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Chapter 4

Day 3

Moment #1: Hate

If the Genin of Team 6 could say one good thing about their new sensei, it would be that she was a woman of her word. As a matter of fact, not one thing she said that day was a lie. Everything from promises of power, to promises of fame and glory was more than believable through her words alone.

But there was one truth that Naruto, Tenten and even Neji could agree was the most prevalent statement that day: They all, without a doubt in their tired minds, hated this woman.

"Get up."

On the outside, Naruto wasn't a spiteful person. Yes, he had gone very far in the past on people who had intentionally went out of their way to hurt him (Mizuki being a case that probably went too far), but he had convinced himself that all of it was more of a necessity for survival than a desire to hurt anyone.

But this woman. The woman that currently stood over them without a mark on her person despite them giving it their all to at least touch her. This woman that looked down on them with crossed arms as if their performance was sub par at most. This woman, who, for the past 2 hours, has been kicking them around like rocks on the street…

"I told you on day one that I'd show no mercy in your training, and you all swore to give 100%. Get. Up."

Yes, Naruto could freely admit that this woman, this evil, vile, wretched woman, deserved all his hate. All. Of. It. Even if he didn't show it outwardly, he. Ha. Ted. This. WOMAN.

"*Yawn* I feel tired just looking at you."

And the Goddess's snide remarks every other hour was NOT making him feel any better.

"I adore you too, Child."

Day 7

Moment #5: Moving In

"Starting tomorrow, you all will be living with me. Have all your belongings ready at Ichiraku's at no less than 1200 hours."

The sudden declaration came completely from left field. There was no warning, no build up, nothing. Their sensei just suddenly threw this announcement on them as they made their way to Training Ground 3—as if she had already gotten their approval and everything. Safe to say, not one of them were particularly amused by this discovery. Tenten, being the more vocal of the group, decided to be the voice that spoke for them.

"Wha-I-but-yo-you can't do that!" was her intelligent reply, putting her metaphorical foot down at this injustice being served. "My house is the only place I can get away from your, your torture! You trying to take that away from me too, huh? Huh?! B-Besides, my father would never agree to this!" Yes! YES! Dad would never sell her out like this! Not even the Hyuuga Clan was stupid enough to let one of their own live under the same roof as someone not a part of their clan, RIGHT?

"Quite the contrary. I have already received the approval of both your father and the Hyuuga Clan yesterday."


"It took time, but they both eventually agreed to my selfish request. Starting tomorrow, you are all not only my responsibility on the field, but at home as well."

Tenten tried her best to search for an argument against the injustice being served, but all that stumbled out was, "T-t-this isn't fair!" in which, Kagero just stared at her as if she had said one of the dumbest thing to ever grace her ears.

"I do not see the problem." Kagero tried reasoning since her point clearly wasn't getting across. "You get free rent, free food, free bathing, free washing, free equipment and free training whenever you please. Furthermore, you have access to a training ground and training dummies at your leisure and the only thing I will ask of you is to not destroy my property. Why would you be so against an offer when there are nothing but benefits?"

This was bad. Very bad. She could not argue against that logic and the benefits were definitely more than she was expecting, but if she allowed herself to be taken by such promises and luxury, then her life as not only a girl, but a teenager would be forever lost! There had to be something! SOMETHING she could say to get out of this very, very bad situation!

"B-but-uh-w-what about privacy?! Yea! Privacy! Teenagers need A LOT of privacy, y'know! There's a TON of things we do that we want NO ONE to know about and-and-and you don't honestly expect me to live under the same roof as someone who can see through walls, right? RIGHT?!" Tenten was pulling at strings at this point—sounding more desperate the more words escaped her mouth. However, that last comment got a glare from the 'wall peeper' in question and a completely flat stare from her sensei.

"…Please tell me you are not hinting what I think you are hinting."

If Tenten's mind wasn't running a mile a minute, she would have caught the accusation in the older kunoichi's tone. Instead, she smiled and nodded happily—seeing this as an opportunity to get her admittedly selfish point across. "Y-yeah, it's exactly what you think! You know us girls—always got our secrets, right?! Ahahahahaha… Haha… ha." Her laughter slowly died out as she stared at the woman's face that hadn't changed since her latest words.

Eventually though, the older woman closed her eyes and crossed her arms underneath her sizable chest. "…I understand that, as a teen, you have extra…needs…" the bun-haired girl's smile became more genuine as she felt that her desperate rambling might have just paid off.

"…And, as a girl, there are much more…secrets and needs that must be taken care of…"

Yes Yes YES!

"…And you need far more…space and privacy in order to…tend to these 'needs'…"


"…and time…"


"…however, though I understand how hormones work and the effects it can have on your mind and body, I ask that you keep masturbation in my home to the bare minimum."


Tenten rewound the last part of that sentence. Safe to say, when she found out what her sensei thought she was insinuating, her face burned red as she could now feel all three gazes firmly on her.

"W-wait, that not what I-"

"Nevertheless, I can assure you that every room is equipped with sound suppression seals that also negate even the eyes of the Hyuuga. I will also knock on your doors before I ever enter, and you are more than welcomed to lock your doors whenever you wish. But understand that I find such 'needs' to be beneath you as a kunoichi and will make sure to teach you to overcome them in future kunoichi lessons as well."

The younger kunoichi couldn't even defend herself. That was most definitely NOT what she was worried about, but the sheer shamelessness behind the insinuation that should, by all means, be kept between both genders behind doors, at all times, made the kunoichi's embarrassment reach it's peek.

The very next morning, all their things were moved into the Shimura's two-story house. Whether it be a sick joke or her sensei genuinely being 'considerate', Tenten was placed on the other side of the house closer to the Shimura's bedroom. Thankfully, they all got their own rooms upstairs and the bathhouse was located just outside the building. The dojo was a lot better than any of them expected and the training grounds were connected to a forested area the size of Training Ground 3.

All in all, the only difference in their daily lives was that they all now ate together, slept under the same roof, and their sensei did not need to travel across the village to whip their asses.

