15 years later...



It was incredibly dark. A television flashed on, playing a black-and-white cartoon.

-"HELLO!"-"If you or a loved

one is watching this program, you must act now and help save the Galaxy! How can you do this, you might ask? Why, by buying War

Bonds priced ever-so efficiently at five credits a pop! One War Bond equals a laser for the blaster of a soldier to fire right in Der Space

F├╝her's face! Don't got enough to buy a Bond? Grow a victory garden, or better yet, donate any rubber, nylon, or metal to your local army surplus store. You're our only hope!Remember! Loose lips sink starships, and if you drive alone, you ride with Krennic!"-

The TV was turned off by an alien leek.

("Every day it's the same thing.") He said in a foreign language. ("They

think you can save the world just by buying a piece of paper with words on it. They're FRAUDS, eh, Captain?")

"Yeah.." said a radish next to him.

"It takes real training to take down those dogs...Ill have another one."

The alien passed him some bottle of Tatooinian spirits. The radish poured some in a shot glass and downed it in one gulp.

("Will that be all today, Cassian?") the barkeep asked.

"Yes..." the radish chuckled. "If the boys caught me here they'd say I disobeyed the alcohol limit!"

Cassian got off his chair and looked around. The marketplace was usually very quiet, but since it was the weekend, it was packed to the brim with thousands of aliens and other species from across the Galaxy.

Out of the corner of his eye, Cassian saw a very suspicious looking carrot.

The carrot looked a bit middle-eastern with his beard and facial features. He wore an Imperial pilot's uniform.

Cassian gritted his teeth and charged right at him.

"AIIIee!" The carrot

screamed as he

was knocked to the


"YOU!" Cassian yelled.


"Yes YOU!" Exclaimed Cassian.

"Who are you, and what's your name?!"

"BODHI!" Exclaimed the frightened carrot. "Bodhi Rook's my name...I'm a pilot for the Empire, a-and I-I know where you can get those plans!"

"How should I know I can trust you..." Cassian gripped Bodhi's neck, choking him.

"Be-because I don't wanna be with the Empire anymore?"

"Two strikes and you're out, bub..." Cassian continued to tighten his grip.

"I...I know of Galen Erso!"

"You do?" Cassian gasped.

"y-yeah!" Piped Bodhi. "The guy that made the Weapon! He is being taken into custody right now-the only person who'd know where to find him is his daughter!"

Bodhi gagged those last words out of his mouth. Cassian smiled.

"Now tell me, pilot..." said Cassian, sternly. Bodhi gulped.

Cassian pressed him tight to the wall.

"Where is this daughter of Galen Erso?!"