During school, Candy was busy cleaning out her locker before she headed off to her next class. She finished cleaning out her locker. Then she turned her head to look around and turned back to shut the door of her locker. Gil, who was also getting done cleaning out his locker, got his all of his stuff out too. So, without hesitation, Candy walked up to him.

"Heyyyyyy",she shouted.

"Hi.",he replied.

He was about to leave to go to his next class. Before he walked off, he stopped himself and looked at Candy very closely.

"Have we met?",asked Gil

"No, but I saw you during orientation, and, I want to say hi to you.",said Candy.

She tried to let out a small smile on her face, even though in her mind she was thinking, "Why am I'm smiling so much!?"

Gil didn't seem to care, so ,he smiled back at her and reached his hand out to shake hands with her

"Names.. Gil!",he said

"Candy.",said Candy.

Since Gil liked her smile, she continued to smile at him. From that point on, the both of them shared glances at each other. It wasn't until the bell rang, that the students started making their way towards their classes. Without saying anything to each other they went into both different directions to their next class.