Goku's hair flowed about wildly as he sped through the skies, Chi-Chi trailing not too far behind him. The two were currently surrounded by their pure white auras as they flew speedily towards Muscle Tower, which they sought to take down, potentially liberating any innocent people who were held captive. The two were flying in complete silence. The severity of their self-made mission rid any reason for meaningless prattle—that along with the fact Chi-Chi wished not to rile up Goku, as he was being quite temperamental.

The brash girl, however, was bold enough to speak up this time around.

"Goku?" She said, just loud enough for the boy to hear her.

Unmoving and not showing any signs of hearing his name called, Goku simply said, "Yeah?"

"...Um," Chi-Chi began, attempting to collect her thoughts, "Are you alright? You haven't been yourself since after you killed that Tao guy." Goku remained silent upon hearing the accusation. It wasn't untrue, he had been acting far more impulsive and hadn't pulled back any punches. He'd been feeling this way for quite a while, as if someone or something insider of him was mentally picking him apart, slowly deteriorating his rationality and morality.

Closing his eyes and sighing, Goku searched for his mind a response. Not holding Chi-Chi any longer, he responded, reopening his eyes.

"Really, I don't know," Goku responded honestly. "Ever since I started searching for the Four-Star Ball I've been feeling and acting so much... on instinct, I guess you could say. It feels like a natural incline for battle or just using strength I've had to hold back for so long—as if to appease my pride."

Chi-Chi's eyes gradually widened as she heard her crush speak. The innocence and naivety still coated his voice, but rather than being boisterous and brash, he spoke in a calm and wise tone, as though he was well beyond his years.

She smiled a bit. "So you aren't gone, you're just..."

"Lost," she allowed him to finish, as he looked back to offer her a confused smile.

Returning a reassuring smile, Chi-Chi beamed at him. "Well I'll help you find yourself, and whatever else you're looking for!" A tinge of pink was visible on her cheeks, which caused Goku to nervously scratch his cheek.

"Gee, thanks Chi-Chi! I'm glad I have someone like you!" He said with a wide grin.

This caused Chi-Chi to fully turn pink as she shook her head to get rid of her blush.

"I-it's nothing really. What are friends for?" She responded shyly. If only you knew I want to be more than friends.

Both preteens had thoughts similar to these simultaneously going through their minds.

The two were broken out of their thoughts, however, by the ear-splitting screams of terror from below.

"Were those screams?" Chi-Chi asked aloud, as she looked around for where the screams had come from, her eyes squinting as she peered below to the snowy landscape. She was currently taking a coat from out of her sack, an action Goku mimicked as the temperature dropped dramatically.

"It sounded like it was coming from that snow house, over there," Goku said, pointing towards an igloo as he sped his flight up.

"That's an igloo, Goku," Chi-Chi said, slightly sweat dropping.

Goku didn't seem to hear her as he had already begun his descent towards the snowy home, his white ki flaring brightly as his face took on a serious expression.

"Wait, Goku, slow down!" Chi-Chi cried out, her call falling on deaf ears, as she herself began to descend quickly.

Goku's aura faded as he touched down on the snowy ground and in front of the broken wooden door of the igloo he had heard the screaming echoing from. As Chi-Chi touched down right behind him, he spent no time breaking down the rest of the door and letting his presence be known, but he froze upon the sight laid in front of him.

The scent of death lingered in the air and the sight of a massacre disgraced the boy's eyes. The dead bodies of a man and a woman were on the ground, impaled and bloody, pools of the vile red liquid spreading across the ground like a colony of fire ants. As if this didn't anger Goku enough, his eyes laid on a red-head girl, around his height, looked to be around his age, with a heavy, white sweater, that was now stained with the blood of who he assumed to be her parents, whom she was lying on top of, sobbing her eyes out.

Chi-Chi took immediate action, leaping forward to console the distraught and terrified girl. As she wrapped her arms around her, she felt the girl stiffen up and attempt to scream, with little to no progress in doing so.

