Chapter One

Hello everyone! Ok…so… I started a story about three years ago that I never finished, but I was reading it and while I liked my ideas, everything else was pretty bad. So, I have decided to start again with the same story idea and hopefully I will be able to make it better than I did a few years ago! Please leave a review and tell me what you think!

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Their mission was to rescue a prisoner who Commander Sato thought would be of great use to the rebel cause. They had carefully planned it out. Kanan, Ezra, Sabine, and Zeb were to go in during the shift change and get to the sixth floor. The prisoner was supposed to be in cell 6559, but when they got to the cell, nobody was there. That's when the sirens went off.

"We need to get out of here," Kanan yelled, "split up!"

Kanan and Ezra took off down the hallway the came from while Sabine and Zeb tried one of the alternative routes they had mapped in case of emergency.

"Well this took an unexpected turn don't you think" Ezra heaved out as him and Kanan continued to run through the ship.

Kanan then felt a presence, two of them. He slowed down and came to halt.

"Kanan! We need to keep going! What's—"

Then all of a sudden, Ezra was shot backwards, and Kanan turned to see the Inquisitor standing there, hand outstretched.

"It was foolish of you and your rebel friends to come here" the Inquisitor said with a smirk.

Kanan grabbed his lightsaber and charged at the Pau'an, but the blast door in front of him suddenly closed. Kanan glanced back at where Ezra had landed, and his heart sank when Ezra was not there.

"What's going on down there Spectre One?" Hera nervously asked into her com.

"Spectre One to Ghost, it's not good down here. Me and the kid got separated."

"Spectre Five to all Spectres, me and Spectre Four made it back to the Ghost. We haven't seen Spectre Six."

Kanan cursed under his breath and began running back towards the Ghost. He made it past a few intersections when he was thrown off balance. The whole ship started to lean and shake, and the emergency lights filled the hallways with their red lights.

"All Spectres be ready for immediate take-off, this ship is going down and we don't want to go with it," Kanan yelled into his com link.

But, Kanan still had no idea where Ezra was. Continuing to run through the ship, he looked and called out the kid, but to no avail. As he neared the Ghost, he grabbed his com, "Spectre One to Ghost, any sign of Spectre six?"

"No word, his com in down. We can't take off without him. Maybe he is on his way."

Kanan started to panic, what was he to do? He couldn't just leave his padawan. As he ran onto the Ghost, Kanan made his final decision.

"Hera!" Kanan screamed as he boarded, " We have to get out of here!"

"Kanan, we can't just leave Ezra!"

"I know Hera, but this ship is about to go down. Ezra wouldn't want us all to die by sitting here waiting for him."

With tears in Hera's eyes, she flew out of the hanger and made the jump to hyperspace.