source of evil that has cursed this land."

"Hmm, sounds like a plot for a video game, count me in!" I smirked.

"I knew you would say yes. And one more thing, the more generals we bring back here, the better we can make use of the facilities around this mansion."

"One more reason to bring all of them back together. As if I would leave any of them out, they are full of beautiful girls after all."

Blossom blushed. "Well, that part of you hasn't changed."

"So, when can we start?"

"Perhaps today, if possible." Histoire replied. "And do not worry, I shall remain here so I can not only keep the mansion occupied, but to also monitor your progress through this device." She handed some kind of earpiece to me, a transmitter, maybe? "Good luck to the four of you, and may the faith of the four goddesses protect you."

I slapped my fists together. "Okay, let's roll!"

Leaving the mansion, we made our way to the small dock and got on the speedboat, it was big enough to have eight people sit in. Although, it seemed that no one had any experience in driving a boat. I shrugged and took the wheel, my days of playing racing games would surely come in handy. We soon arrived at the first island that was west of where the mansion island was. We stopped at a nearby wrecked dock area and once I tied the rope to a steel pillar, we got off and left the dock.

BGM: Omega Quintet OST - Distant Memory

"According to Histy, that temple should be around on this small island somewhere." I said. "Although it may not take long, because this was where the cruise ship crashed into yesterday. Speaking of which, where did that go?"

"Maybe the enemy reported it and it was taken away?" Resta pondered.

"Whatever the reason, we can't be distracted." Blossom reminded. "We do have our goal."

I nodded. "Yeah, let's go."

Our pathway was not without its slight issues, some of the familiar monsters came to stand in our way, but they were nothing we couldn't handle.

"Hehe, it's great to travel with you again." Moru said. "Just like old times."

"Yeah, I've actually missed this. It feels good to be in female company too."

Resta giggled. "You're still funny as always, Randy."

"Anyways, let's keep an eye out for the first temple."


The earpiece in my ear went off, and I pushed a small button to answer.

"Randy, can you hear me?"

"Oh, what is it, Histoire?" I responded.

"I'm using the transmitter to communicate with you. I'm able to do this thanks to your faith in restoring a little of Gamarket. I believe that once you have reunited all the islands, I should be able to return to my normal appearance."

"I see, so what's the reason you're calling me for?"

"Well, do you have the setting on loudspeaker?"

I looked at the generals and they nodded. "Yeah, the others can hear."

"Using the location of where you currently are, I can sense the island's temple nearby. Journey towards west until you reach an abandoned lighthouse, the location of the temple may be underground. Search for a hidden passage, it may be locked behind a contraption of sorts, be careful."

"Got it, we'll head over there now."

Turning off the main pathway, we went west through a long field until we came across a cliff-side where there was a lighthouse in view, although the top part was broken.

"This has gotta be it." Moru said.

"Yeah, but the front door is open." I pointed out. "Maybe someone left it in a hurry."

I entered inside first and it seemed like just a normal lighthouse, except that there was a secret door in the corner, it was on the floor and wide open. I looked down to see a spiral staircase that went down. I walked down first and then it ended when I noticed an unusual door at the end of a short path, but it was already wide open.

"Histoire, can you hear me?" I called as we entered the hallway of the temple we assumed was here.

"I'm right here, what's the matter?"

"You were right about the lighthouse having a secret place, but someone's beaten us to it. The doors are already open."

"Now that is worrying. Perhaps someone knows about the temples as well and may have tried to accomplish the goal despite thier limited potential. Be on the lookout for anything suspicious."

"Got it."

BGM: Fire Emblem Echoes OST - Revelations

Ending the call, we soon reached what looked like a church, and in the centre was a metal stand with an empty circle and a map underneath that flashed.

"What an unusual interior." Blossom commented.

"It's so pretty!" Moru added. "But what a weird looking map."

"Maybe it'll tell us where the stone fragments are." Resta said before she walked over to the stand and then suddenly gasped. "What? How could this be?"

"What is it?" I asked.

Resta looked at me with a surprised expression. "I've seen this writing before. It's written in elven language, so only I can decipher it."

Well, that was a turn up for the books. "Elven language?! I've never heard anything like that in Gamarket before."

"Then these temples may represent a civilization that existed in Gamarket long ago." Blossom hummed. "I'm sure that Lady Histoire will explain it to us."

"Hey guys, over here!" Moru exclaimed. "I found someone!"

"Leave this to me, Randy." Resta said.

"Okay, you deal with that for a moment." I replied as the rest of us rushed over to where Moru was.

Lying on the ground was a person who seemed to be unconscious, she was a girl with a green leaf in her hair and an array of mobile phones around her long blue coat. As Moru held her up, she begun to open her eyes a little.


