Ring, ring, ring..

Went the pink alarm clock. It rang. A beautiful brown haired teenager rose from her bed to shut it off.

Candy's P.O.V

Oh hello, there my name is Candy Wonka, Willy Wonka is my father. We just moved from the town we lived in. We had to move because my Dad got in trouble. So, me and my Dad had to move. Dad was pretending to be someone else. I feel sorry for my Dad. Who would get my dad into that kind of trouble anyway? My Dad was known to be the great chocolatier.

He had ran away from home as a child. This was the start of making his dream come true. He knew he wanted to be a chocolatier when he tried candy for the first time.

My grandfather wasn't too proud of it and kept it from his friends. My grandfather was a dentist which means he was against candies. My Dad refused to speak of him. Years later I found this out

So after years of being a grand chocolatier, that's when he met my mom. My mom was kind and beautiful. My Dad used to always say to me. That's why they got married. Then, 9 months later they had me. During the birth, my mom sadly died. After I was born, my Dad was raised me.

Candy was putting her clothes on when, all of a sudden, she heard,

"Candy breakfast is ready!"

"Coming!",shouted Candy.

She ran downstairs to sit at the table. Willy Wonka brought in her breakfast plate which was cookies and marshmallows

"I know you always like cookies and marshmallows so I made both.",offered Willy happily.

Willy didn't agree with normal breakfast foods that other people made. After he became a father, he preferred to make something interesting for his daughter.

Candy started eating she said,"Wow, these are great Dad!"

Wonka nodded. Somehow, his smile turned into a frown.

"Are you worried that people might recognize you, Dad?",asked Candy.

Candy already knew her Dad's fear. Ever since they moved to Auradon, Willy had been more nervous than ever when he disguised himself as someone else he feels like it would be a disaster waiting to happen

"No worries Candy, your old man's got this. Plus, are you going to be alright at your new school?",asked Willy with confidence.

"Yeah Dad, I'll be fine.",said Candy.

"Good just remember, don't tell anyone at school who you really are though.",said Willy.

"I know Dad, don't worry, I'll be alright.",said Candy.

"Good.",said Willy, as he got up.

"We gotta go now. We don't wanna be late.",said Wonka.

Candy stood up along with him to move outdoors.