Chapter Four

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Aboard the Ghost, Kanan was a mess.

"I can't believe I just left him..." he said to Hera, staring straight ahead at the wall. He just couldn't believe he actually left Ezra. He couldn't believe he acted like such a coward, leaving his padawan behind. He was supposed to make sure that Ezra made it out, and Kanan should have been the one to stay behind if anything went wrong, but it was Ezra who got taken, not him. It hurt like daggers in the heart.

"Love, please don't beat yourself up over this. We will find him, don't worry." Hera knew that the words would not help ease his mind, but it was all she could offer. She knew that Kanan would not have peace of mind until Ezra was back on this ship, in front of his eyes.

She also knew that finding Ezra would be hard, or at least rescuing him would be. The Empire knows how much of a danger Ezra is to them, so there is no doubt Ezra was taken by the Empire to a high security base that would practically impossible to locate and get into.

But that just means they will have to do the impossible. Hera believed in their ability to pull it off. It would take careful planning and strategy, and most likely help from the fleet, but they could do it. All of that would have to wait though, as they needed to figure out where Ezra even was. Everyone knew that Kanan could try to find Ezra through the force, but right now no one was bothering him about it. Kanan needed some time to sort through things.

"Kanan, please go get some rest. It won't do Ezra any good if you fall asleep halfway through the rescue."

"I know Hera, but how can I sleep? How can I relax when he is probably starving, sleep deprived, and injured in an unknown Empire base?"

"Dear, please—"

"I will not calm down! I will not rest until I find him Hera. I need to make things right. I need to find him Hera, even it's the last thing I do. I cannot live my life knowing that he can't live his because of my actions. He is just a child and has so much more to live for! Why was he even put in this position? Who am I to drag him into this, to make him join the rebellion? Did he even get a say in all this? Hera, please help me make things right. I can't do this alone."

Kanan stopped. Did he really just say that? A feeling of dread filled him, knowing that now Hera will see him as the weak. He threw himself, defeated, into a nearby chair and hung his head.

"Kanan," Hera kneeled in front of him, "we will get through this. Ezra knew what he signed up for, this is a risk that every single one of us takes, but he is not lost forever. We will get him back."

"I just wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to him. I don't know what to do."

"Kanan! Snap out of this! Whatever you need me to do I will. I will help you through this, and Ezra will be fine! Now, please go to bed! You are making me tired just looking at you."

Hera then gently got Kanan up and began nudging him forward. Surprisingly, he didn't protest. Hera led him into his room and shut the door her as she left.

As she began walking back towards the cockpit, she noticed Sabine standing outside her door, as if waiting for Hera.

"Is everything ok Sabine? Shouldn't you be asleep?"

"I was asleep, but the sounds of Kanan screaming can wake a person up really quickly." Her face quickly softened, "Is Kanan ok? He really shouldn't be so hard on himself. Zeb left Ezra when we first met him, and we got Ezra back that time, so now shouldn't be any different."

But Sabine knew that this was different, way different. Everyone has gotten to know Ezra more, including the Empire. Ezra is not just a kid anymore, he's a threat to the Empire.

"Kanan is just having a hard time dealing with everything. He feels pretty guilty about all of this, more than the rest of us. He just needs time. Now, you should go back to bed. We need everyone well rested in case we have to rescue Ezra at a moment's notice."

"Whatever you say Hera," Sabine said as she turned around to go back to her room, "just remember that it applies to you too." And with that Sabine closed her door.

Hera stared at her door a minute, then at Kanan's, and decided that it was time for her to get some rest too.

She walked to her room, took one last glance down the hallway, and then shut her door to go to sleep.

In Kanan's room however, he was not asleep. He had tried, but his thoughts kept resting on Ezra. He hoped that Ezra was safe, maybe Ezra was able to bust himself out without any help.

Kanan sighed, the more he thought about the whole situation, the more he felt guilty. Kanan knew he just needed to calm down.

Kanan got on the ground in a meditative position and closed his eyes. He sensed that everyone was asleep. He sensed the wind softly blowing outside. He tried to sense Ezra, hoping for anything at all. He suddenly felt something in the force. He focused all of his energy and thoughts on it. Suddenly a name came into his head.


