Mr. Y rolled in their bed. It was too easy and the spot he ended up in cold. Golden eyes darted open as he sighed. He knew exactly where she was. The Phantom dressed himself quickly, just enough to go fetch his wandering wife.

Christine had gone beyond the Phantasma Boardwalk this time. She stood right were the waves met the sand. The dawning sun barely peaking over the dark Atlantic waves; just starting to paint the sky purple and pink. Spring was here, but nobody told the early winding ocean mornings. The Soprano's arms were wrapped tight around her core as her brown curls blew wild.

"I dreamed of Paris again," Christine looked over her shoulder, hearing her husband's footfall on the sand.

"And were you planning to swim?"

"I want to go back…just to visit of course," She lowered one of her hands and held it back to him. When she did her teeth chattered.

Erik sighed, "It's cold, you should take my jacket." He pulled the long, black coat off his body and draped it over her shoulders. He pulled her tight to his body, letting her back rest against stomach. "Are these dreams why you keep running out here in the cold morning air, Angel? You're going to get sick, ruin your throat and voice."

"We have time for a vacation before the new season. May we please go, Angel?" Christine rested her head against his chest.

"Are you sure? Back to all that hurt us? And who knows what vile things the Vicomte has said about you?"

"But there were wonderful things too," Christine turned to face him. She embraced him, "And beautiful things, Angel. Things we never got to see or do together in the light, above ground and away from the opera house."

Erik's lips met her forehead and then her cheeks, "I guess we could make new memories as a family. Soften the edges of Paris in my mind. And you are correct there were wonderful things. It was where we met; it was where our son was conceived. We wouldn't be who we are today…"

The Diva tilted her head up letting her lips met her husband's distended ones.

Erik pulled away and smiled, "But now back inside! If you catch cold, there will be no trip."