Day 15

Moment #17: Battle Buddy

After knowing their sensei for a good 2 weeks, they have learned quite a few things about her character that were crucial to their new daily survival.

One—always wake up on weekdays at 6 A.M. and 9 A.M. on weekends for morning training. Any who does not wake up on time will not eat that morning and training will be twice as harsh for everyone due to the tardiness of one. Quite unfair, but they've long since learned that that particular word doesn't exist in their sensei's dictionary.

Two—any and all 'grudges' are settled in the dojo. Any fighting done outside of training or the dojo is punished by spending a day in 'The Box', which was basically a big square room where you spend 24 hours fearing for your life as multiple hooded figures attacks you both physically and emotionally until the next day. They have sense learned 'alternate' ways in settling their differences—the most popular among the few being an advanced game of 'Ichi' (A/N: UNO), in which the winning gets one good hit on the loser/losers; anywhere on the body, but not hard enough to leave evidence that could be seen by their sensei. Other rewards included, but not limited to, dessert, next pay on equipment, the last to attack their sensei the next day, etc. Hell, even their sensei joined in at some point to kill time.

Three—she had absolutely ZERO sense of decency. When not 'torturing' them (because they refuse to call their 'training' anything but), she's either not in the house, locked up in her room, or she struts, unashamed, around the house in various revealing clothing that was definitely not safe for work, the recent being nothing but a long T-shirt that barely fell below her rear. This wasn't really that baffling, nor was it particularly crucial to their survival. Just a minor annoyance that made Tenten feel very inadequate in comparison, brought a scowl to the Hyuuga's face, and always got the full attention of the blonde.

Four—probably the most important of them all, she stretches the truth, like, a LOT. In her defense, she does actually tell the truth in the beginning. As a matter of fact, absolutely nothing she tells them is a complete lie and she's truly genuine about everything she says. But alas, behind that stoic mask is the smiling visage of a sadistic, embellished dictator who lies to her people and will do anything in her power to make sure what she first envisioned will become a reality in any means necessary.

A good example of this would be the rooming situation. When she first told them that they would have their own rooms, they believed that to be fairly reasonable. But that seemed to be the only 'fair' thing they got aside from the right to breathe. They quickly learned that the new house they lived in wasn't the safe utopia their landlord depicted it as.

The day they moved in they were introduced to a new training exercise that they were sure was only there for shits and giggles. Apparently, in the ANBU training system, there is a training exercise called 'Battle Buddies'. It is a mental/technical exercise where your superiors 'test' you on both your awareness, positioning and skills. The way it works is every cadet is given a partner (or partners) and are told not to stray 10 feet from them for any reason other than a direct order at all times of the day. Going from what their sensei had told them, anyone caught without their 'battle buddies' meant that they were 'strong enough on their own and didn't need a second pair of eyes watching their blind-spots'. This also meant that their superiors had full authority to 'discipline' them first, then 'discipline' the other 'buddy/buddies' for 'abandoning a comrade'. So basically, this 'exercise' was just a vailed excuse every superior had to justifiably beat the absolute shit out of anyone without any repercussion.

Tenten learned this the hard way on day one. Right when she had retired for the night, her sensei suddenly dashed from her closet and 'captured' her (after kicking her ass, of course). The next day, she awoke chained upside-down next to her teammates who somehow looked worse than she did. Before them, their sensei stood with a look of stoic disappointment written on her face (at least, that's what the demon wanted to portray. The Genin were not fooled in the slightest at all by the mask she tried to hide that smile behind).

"You all were caught off guard and away from your Battle Buddies. You have been captured by your enemies and will go through various torture sessions before having your throats slit. In other words, you are KIA. I hope this will be a lesson for all of you to take every word I say seriously from now on." Despite the tone their sensei used, her eyes spoke a thousand silent words. The sadist was enjoying every minute of their suffering and they could do nothing about it.

After days and days of harassment and assaults, they eventually just decided to move into one room. If someone needed to do something outside the room, all of them would go with, no complaints. If someone needed something outside the house, everyone went, no excuses. This was just the way things needed to be to keep themselves 'alive'. Though this lessened the attacks, it also removed any privacy they'd previously had. Tenten had to get used to changing in the same room as two boys currently going through puberty and they had to now take shifts at night to make sure their psychopathic teacher didn't 'kill' them in their sleep.

Not everything was negative in their new arrangement, however. Though they feared for their safety most times of the day, the three learned much more about each other while bunking in the same room than they would have bunking separately.

For instance, while unpacking into the new room, which they decided to be Neji's room due to it having more space than the other two, the Hyuuga and Higurashi two thing about the blonde:

One—his wardrobe completely fits his personality. He literally only had a stack of Fuinjutsu papers in plastic bags, exactly 20 bottles of ink, a few scrolls, and a futon. Though Neji's side was just as depressing as the blonde's, at least Neji had an eye for decor seeing that his wall had multiple motivational messages with traditional Konoha elements around his bed and dresser. Naruto didn't even have that. Instead, he only had a box with a few shirts, pants and underwear in them with a picture frame that had him and the two Ichiraku's posing with him staring blankly in the middle. All in all, it was pretty sad to watch, both for the Higurashi and Hyuuga.

Two—the rumor about the Uzumaki randomly talking to himself was 100% true. It was never full on sentences, nor did it happen every day, but every now and then, rather it be in their room or at the dining table, the Uzumaki would say something out of nowhere and then had the nerve to act as if he was not obligated to answer their quarry.

On Tenten's side, the boys learned that she had an…unhealthy obsession for weapons. Literally her entire side of the room was filled with multiple metal objects that either hung from a wall or was neatly placed within a jar or scroll. In addition, she took the days she had off cleaning absolutely every weapon she had that was not stored in a scroll. How she found that 'fun' was beyond the boys, but seeing that they weren't the pinnacle of sociability either, they kept their thoughts to themselves.

Neji, was a piece of work. He never really revealed much about himself, nor did he speak to them much. If he was not training with them, then he was meditating or doing whatever Hyuuga do when brooding. He did seem to have one secret however, that being the bandages that he constantly wore around his forehead whenever he slept or showered.

