"H-how are you? I thought you were dead...",said Kelly shocked on.

Why was her grandma is standing right in front of her?

"I'm not dead, Kelly, I'm always a part of you.",said Grandma Amaria.

"Really!? Wow, I never really thought that you would always be there for me.", said Kelly.

Tears started streaming down her face.

"I will watch over you. You are my heart and your sister is my soul. Kelly continue to be good to my great granddaughter. Good luck finding that home for you and the love of your life..",said Grandma Amaria.

She reached out and touched her on the cheek. Her hand slide off delicately before turning to walk off. Kelly watched her walk off into the mist. Kelly suddenly remembered that she is pregnant.

"Grandma Amaria!",shouted Kelly.

"I need to tell you something!",continued Kelly.

"What is it?",said Grandma Amaria, she turned around.

"I'm..." wind from the air started blowing causing Kelly to fall "I must be waking up.",thought Kelly.

As she fell below onto the floor.


Grandma Amaria was tucking both Kelly and her sister Naomi in bed

"Goodnight, my two granddaughters.",cooed Grandma Amaria as she kissed each on the forehead before shutting off the lights.

"Ahem, Granny, can you sang the same song please?", asked Kelly.

This made Grandma Amaria softly laugh.

"Alright.",she said.

Grandma Amaria:

Where the north wind meets the sea,

There's a river full of memory,

Sleep my darlings,safe and sound

For in this river all is found,

All is found.

As Grandma Amaria continues to sing, she could see that Kelly and Naomi were fast asleep. She smiled softly as she walked over to kiss Kelly on the forehead again.

"Can you sing it again, please?",shouted Kelly.

She sprung awake. Grandma Amaria had given her attention and turned around to hear shouting. Kelly heard it as well and tried to hide under the covers. She could tell that the shouting was her parents. Grandma Amaria leaned down and said,

"Don't worry I'll go talk to them." Grandma Amaria as she got up to leave. Her heart sank. That memory was the last time she saw Grandma Amaria alive.

Flashback over~

Kelly wakes up out of bed, the dream once again had shaken her. She looked around her. All she could see was boxes all around her, then, her eyes moved towards Andy, who is standing and looking at her.

"Andy, what are you doing so awake this early?",asked Kelly.

"Well we are going to start moving soon. I was waiting here wondering if you were going to wake up.",said Andy.

"Oh right.",said Kelly.

She remembered what they talked about last night. Then she got out of bed to look over at Andy,

"Okay I'm ready.",said Kelly.