As soon as Candy arrived at the front area of Auradon Prep, she took one look at the golden statue of the king standing with a proud look on his face. Candy had heard about something about this school has a king that used to be a beast. Then, his true love turned him back to human.

Before she walked into the school building, she didn't know what was waiting for her. Behind the school doors was an older women with two young teenagers standing beside her.

"Welcome to our school, Auradon Prep. I'm Fairy Godmother, the headmistress." , Fairy Godmother, introduced herself.

Candy let out an awkward wave

"This is Ben and Mal, they will be showing your classes.",explained Fairy Godmother.

"Nice to meet you.",greeted Ben as he shook hands with Candy.

Candy moved on to shake hands with Mal.

"How did you know that I was coming?",asked Candy.

"Oh well, your father signed you up for this school of course.",explained Fairy Godmother.

"Oh that makes sense.", thought Candy to herself.

"Okay well, before class begins, Mal and Ben will show you around the school. Then we get your class schedule.", listed Fairy Godmother.

Ben made a hand gesture in a way of saying, "yep, we WILL do this!"

Candy begins to follow Mal and Bem around the school. Now was it, time for her to know her classes and get to know everyone else.