"I'm home!",shouted Andy Bernard.

He came back from work after a long day at the police station, nobody answered.

"Kelly?", called out Andy.

He looked both ways before walking into the motel room they are staying in.

After Kelly and Andy had left Ryan's broken apartment, things became better. The two of them got jobs and are both working hard. Financially they paid bills and were working on getting their own place to live. The two of them put aside their silliness and took their jobs seriously. They worked hard as a team.

Suddenly, Andy will soon be at the most shocking moment of his life. Andy walked across the motel room to see where is Kelly, she's not in the bedroom, she's not in the kitchen where could she be? Andy stopped his tracks at the bathroom door he could hear Kelly crying he turned towards the door to knock on it

"Kelly, can I come in?",he asked

"Go away!",shouted Kelly, from behind the door.

Andy was quiet. He knew Kelly could be dramatic at times, but, she sounded worried for some reason. He opened the door to reveal a makeup smeared Kelly on the floor.

"Kelly, is everything okay?",asked Andy.

Kelly shouted," I'm pregnant!"

Andy was speechless. Kelly showed him a pregnancy test she had taken. He could tell it was looked at Kelly, then pointed at himself thinking if he is the father? Kelly shook her head.

"Well them who!?" Shouted Andy

"Its Ryan's! I'm so sorry!", cried Kelly.

There was a silence between them both. Kelly could tell Andy wasn't saying anything. She worried that he might yell at her. Maybe if she decides to get an abortion, they could go back to where they were. The thought of it made her sick. She won't erase the fact she was would kill herself if she had to give the baby growing inside up for adoption.

"Well if wait until Andy says something to be prepared, Kelly...",she thought to herself.

Andy was still silent. That's when she decided to speak.

"Andy if you don't want me anymore, then, that's fine. Maybe I shouldn't keep the baby...",stumbled Kelly.

Andy began to put his arms around her.

"Hey, hey,it's going to be okay.",said Andy softly.

He pressed his hand on Kelly's stomach and started smiling at her.

"We're a family.",said Andy happily.

Kelly stared at him. She didn't expect a reaction like that from Andy. From all of Kelly's life, she always wanted a family. She never expected this would be the family that she would start. A family with Andy! He seemed very happy.

"Yes we're are a family." ,said Kelly as she kissed Andy on the lips.

"Love you, Andy.",said Kelly

"Love you too Kelly.",said Andy.

5 Weeks Later~

Kelly ran into the bathroom as soon after she woke up to throw up. It had been 5 weeks since she found out she was pregnant. Still, she felt like throwing up as she pressed her hand on her small stomach

"You can't give your mom a break can you?",joked Kelly.

Kelly had decided to keep the baby after Andy found out about the pregnancy. Both of them who wanted a family for a long time were finally getting one. Sadly, no one at her job knew about the pregnancy. She had been trying to hide it from her co-workers. If co-workers find out if she's pregnant they might tell the boss and fire her.

After Kelly was done throwing up, Andy walked in and saw her throwing up.

Morning sickness huh.",said Andy.

Kelly looked over at him andnodded. She felt a little light-headed and almost fell down but luckily caught herself.

"I'm scared, Andy.",said Kelly.

Andy took a deep sigh.

"I know, Kelly. What are you going to do if they ask about your stomach when it gets bigger?" asked Andy

"I don't know...probably I'll tell them I'm getting fat.",laughed Kelly.

She put on her doctor's coat with Andy laughing at her comment.

"Alright, well, good luck at work." ,said Andy, he put his arm around her.

Thanks, Andy.",said Kelly.

She left the motel room with a smile on her face knowing her future with Andy will be the brightest future of all...