During one particular night where both Neji and Tenten were on the lookout for 'The One That Slithers in the Dark' while Naruto slept, Tenten decided to try her luck and see if she could east the Hyuuga into telling her. As she expected, the conversation was completely one-sided and she was just waiting for him to tell her to shut up, but he didn't and she was able to ease the topic into more personal topics until she finally asked about the bandages.

The reaction she got was completely unexpected. He glared at her from her spot across the room and looked as if he was about to yell, but seemed to think better of it and visibly calmed down. In the end, he answered with 'it's none of your business' and the conversation ended there. That topic was never brought up again.

They were far from being closer as both friends and a team, but at least they weren't at each other's throats despite and they worked relatively good as a team during the day.

Now, if only they could survive the night…

Day 23

Moment# 20: "Missions"

Neji had one thing to say about D-Rank missions: they were a complete and utter waste of time and 'training'.




The 'missions' Team 6 partook in every Saturday were nothing more than glorified chores that they were paid to do. Kagero had explained to them that this was how 'social teamwork' exercises were expanded for Genin on the field, but it was hard to believe that when the sensei preaching it sounded as if she was reading it from a piece of paper. In fact, if it wasn't against the law for a sensei to not let their Genin partake in at least 5 D-Rank missions within a week, then Neji was sure they would be back at the compound actually learning something that would benefit them on the field than doing menial tasks such as walking dogs, painting fences and milking cows.

If things couldn't grate on his nerves any further, they were, once again, on the Tora mission—a 'mission' that literally revolved around them hunting down and capturing a cat; the Damiyo's wife's cat, but semantics. How that demon of a cat was still alive and able to move with the skills of a shinobi after living for 35 years was a mystery no one on Team 6 cared to investigate considering they could care less if it 'accidentally' fell into a blender tomorrow.

The only saving grace about this particular D-Rank mission was the end of it where he, and his fellow Genin, watched in grim amusement as the cat they'd been 'hunting' squealed in fear and agony at the pressure the plump woman put into her 'hug'.


For but a moment, Neji entertained the thought of joining his fellow female Genin in her quiet, yet maniacal chuckling.


...A very, very long moment.

Day 32

Moment #23: Water Walking 'Training'

Team 6 stood on top of the pond they'd been training on for the past 2 days. On paper, Water walking was the exact same thing as the tree climbing exercise, but in execution, they were nearly worlds apart. Since you were walking on water instead of a solid, the balancing of the chakra had to be lowered so you could basically float on the water instead of walk on it. In the tree exercise, if you put too much chakra into it, then you would blast off (something many students found out firsthand in the academy), but if you put too little chakra, you'd simply slide off as if you were running on ice.

It was a pain to learn, and even bigger pain for Neji and Naruto to watch Tenten finish within the first hour, but they could finally do it perfectly after 2 days of hard work and now awaited their sensei's new orders.

Now, for the past two days as they were learning the technique, their sensei sat on the sideline and said absolutely nothing to them. No help, no pointers, just sat quietly and watched as the boys of the group failed over and over. It was kinda uncharacteristic of her seeing that most of everything she taught was hands on, but none of them complained seeing that they were finally not getting their faces kicked in. However, it would seem their sensei would be giving the hands-on experience she loved so much; which was absolutely fine.

But as the young teenagers looked forward to the woman wearing one of the skimpiest pieces of clothing they'd ever seen in their lives, they couldn't help but to ask…why?

The clothing in question was a bikini that barely covered the more 'important' parts of the female body. It was a similar red to her usual garb and was strapless. The fabric was connected by a ring in the center of her chest that seemed to be doing everything in it's power to keep her bust from spilling out. The bottoms were a sliding triangle that had the strings connected at her hips. How exactly she was going to do anything physical in that type of bikini? Only Kami knew.

"Seduction is an artform born for kunoichi. While men use their bodies for power and endurance, women fine-tones theirs not only to keep up with their counterpart but use it against them as well. If used correctly, they can get males to run their mouths in hopes of promises or get him to his or her most vulnerable and slit their throats when they least expect it." The woman stopped her explanation to reach behind her and pull out what looked like a silver bell tied to a red ribbon. "Since you've all finally learned water walking, today I will test your mentality as well as your skills in both Taijutsu and Chakra control. The goal will simply be to take this bell away from me while staying afloat. The punishment this time for the first to sink will be kitchen duty for the rest of the week. Any questions?"

There were many, but the males of the group were too focused trying to figure out where to look at the woman before them-leaving Tenten to ask questions in their stead.

Neji has worn the same look of open-mouthed bewilderment since the woman appeared before them. Contrary to popular belief among his peers, Neji was not ignorant to the female body. He noticed the female body just as much as every hot-blooded teen his age did. The only difference between him and them is that he was more in control of his hormones due in no thanks to his intense focus on his future goals and training. If fate would have him with a wife in the future, then he would accept that and explore the pleasures of the flesh when that time came.

But this woman. This shameless woman who hadn't shown an ounce of modesty with her COMPLETELY indecent choice of ware since the day he'd met her was slowly driving him to the edge!

Naruto was not too far from the Hyuuga's thought process. However, instead of being embarrassed by the view in front of him, he was carefully taking everything he was seeing. He most definitely didn't dislike the view before him, but for some reason, it just could not compare to the image he'd seen all those months ago. Her breasts were definitely bigger than Sothis's and, aside from the scar just below her right breast and above her left thigh, she still was more than appealing to the eye, but he just couldn't put this woman on the same level as the beauty he'd saw that day.

Matter a fact, Sothis would look 10 times better in that than-


…Yeah, definitely bette-

It was absolutely no surprise to the blonde that he suddenly sunk before the test even started. He had to clean the kitchen for the rest of the week, but he couldn't bring himself to be mad or disappointed over it. The images he gained that day was more rewarding than this punishment could ever be. Sothis tearing his ear off every now and then was just an acceptable price to pay.

