The door to the Phantasma Hotel suite opened. Even though he tried to close it gently as not to alert of his presence, it was too late.

"You've been drinking tonight, haven't you?" Christine Daae's voice soft as it floated up from one of the large chairs.

Vicomte did not see her because the chair was turned facing looking out through the glass balcony doors. He sighed as he turned on a lamp.

"Or shall I say this morning? Not that it matters we both know the answer to the question."

"So I had a few drinks," Raoul staggered over to the settee his feet heavy on the floor. It creaked as he flopped down. "Shouldn't you be resting anyway? Mr. Y wouldn't want you anymore exhausted than you were from rehearsal today." He unbuttoned his waistcoat. "Did you even get any rehearsing done?"

"What do you mean?" Christine snapped.

"Oh, Little Lotte, you play the innocent victim so well in our marriage," Raoul laughed as he kicked off his shoes. "Everyone knows I'm a drunk who wasted my inheritance. They don't know the fall from grace I saved you from."

Christine stood her dressing robe swaying around her as she turned to face her husband, "I didn't marry you because I needed saving. I married you because I loved…love you."

"Do you believe when we return to Paris, Gustave will finally have a sibling?"

Even if he was not looking at her, The Soprano had to turn away her cheeks burned so hot and bright, "I think not. His father continues to prefer the stupor of pleasures which render him impotent." She took a deep breath to calm her nerves before walking over to the seetee.

"I'm ending this. Now that I know you made it back safe, I am going back to sleep. Good night, Raoul," Christine leaned over and lightly kissed her husband on the lips. It felt like a betrayal to Erik who she had kissed earlier that day. That alone was conflicting because why should kissing your husband be the betrayal?

As she walked away, The Vicomte mumbled under his breath, "I can still smell his cologne on you."