"Hey, you okay, need a catnip?" Moru asked the slightly unconscious girl.

Blossom frowned. "Moru, I don't think those were the right words."

"Well, she seems to be breathing, but not able to wake up." I said. "Do we have anything that can help her?"

Moru gasped. "Oh, I know!"

"No Moru! You will not grill a fish inside a temple." Blossom warned.


"Here, have her take one of these." She handed me a piece of chocolate. "It's packs an impressive amount of mint flavor, it should be enough to wake her up."

"Right." I replied before giving it to her and she began to open her eyes more.

She was now wide awake. "Ngh? Ugh! What kind of chocolate was that?"

"Minty flavor." I answered with a slight grin. "So, you okay? You awake yet?"

"Y-yeah, I'm fine now..." She then got up to her feet. "So who are you?"

"The name's Randy, I also go by the name of ladies man...sometimes."

"Uh huh, sure." She then looked at the other girls. "Wait, I know you generals from somewhere."

"Oh, you've heard of us?" Blossom asked.

"Yeah, it was a few months ago when I was helping out Nep in Planeptune. She mentioned about Team Planeptune being her favorite team and everything."

"So who might you be?" Moru asked.

"Oh, the name's IF." She introduced herself. "I'm often referred to as the Wind Walker of Gamarket."

"That sounds a little iffy." I responded.

(AN: Insert rim shot sound effect here...)

"Actually, that's what Nep and Compa call me." She then gasped. "Oh wait, I nearly forgot! Where's Compa?"


"Oh, she's one of my childhood friends, she and I have known Nep for a while. We came in here looking for the stones and then we got attacked my some tiny monkey who controlled a giant banana that must've knocked me out."

"A giant banana? That must be the same one I saw when I found Histy yesterday."

"Oh, so you found Histoire and saved her?"

"Yeah, and we're hiding out at a mansion island, it's a safe zone in simple terms."

IF hummed. "Well, since you have a safe zone, then maybe this could work out."

"What do you mean?"

"If you're going after the stone pieces and I'm looking to find Compa, why not work together?"

That gave me a moment for thought. She may not be a general...but she seems to be aware of what's going on.

"You make a good point, IF. We'll help you find and rescue Compa as we look for the stone fragments." I said, holding my hand out.

She smiled, shaking my hand. "Alright! Thanks, man!"

"Randy, I just finished deciphering the language of the stone ark." Resta said. "This is the Temple Of Earth, one of five temples that have been sealed away under Gamarket since the dawn of the CPU era that has reigned over the land for generations. They are the immortal source that unites the land as one. The elves created them for they knew that thier time of leading over this land would come to an end someday, these temples represent the last remaining sign of thier lingering existence."

"Holy crap! So we're standing on legendary grounds?" IF asked.

"In a sense, yes." She nodded. "The map shows the exact locations of where the other temples are, and it's just as lady Histoire says. There is one temple on each of the five islands, they also show where the stone fragments are located, due to the source of elven magic that resides within these temples."

"So to put it simple, if we find these stone fragments and bring them back here, that should cause something big to happen?" I asked.

"Yes. When the stone inside the stand is filled with the fragment pieces, the small island itself will be moved by the power of the temple's magic back to the centre. It also assures that as long as we stay inside this temple whilst the procedure takes place, we will not be harmed."

"Well, that's a relief." Moru said.

"To think that Gamarket would hold such a deep secret like this." Blossom added. "I can only imagine what the CPUs would say if they knew about this."

"Hmm, I won't deny that it's gotten me very curious about all this, but it does leave me with a question." I hummed. "Resta, you said that the elven civilization's rule ended generations ago, so how come you're here?"

"I...I don't even know." Resta answered, sadly. "I asked Lady Noire before why I was born as an elven girl, but she said that she doesn't know."

"Wait, don't you have parents?" IF asked.

She closed her eyes as her head lowered. "If I did, I would've known."

Then she must've been found as an orphan a long time ago...poor girl.

"Well, I think that can wait for another time." I shook my head. "We've gotta get back to our main objective. Let's find the stone fragments."

"Okay, I'll bring the map with us, just in case." Resta picked up the map and rolled it up.

End of BGM

We then left the temple with a lot more questions in my mind. What was the Elven Civilization like, and did this big island go under another name before it was called Gamarket? It was something I was gonna keep in mind as we go about in bringing this land back to the way it was...

I think I may have touched upon something when I wrote that stuff about Resta and her being an elven girl. And yes, the BGM stuff is back, because I wanna make this story feel like it's more special and that it fits with what is needed for when a big moment arrives.

Next time! The party aims to rescue Compa and find the stone fragments before facing their first boss battle.