Day 48

Moment #29: Pick Your Enemies

Probably the most 'normal' part of any time spent with their sensei, aside from eating, was the activity they currently found themselves partaking in. Holding multiple bags in each hand, Team 6 walked down the streets of Konoha towards their shared house as they finished their grocery shopping trip with their sensei—a weekly activity all had to partake in if they didn't want to hunt for their food outside Konoha. Thankfully, unlike living on their own, they did not need to pay for any groceries. All their needs and wants were paid in full by their 'ever so gracious' sensei until she deemed them ready to start taking missions; when that would be was still up in the air.

It was also a time where they could freely talk to the woman without her trying to invoke their paranoia. No random attacks to 'test their reflexes' or 'make sure they remained vigilant at all times'; all just excuses for child abuse if the Genin were being honest. Nevertheless, the Genin were just content to not be ran through the ringer for once in their lives.

Except, there was one tiny problem they tended to stay on alert for whenever they stepped outside the Shimura compound. That problem just so happened to, once again, turn a corner and stop at the same time Team 6 did. A wide grin spread across the face of the purple haired woman in front of them before, without hesitation, the three Genin literally dropped everything and haul-assed in the opposite direction of the sadistic kunoichi now chasing them.

Kagero watched her Genin tactically retreat as if the Devil were on their heels. Absentmindedly, she acknowledged that they were much faster than the first time Anko 'hunted' her Genin before she turned to the woman that accompanied the T&I expert. Kurenai was looking to the distance where her friend and the Genin disappeared before the Shimura's eyes landed on her.

"I'm sorry about this, Kagero-dono… Again." The Yuhi apologized, getting a shake of the head from the younger kunoichi.

"There is no need to apologize, Kurenai-san. As I said before, this is a lesson they simply must learn in the future." 'Pick your enemies' was the unspoken phrase. The Genin might have pulled a fast one on the Tokubetsu Jonin, but apparently didn't think too hard on the consequences if the woman found their identity. A little digging here and there and investigating the 'found' wallets at the Hokage tower gave her more than enough proof on the Genin who had robbed her blind. Now, they were her hunting targets and Kagero would not save them from the hole they dug themselves.

A silence permeated the air as neither knew what to say next. Thankfully, it looked as though Kurenai didn't need to think of anything since there was a problem presented before her in the form of bags that were left behind by the fleeing Genin. "…Would you like some help with your groceries?"

"…That would be appreciated."

Day 60

Moment #35: Art is a Matter of Perspective

"It's a hand."

"…I fail to see it."

"Are you blind? Look, it has five appendages and even has fingernails on all tips. Though the thumb is kinda off, it can be nothing else but."

"…I still don't see it. No matter what angle I look, I can only see a cow's udder."

"… Of all things, how the heck did you look at this and think it was a cow's udder?"

"Look closely. Though the tips are square, the shape of it is similar to a cow's udder. Aside from the extra appendage and the color, there is nothing else I could think it to be."

"…Y'know, for someone who claims to see it all, you sure can't ever see when you're wrong."

"Hmph, your insults have long since lost their bite, Higurashi."

"I think you both are wrong. This is clearly a table with, what I can only assume is, a penis growing from the edge."

"Wha-that's even worse than Neji's guess! Where the hell did that imagery come from?!"

"…Don't know. It's just the first thing that came to mind when I first laid eyes on it."

"…It's a horse."

The three huddling Genin looked away from the piece of paper in the Higurashi's hand and behind them to their sensei that loomed over them. If they weren't too busy worrying why she had suddenly appeared in their room, then they would have noticed that her voice lacked its usual authority and her eyes were a lot less dim than normal. As a matter of fact, compared to the many times they've been before her in the past, her current presence seemed to be…lacking…for a lack of a better word.

"It's… a horse."

Tenten and her fellow Genin blinked rapidly before looking back to the picture with squinted eyes. The girl of the group eyes widened as a clear picture was now in her mind. "Wow! I would have never even guessed!"

"Indeed." Neji massaged his chin thin thought as he continued to look at the 'art' in the bun-haired girl's hands. "I would have never come to that conclusion on my own."

"I know, right? Oh! I see it now! And the green under it has to be grass!"

"Hmmm, and I can assume the brown lines are hay?"

"And that yellow ball is the sun?"

"You're right! It's all piecing together now! Man, drawings like this makes me remember how bad of an artist I was as a kid. Glad to know I wasn't the only one out there who sucked."


"Indeed. However, not even I was this bad when I was five."

"I concur. However, as a member of the Hyuuga clan, our calligraphy is beat into us. If we could not draw as good as we wrote, it was considered 'improper'. Therefore, I do not believe I can share the nostalgia of child art with you."

"Hehe, and I learned how to by my dad. Y'know, him being a weapon's smith and all. If I showed him a drawing this bad, he'd probably burn it and-"

The three Genin felt a sudden shiver go up their spines as a feeling of dread permeated the air. They all turned and were all shocked and terrified at what they were seeing. Purple chakra so thick with malevolence that it could be seen by the human eye currently outlined the Shimura like flames on a bonfire. What simultaneously shocked, yet scared them the most about the woman was the tears streaming down her cheeks as her only visible eye looked down on them as if they were the biggest pieces of trash to ever be in her vicinity.

They wanted to run. Run as far away from this monster that threatened their very existence. However, not one of them could move nor speak from the pressure their 'soon to be' murderer was putting on them. Their legs were locked in place and they felt even the slightest move would have their heads rolling like a tumbleweed in the Suna Desert. The worst part about it all was that they were going to die without even knowing what they did to piss off the monster before them.

Then it all disappeared. Vanished as if it were never there in the first place. The three Genin all let out audible gasps of air as they all fell to either a knee or their rear the moment the pressure was no longer on their bodies.

Seeing the state her Genin were in, the Shimura mentally kicked herself and bowed at the waist. "I ask that you please forgive my loss of control. It was unacceptable for a shinobi of my experience to so easily give in to my emotions like that. I will be sure to punish myself and increase my training so a repeat of this does not occur in the future."

Standing straight once more, the Kagero kneeled down to the bun-haired girl who flinched as if she was going to be hit. The blow did not come, however. Instead, with a swift move of her hand, the art was removed out of the Higurashi's hand. Without a second thought, the woman balled up the piece of paper.

