The Last Jedi:

Original Songs:

His Name Was Cuke

(Cuke's Theme, Funk, in the style of James Brown)

Imperial March Rap III-The Conclusion



Strange Magic

(Electric Light


Ladies' Night

(Kool n the Gang)

99 Red Balloons

(Nena, English translation)

Atomic Dog

(George Clinton)

Eye of the Tiger


Can't help falling in Love With You

(Elvis Presley)

Other music:

The Message

(Dick Queso lounge-singer man club mix, originally by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Flash)

Dream a little dream of me

(Performed by DJ, originally by Ella Fitzgerald)

Sweet Dreams

(Metal version. Performed by Kabob, originally by Eurythmics.)

Snoke's Hypnosis Song

(soulful, briefly sung by the Supreme Leader)

War (What is it good for?)

(Millitary Cadence version, sung by the Resistance, originally by Edwin