As Mal,Ben and Candy walked around the halls of the school they showed her all the classes.

The rooms were mostly empty. This was kinda surprising for Candy. Candy knows that schools back at her old home were often crowded with student. This school was way more clear and not really packed with students.

"Maybe school hasn't started yet and they cleared the hallways just for me.",thought Candy to herself.

The three of them walked across and down the hall. Ben showed Candy each class, opening the doors to let Candy take a peak inside what it looks like before shutting the door and moving on to the next class.

Right now, they were in the last classroom, Ben opened the door but this time as Candy saw this class appears to be full of students and the teacher who was currently speaking to the class immediately stopped when she saw Ben,Mal and Candy.

When the teacher stopped talking, all the students turned to face who was standing at the door. One of the students caught Candy's eye as he turned around to face the trio.

"Who is that?",asked Candy, pointing at one of the boys.

"'s Gil son of Gaston.",explained Ben.

"He is new here he is just learning how to be a good person.",said Ben.

"Oh.",said Candy.

She stared back at him, looking straight into his eyes. Gil looked straight into her's before Ben decided to speak.

"Great! Now we're moving on.",he said as he shut the door.

"It's time to go over your class schedule, okay?.",said Ben.

He looked over at Mal. Mal looked at him and nodded

"Right Ben.", she said.

Mal and Ben walked off not knowing that Candy had stopped herself to look through the window of the door. She watched Gil as he wrote with his pencil on a piece of paper. She admired him.

"Candy!",called out Ben.

"Oh..uh..coming!",shouted Candy as she went to catche up to them.