"Training is done for today. I-" she took a glance at the balled-up paper in her hand almost regretfully, "…wish to practice on…things. You are free to do as you wish until tomorrow morning. Understood?"

The Genin didn't even get a chance to affirm since the woman disappeared the moment her sentence was finished. The three Genin were left conflicted but did as they were ordered. The very next day they were trained into the ground. They would later find out that the drawing that they were critiquing belonged to none other than the woman currently running them through the mud every day after the incident. They'd feel regret for hurting their sensei's pride if it wasn't for the fact that she'd been taking pleasure in torturing them for the past 8 weeks.

On the downside, since they never apologized for their transgressions against her 'art style', she gave them a week of hell. But on the bright side, that day they learned that their sensei wasn't as hollow as she portrayed herself to be.

They also learned that her 'art' needed work…

… A LOT of work…

Day 72

Moment #45: The Hunt

45 degrees Northeast, 50 meters away. About 40 feet from the ground. Immobile. Charka, light blue, amount: average. Seems to be the one planting chakra tags around the forest. Definitely the bun-haired girl.

No massive chakra signatures nearby. Blonde still unaccounted for.


Chakra signature coming in fast at 180 South!

The kunoichi quickly did a 180 at her discovery and stood at the appropriate stance to combat the enemy approaching. As she predicted, a figure dashed from the bushes and right at her. More than prepared, the kunoichi deflected the quick palm strike to her midsection and did the same for the one's aimed for her jugular, right breast, shoulder, and thigh.

On the seventh strike, she finally found an opening in the form of an overextended jab to her temple and quickly grabbed the appendage with her hands. She made to counterattack, but her senses quickly warned her sharp hear caught the whistling of something coming in fast behind her. Moving just slightly to her right, the kunai that would have no doubt disabled one of her legs soar by—and right into the free hand of the Hyuuga before her.

Quickly releasing his arm unless she wanted to lose her own, she backpedaled and had to draw a kunai of her own to deflect the projectile the Hyuuga had just thrown in retaliation to her retreat. Once again, he was on the offensive and she did everything in her power to keep up with the speed of the Genin before her.

After receiving one too many close calls with the Hyuuga intentionally giving her openings just to have a random weapon thrown at her from the kunoichi in the trees, she decided to change tactics and quickly used another opening to retreat into the forest and towards the younger kunoichi constantly stopping her advances. Much to her frustration, she could feel the bun-haired girl quickly retreating at a similar speed the closer she got.

Just when she could feel she was making progress, something at her legs suddenly glowed bright and she had but a split second to jump away from the exploding tag that would have taken off her legs. Landing a few meters away from the explosion, she was caught off guard once again when another flash beneath her warned her of the danger she was in. She was able to jump, but not far enough from the blast radius and it showed from the heat she could feel on her skin and her body flailing in the air like a rag doll.

She was able to get her footing back before she hit the ground, but quickly about-faced her previous target and continued to her mission objective. The Genin sent after her were far more than she expected and she had no intentions of being captured by brats. Much to her growing frustration, the Hyuuga was out pacing her and she knew it was a matter of time before he was back on her.

In a desperate attempt to gain some space, she reached into the pouch at her hip and pulled out four paper bombs tied to kunai. With the swiftness of her Jonin status, she put some chakra into the tags before hurling one with pinpoint accuracy at the chakra signature quickly closing in on her. She did not stop in her haste as the explosion rocked the forest. Instead, she remained focus and continued to monitor the Hyuuga. As she expected, it didn't stop him for long and he was quickly gaining on her once again. Putting just enough chakra to delay the next to kunai, she casually dropped them on the branch below her and waited for her plan to bare fruit. As she expected, the Hyuuga didn't hesitate to go around the trap she had planted. However, it didn't matter in the end. A smile came to her face as bang sounded out where the Hyuuga suddenly stopped. Flash tags sure were useful when you needed them.

Not wasting a moment, she put all her strength into her legs as she could feel she was getting closer to the way point. The Hyuuga was moving again, but she was sure she could get there before he could catch up to her. Just when she could see her goal in the distance, she was forced to stop as a purple barrier suddenly blocked her path. She made to go around it, but found herself suddenly blocked on all sides by the same barrier.

Before she could question what was going on, something landed at her feet and immediately got her attention. All she could see was a tag with writing she'd never seen before her eyes few open in shock as thousands of volts of electricity shocked her stiff. She screamed her lungs dry in complete agony as every part of her body felt as if she was being stabbed with needles.

It lasted for only a few seconds, but the damage was done. Once she could see clearly again, she could only notice that the barrier was down before the Hyuuga suddenly appeared in front of her and struck her hard in her abdomen, immediately disrupting her chakra system. Bile escaped her mouth at the crippling move, but she didn't get a chance to even think since the earth below her shifted and she suddenly found herself being wrapped up by what looked like a dark rope with chips of bone connected. The moment the rope touched her skin, she could feel her already damaged chakra stream become none existent and she was forcefully pulled into the ground to her neck.

It was as three figures stood over her that she realized there was no getting out of her situation.

She was captured; by Genin, no less.

A fourth figure landed behind the Genin and immediately gained their attention. Kagero looked down at one of her fellow ROOT agent and nodded in approval. She'd watched the whole exchange and though there were a few oversights here and there, there was nothing she'd comment negatively. Their teamwork was leagues better than it was nearly 3 months ago and their skills today proved it.

A proud, genuine smile came to her face as she looked down to the Genin that were nothing more than academy students a few months ago.

They were almost ready for the field.

Day 74

Moment #44: Don't Bathe with Sharks

Kagero stretched every crook in her neck as she walked towards the bathhouse. It has been two and a half months since her Genin moved in with her and she could honestly say the benefits were very gratifying. Though her Genin weren't particularly happy about it at first, she'd like to think they eventually came around if the lack of complaining was anything to go by.

Entering the bathhouse, she immediately headed to the baskets that would hold her sweaty clothing. With just a single pull of a string, her stomach protector fell to the ground, releasing the fabric underneath and fully opening her garb. Following up with her gloves, scarf, ribbon, and finally leggings, she placed them all neatly in the basket before walking in the nude towards the sliding door stopping the steam from exiting the room.