The next morning, Kanan was very confused. He spent all his time searching the records, looking for an Abby who might be the one, but with no luck at all. There were so many people named Abby, and Kanan had no way to narrow them down. Was she Ezra's age? Is she a person who used to mentor him? Does she work for the Empire? Is she with Ezra right now? Is she a member of the rebel alliance? There were so many questions going through Kanan's head, and he couldn't wrap his mind around it all.

Kanan knew that there wasn't anyone from Ezra's past who might know the girl, seeing that his parents were dead, and Ezra didn't have contact with anyone from Lothal. Kanan decided that the one person who might be able to shed some light would be Zeb, seeing that the two of them share a room, and it was possible Ezra brought her up. It was worth a shot.

Kanan easily found Zeb, as he was screaming at Chopper. Zeb noticed the look of seriousness of Kanan's face and knew that this had to do with Ezra. They sat down at a table, and Kanan took a deep breath begin beginning.

"Last night when I was meditating, a name presented itself, Abby. It just popped into my head, I am not sure what it means, but I have a suspicion that this Abby is linked to Ezra and might be the key to is finding him."

"I know where you are going with this, but I'm sorry. The kid never mentioned an Abby to me. You could go through his stuff though. He has lots of stuff that he used to keep in that tower of his. Maybe he has photos or some letters with this Abby in them."

Kanan closed his eyes and sighed. He didn't want to go through Ezra's stuff, seeing that it's Ezra's not his, but he had no other choice.

"Thanks Zeb. I will go and look."

Once he got there, Kanan stood at the door. He took a deep breath and entered. The room was a complete mess. Things were everywhere on the floor, beds were not made, clothes were all over the place, and Kanan knew that Zeb hadn't touched a thing of Ezra's since he got taken almost three days ago. Kanan had no idea where he was going to begin.

After searching every nook and cranny, he decided to check under Ezra's mattress. He found loads of stuff. There were spare parts, random items probably collected through his years on Lothal, and lastly a box. Kanan opened the box to find lots of papers. He quickly flipped through them. The majority of the pages were letters from Ezra's parents and important documents, but it also contained an unlabeled envelope. Kanan quickly opened the envelope and found about a dozen letters written by Ezra, as if he had never sent any of them. He scanned the letters, looking for any indication of who they were intended for.

He then went to the pictures, the majority of them being Ezra with his parents. As he quickly flipped through the pictures, he was suddenly drawn to a picture in the middle of the pile. Kanan pulled it out and found himself staring at a picture of a much younger Ezra posing with a young girl. Kanan knew that he was drawn to this picture for a reason and set it aside. None of the other pictures showed this mystery girl, but Kanan knew that he had what he needed.

Kanan then put everything back in its place, grabbed the single picture and got up to leave. When he opened the door, Zeb was standing outside waiting for him to be done. Kanan gave him a nod and Zeb knew that Kanan had found what he was looking for.

"Zeb, round up the crew. I will be there in a minute."

Zeb nodded and then went off the crew. Kanan walked to his room and put the picture into a drawer to be looked at again later. Kanan decided that before he talked about his discoveries with the crew, he needed to meditate and connect with the force to try and make things clearer. Kanan got into position and closed his eyes. He took deep breathes and reached out in the force. He sat there for some time, just enjoying the force. Suddenly he felt something tugging on his bond with Ezra. He quickly tried to push it away until he realized it was Ezra reaching out into their bond. Kanan quickly sent out calm waves in the force as he could feel Ezra slipping away from him. He then felt a pulse of calmness in the force and then it was all gone.

Kanan pulled himself out of meditation and stood up. He took a deep breath and walked out the door. He found the crew sitting around a table, waiting for him.

"Ok Spectres, I have evidence to believe that a girl named Abby is the key to finding Ezra. I found a picture of what appears to be the two of them as young children on Lothal."

"Kanan," Sabine started, "why do you think that someone girl from Ezra's past will know where he is now? She probably hasn't seen him in years."

"Sabine, her name appeared to me during meditation, and I feel like the force is telling me to find her. I promise that this effort won't be a waste. So, with that, my plan is to find this Abby, talk to her, and then go find and save Ezra."

The crew still looked baffled. This was a huge task, and based on the lack of information, they felt like this wouldn't end well. But they had to trust Kanan and if he felt good about this, then they felt good about this as well.

"Ok then," Hera spoke, "if we are all in agreement, let's get to work."