Opening the door, she was immediately hit with the comforting heat against her body that began relaxing her stress. Wasting no time, she headed to the nearest shower-head and began filling the bucket nearby with water before splashing it over her entire body. This went on 2 to 3 more times before she grabbed a nearby towel and soap and cleaned her body thoroughly. Once clean, she stood to her full height and entered the 20-foot-long bath and the back of the room that was basically begging her to jump in. The second the warm, steaming hot water touched her skin, the kunoichi let out a sigh of contentment and just relaxed as she slid all the way down till the water was barely covering her modesty. It was times like these that she truly appreciated the use for money.

When she was but an orphan, she never got the chance to enjoy such a luxury as bathing in steaming hot water all to herself. Even while in ROOT, the only thing she was able to enjoy was the training she received from her father and the lukewarm water she shared with the many occupants of the organization. Now having her own home, her own walls, her own bath, and now her own Genin made her really appreciate the life she'd been given.

Speaking of Genin.

Peeking a single eye open, she locked eyes with the only other two occupants in the bath. The Hyuuga and Uzumaki, who had not said a word since she entered, sat on the furthest end of the bath with widened, hyper-focused eyes that were firmly on the female that had invaded their bathing session. Their focus never wavered even when the woman had finally acknowledged their presence. If a bystander were to look at the situation, they would easily mistake the youths' focused eyes as lecherous considering they haven't moved them from her person since the moment she stepped into the bathhouse, but the Shimura could see the real intentions behind their stares and their chakra told no lies. They were anxious, slightly embarrassed, and…scared…

"…Is there a problem?" She decided to break the ice first seeing that they were far too caught up in their fear to be the first to speak. Much to her annoyance, the boys didn't even blink. They just continued to stare her down as if she was a predator ready to pounce.

The stare down went on for about a minute and every second that passed seemed to slowly deteriorate the only adult in the bath's mood. She was not at all ashamed of her body, nor did she particularly care if anyone were to see her in the nude, but the way they were looking at her as if she was going to attack them any minute was really disconcerting.

As if she had an epiphany, the frown that had been growing on her face slowly slid off. The reason why they were so nervous was so obvious (in her mind at least). They were still teenagers and most likely never grew the same comfort she'd grown to have when bathing with companions over the years. She was a little disgusted that they'd think so little of her, but decided it'd be best to alleviate their fears. "…I can assure you, I have zero sexual interest in children."

Though her words were reassuring, the boys were anything but. If she didn't know any better, she'd say they seemed to be even further on edge after her statement. She was happy that they edged on the side of caution even now, but surely they didn't think she'd attack them at their most vulnerable, right?

"…You have been randomly assaulting us in the house, at the dinner table, in public, and even in our sleep for the past 2 months and have told us on multiple occasions to 'never drop your guard, even at your most vulnerable because enemies are lurking in every corner'. We are simply following what you what drilled into us."

"And I'd prefer not to clean the floorboards once again with a toothbrush as punishment for being 'off guard'."

…Maybe she had made them a little too paranoid… Oh well, nothing to do about it now

…but since they were basically giving her this opportunity…

"I see…"



"Are you two enjoying the water?"

"…We were." the Hyuuga answered for the two.

"I see."






"…And Higurashi?"

"Sleeping." was the quick reply from the blonde.

"…I see."






"…So, am I correct in assuming that she does not currently have a Battle Buddy?"

Nothing but the sound of dripping water was heard in the silence. It lasted for but a moment before the three bodies in the water disappeared in a blur of speed. That night, Tenten was awoken to the view of two stark naked boys heavily panting over her. The scream she let out could be heard across the village and a smiling Kagero could be found still relaxing in the bathtub she never left from. She honestly couldn't remember the last time she'd had this much fun and she still had a few more entertaining months with the kids.

Becoming a sensei was definitely one of the better things to happen in her life.

A Few Months Ago

When it came to training, Naruto had more time on his hands than anyone ever would in the world. Since he had the power to stop time for as long as his body was able (which was now about 72 hours per day) and could reverse time up to 7 times a day, there should be no reason why he wasn't taking advantage of it.

However, that advantage was very limiting. For one, no matter how much he trained his body while time didn't flow, it would always revert back to point one due to the not-so-consequential drawback of stopping time, which was return his, and everything around him that he touched, back to how it was when he started. He had thought of many different solutions to this unfortunate phenomenon, but all fell flat and not even Sothis could help him despite it being her power. He knew she was keeping something from him in regard to that 'secret' about her power, but never pressed her since he was grateful enough that she'd showed him alternate ways of using his time stopping abilities.

You see, though his physical muscles never retained their workout after time was restarted, his mental muscle always stayed. This meant that anything he learned while time froze would always remain with him even after it started again. Since he'd learned that, there has not been a day in his life that he has not taken advantage of it. Some days, he'd use this skill to test work on and test seals that he'd been working on, while other times he'd use it to explore certain parts of the village. These places included, and was not limited to, the Jonin section of the library, other shinobi homes, Clan compounds, ANBU HQ, and even the home of the Hokage himself.

But there was one place in particular that interested the blonde more than any other building in the village. That building just so happen to be the building he currently found himself in. The building that held the 'Forbidden Scroll' along with various other secrets that had no doubt been kept away from the public. In this building, unknown to anyone else in the world, he had learned more about the village than he'd ever learned in the 6 years he'd been an academy student. Everything from what type of missions was available, to every shinobi's name, rank and status, everything was filed in this building, and Naruto had the pleasure of going through all of it without anyone else being the wiser.

If you were to look at the blonde from an outside perspective, then you would think the blonde was looking for something particular, or even just curious about whatever he laid his hands on in that building. He obviously had a motive behind waltzing into one of the most secured places in the village, right?

Oh, how wrong you are. He did not do this because he was particularly interested in anything in the building, nor did he have any ulterior motives when he did so. In fact, there wasn't one thing in the building that was even remotely useful to him. For one, he couldn't perform elemental Ninjutsu (something he still to this day does not know the reason behind), so most scrolls he found were useless to him. He has no interest in blackmail, nor is he particularly interested in getting revenge other shinobi considering not many of them have really ever crossed him (though, thanks to Sothis and her library, everything he read in the files were permanently in his memory and could be used for future use).

No, his reasons were very petty, actually.

After 'the talk' Sothis had to give him a few weeks ago, Naruto had been subjugated to various 'punishments' every time his new uncontrollable hormones put a picture of a woman in his head. The 'punishment' couldn't really be considered a punishment if you looked at what it was doing for him in the long run, but being brutally beaten, cut, and on several occasions, cut in half, really put the blonde in a state where even thinking of breast brought back unpleasant flashbacks.

Now, Naruto wasn't a very vengeful person, nor was he particularly petty. If that were the case, he'd had somehow offed half the village due to the pain and suffering they tried dishing out on him throughout his life. If he were to be honest, if not for Sothis, he was sure he'd be a missing nin the moment he felt strong enough to fend for himself. Alas, as explained, he wasn't a vengeful person. That did not mean, however, that he was against the idea of getting a few jabs in—even if he was going to lose in the end.

As he walked into the office, completely ignoring the alarm seals that would alert no one while time was stopped, he went straight for the desk that sat in front of the windows. Once at his destination, he opened the dresser and low and behold, the item he was looking for stared back at him in the moonlit room. Gently picking it up, he made sure it was the real thing before a smile came to his face as he read the title: Icha Icha Paradise.

He had heard many things about this series during his many visits to the library, but never really had an interest in it considering he didn't even know what the word 'smut' meant at the time. Now that his eyes have, figuratively, been open to the world, he was more than curious about it's contents. He could have found this same book in any store instead of coming all the way to the Hokage's office to read it, saving time in the process, but not only could he never find them at libraries, they only other place they sell them at were corner stores and those stores seem to run out of them faster than he could say the title.

But now, he finally had his hands on one and it was time for him to enact his 'evil plan'.

You see, Naruto found out something very important about his somewhat symbiotic relationship with Sothis. Ever since he'd first learned that the Goddess could read anything that was on his mind through their shared minds and beings, a thought came to mind. Some time ago, he read that dreams were nothing more than images and desires/wishes that the human mind subconsciously creates as well as cognitive simulations of real-life situations that are fueled the more you want it. In rare cases, people have gained the ability to become lucid during the dreaming and enhance the experience tenfold by forcing the world around them to change to their image. It is the close thing humans have to being Gods and Naruto found the topic more intriguing the more he read into it that day.

Which bring him back to his 'plan'. If Sothis was able to consciously and unconsciously read his thoughts, then there should be no reason he shouldn't be able to influence what she dreams about. He didn't know exactly if their minds were one when she slept at first, but considering the only way she'd know if he was even alive while she slept is if their minds were connected, he was inclined to think otherwise.

It was very, very petty what he was about to do and he wouldn't really be getting the full satisfaction from the injustice he'd been receiving for the past few weeks, but you have to get the best out of what you are given, right? It was that same thought process that had him sit down in Kage's chair and open the first page of the orange book.

An hour later, Naruto found that he couldn't put the book down. Despite the genre and how most people painted it, people really didn't highlight the genius behind the literature. Every scene written so far could be felt in the young shinobi's soul. The power and conviction behind the main character's motivations and love for Princess Kana could be felt in every dialogue and sentence. It was as if the author was telling the story through his real-life experience and the reader was taken on the ride voluntarily. Even the smut scenes were well written and the visuals that were assisted by the art given every other page made the experience that much more exhilarating. His favorite part so far was definitely the part where the main character and the princess were on the run from the debt collectors of Kaer Mohren. The surreal experience mixed with love and comedy left the blonde with visions of him in the main character's shoes. Running away from the world with the one he loved and exploring many other places and avenues along the way. Trying different foods from different villages while fighting side by side, trusty swords in their hands and nothing but their will to live peacefully without worrying about how the world viewed their relationship. Fighting any and everyone who stood in his way as he tried getting to the woman that meant everything to him. Smiling as their lips touched and they shared a night of passion that was far more memorable than the many they'd already shared. Walking into the sunset as a new journey peaked along the horizon. Smiling down at the blonde next to him as she gripped his hand tighter. Listen to the words he so adored hearing from her lips as their new journey was about to begin-

Ah, he was at the end… how, disappointing…

Wait, why was he here again? Something about…secrets? Punishment? Eh, whatever. He'd put that on the back-burner for now. In the meantime, this book had two sequels that just so happen to also be in the Hokage's desk. He could get back to whatever he came here for after one chapter of the next book…or two…

Meanwhile, the once peaceful dreams of Sothis took an unexpected turn when the palace and servants that once surrounded her all were replaced with humans that weren't too different from the common folk she'd seen in Konoha. Even more confusing, she was forced to follow in 3rd person view of a busty blonde woman and a white-haired male. Like a theater act, she watched as their lives advanced and was fascinated at how they chose to handle the obstacles thrown their way.

That fascination quickly turned to horror and disgust as they began partaking in various human mating rituals that she somehow couldn't escape from seeing. Whether it be in the bedroom or secretly in public places like restaurants and food restrooms, they went at it like…like monkeys! Why was she forced to watch this and why couldn't she look away!

Hours turned into weeks as she quickly learned that she couldn't wake up from the nightmare she was having. In that time, she learned everything about the couple she was an unwilling spectator to. Everything from their looks, to their hobbies, to their physical lives (especially their physical lives), to the woman they invited into their 'physical' lives, not a thing went unseen by the Goddess and she was confused on whether she was interested in what she was seeing or completely mortified. Their story truly was something you'd read in a fantasy and she couldn't help but to like the main character, but the mating parts she couldn't even choose to not be apart of completely ruined the experience for her. Like, why would anyone try these positions?! That is NOT supposed to go in a female's mouth! These places?! Why?! Just, WHY?! Have they NO decency?! No SHAME?! What in creators name is wrong with humans?!

Eventually, the Goddess was released from the prison the blonde unintentionally subjected her to, but whether he knew or not, the Goddess was unable to bring herself to fall asleep for a while.


Wrath of the Divine One


Imagine this.

You have a purpose in life. A purpose that you live for, breathe for, and would do everything in your power to make that purpose see fruit in the future. Imagine living all your life and donating all your resources to make sure this purpose is finally fulfilled. Imagine living years upon years to see this purpose through to the inevitable end where all your efforts would, hopefully, pay off in the end. That image you are seeing—it is the image of your reason for living. The reason you wake up every morning, the reason you go to work to provide for yourself or your family—it is the reason you continue pushing through the struggles of life despite everything it throws at you. Ultimately, it is what drives your happiness and ambition.

Now, image someone, or something, violently ripping away that purpose and leaving you with zero chance of ever getting it back. No chance to restore it, no chance to start from scratch, it is just…gone. Gone like ashes to the wind.

If you can visualize that image in your head and are left with emotions of anger, despair, emptiness, then you can finally understand exactly how Rhea currently felt as she looks to the frightened eyes of the woman that once held the soul of her mother.

As she'd feared, the first time she came within touching range of the woman three days ago there wasn't an ounce of her mother's energy in her. Instead of the holy light that she should have been able to feel with her mother's soul within her, there was only darkness and a feeling of terror that she dared not dwell too far into. All these years she has waited. Waited for her mother's perfect vessel to come back to her. Waited for her to grow in strength, beauty, and intelligence just so she could be the perfect host for her mother to once again walk this Earth in.

And what does she get for all her years of planning, faith, and hard work? She gets a failure that doesn't even realize that she has destroyed any chance of ever getting her mother back.

It took absolutely everything in the Archbishop not to tear the, now tainted and useless, Crest Stone of her mother from the heart of the 'failure' that looked up to her with those…those eyes that were nothing like her mothers. It took everything in her to keep her regal appearance up in front of Seteth and her guards as she reassured this, this thing and dropped the charges. The moment the words left her mouth, she quickly retreated from the cell before she lost the remainder of her composure. As she left, she gave a passing knight an order to have Jeralt meet her at her quarters and said nothing else to no one else.

30 minutes later, she looked out through her balcony to the many knights and students meddling about. Jeralt had entered her quarters a few minutes prior and had already announced his presence, but she had yet to acknowledge him. When she did, her voice lost her masked serenity and power leaked through every word.

"What happened to my mother's stone?"

She did not raise her voice for the knight at least 10 meters behind her, but she knew that he'd heard the question.

"…What stone do you speak of?"

The Divine Child withheld her anger once more as the words left his lips. There was no chance she could believe Jeralt was oblivious to what she'd done to his spawn years ago considering he 'fled' with the child that would become her mother's body in the future. He knew. He KNEW… but she would entertain this just this once, and if he continued to lie to her—lie when he knew damn well what she spoke of…

"…At your child's birth, in order to save its life, your wife asked me to remove the stone from her body and place it into her daughter's. It is the move that ultimately saved its life at the cost of your wife's. When the stone is nearby, my heart beats faster and I can feel my purpose in life as if it had physical form… I haven't felt that in a long time and wished to feel it again when next we met, but not only do I not feel it when I'm around your spawn, but I feel absolutely nothing when I'm around your child. So, I will ask one more time." At that moment, the child of Sothis turned to the blonde-haired man whose sweat could be seen at a molecular level through the now slit eyes of the woman before him. Waves of pressure had been pressing down on him since the words left her mouth and he felt as if his life was hanging on the question she was about to ask him once more. "What happened to my Mother's CrestStone."

"…I do not know anything about a stone." His reply immediately garnered a reaction in the form of the pressure in the air increasing tenfold. So, he quickly added to his admission before his life was threatened any further, "however, I had a suspicion about something being wrong with Byleth 15 years ago." The unblinking stare she gave him told him that he needed to explain himself more or things were going to quickly spiral out of his control; not that he had any to begin with. "…15 years ago, something happened to Byleth back in a village in Hevring that cost the lives of over half the occupants including a good sum of my men."

Rhea listened to the story her 'former' head knight told to her. What she heard was everything she didn't want to hear because it told her very little of what had become of her mother's Crest Stone. The only thing she got out of the whole explanation was the fact that something had tainted that thing 15 years ago and, most likely, had tainted or destroyed her mother's Crest Stone in the process and made the thing uncontrollable and extremely powerful when severely injured or angered.

At the end of the story, Rhea gave no retort. Everything she'd learned did not point her in the right direction of what actually happened to her mother's perfect host and it made her blood boil. In fact, the more she sat there, the more the topic of that thing's demise tickled her interest. She should have choked that thing when she had the chance. Watched as the light faded from her eyes. Hear her draw her last breath as she wrung the remaining air from her lungs.

But then what? What exactly would that have accomplished besides destroying the image and work she'd done for all these centuries? The thing was a failure, definitely the biggest of them all, but killing her would not bring her mother back and she'd had lost the only clue to her mother in this world. First her mother's sword vanishes from the tomb she lay, and now the last remaining connection of her to this world was also nowhere to be found.

Just, what exactly had she done to deserve a fate such as this? Why are the Gods punishing her simply for seeking the comfort from the one who created her? Why did this world have to be so cruel?

When she finally turned from Jeralt, she looked out through her balcony and to the monastery once more. She had to calm down—no, she needed to calm down. All hope was not yet lost. There was but one place in this world where her mother's stone would always resonate no matter what force tainted her energy. She would take her there and confirm her, hopefully, theory. If the worse just so happen to be confirmed… well…

"Jeralt, bring your child to the Tomb below the monastery at midnight tonight. We will see the root of this 'phenomenon' from there. Am I understood?"

Her voice held no opening for refusal. It was demand and Jeralt knew that, so he simply replied with an 'understood' before seeing himself out.

Meanwhile, Rhea joined her hands and began to pray.

Pray for her mother's safety.

Pray for fears to be alleviated.

And Pray for the sins she would commit if this sick nightmare was indeed reality.

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