"It's okay," Chi-Chi began in a soft voice, "My name's Chi-Chi, and my friend is Goku. We're not here to hurt you, we're going to free your people from this pain and sorrow." The girl's sobs didn't wane, but they became far quieter and she was shaking less.

Contrary to this, Goku was shaking crazily, anger building up inside of him. His fists were clenching and unclenching, and his teeth were grinding against each other as he suppressed the urge to let out a primal scream and blow up everything around him.

"They're going to pay for this…" Goku growled lowly, as he began scanning the area for any malicious ki signatures. What he wasn't expecting was for the ki to encompass the whole area, a whole cluster of negative energy in large masses around him. What pissed him off, even more, was that they were the only ki he was sensing, which meant it was possible all the villagers had been slaughtered, and the girl Chi-Chi was protecting was the sole survivor who had potentially witnessed all of their deaths.

Chi-Chi watched Goku with a wary gaze. She began to stand up, still holding the girl in her arms. "Goku, don't do anything too rash," she said, "I'll be right behind you," she said reassuringly.

Goku turned around and she audibly heard him exhale deeply, as his shoulders went down and his body eased up.

"Let's just end this," Goku began darkly. Turning to face the red-head, he tried his best to smile, which came out as a scowl. "Don't worry, we'll bring back everyone from your village with the Dragon Balls. Soon you'll be back and happy with your family and friends." With that, Goku flew outside, Chi-Chi letting go of the girl and running to catch up with her crush.

"Suno!... is my name," the red-head said, Chi-Chi stopping in her tracks. She smiled at her, saying, "If Goku comes off as scary, he really isn't—he's just really headstrong when it comes to helping those in need. Now, keep yourself hidden! Things are sure to get ugly…" Suno watched the pink helmet wearing princess dash out of the house and leap into the air, vanishing from sight.

Goku was hovering in the air, his bluish-white aura a growing fire, as it reached astronomical heights. Right as he had finished charging his ki, Chi-Chi hovered directly behind him, doing the same, a crimson red aura surrounding her. He cupped his hands at his sides, a blue light forming in between them, shining brightly as he chanted, "Ka...Me…" the light took the form of a ball as he widened his hands' distance, allowing the ki to swell up.

"Ha...Me…" he continued, the orb making warbling sounds as his power steadily began growing.

"HAAA!" He shouted, allowing a large, blue beam to escape his hands, aiming it at the base of the giant, red tower; unmistakably Muscle Tower.

A colossal explosion of blue light ensued, engulfing half the tower, causing debris to fly about wildly, causing Chi-Chi to cover her face with her arms to prevent debris from hitting her face..

Amongst the screams of terror, Goku watching as the tower's remains slowly began to fall over, seeing out of the corner of his eye a weak old man falling at great speeds towards a newly formed pile of rubble.

Without a second thought, he flew towards the man at immense speeds, grabbing him by the collar before he was able to touch the ground.

The old man, who had been covering his head with his arms in fear of the impending collision, realized he was suspending in air and being held by the collar of his shirt.

Slowly looking up, his fear quelled as he saw the smiling face of a spiky-haired boy, who with the calmest tone he could muster asked if he was alright. The old man could merely muster a nod and was gently placed on the snowy ground below. He didn't feel like questioning why he could fly or how he had a tail, all that mattered was he was saved, as was his village.

"Wh-Who are you?" the old man asked as he saw the boy turning to leave. "I would love to know the name of my savior―my village's savior," he said meekly, regaining his voice. The boy grinning, turning his head to him.

"The battle isn't over yet, but… It's Goku," he began, before running towards the pile of rubble, "Son Goku!" he finished.

Chi-Chi had long since regained her composure after seeing Goku completely desecrate Muscle Tower with very little difficulty. Muttering to herself, she said, "He was even trying," she swiftly dodged a blow to the head a soldier attempted to make with his firearm, retaliating with a knee to the gut, which knocked the wind out of the man, causing him to stumble over, unconscious.

She slowly tilted her head downwards, looking at her hands. "Am… am I too weak for him?" she asked herself, clenching her fists. "Goku humbly and emotionlessly is able to use his strength, not wanting his enemies to suffer, even if it goes against his morals, all for the sake of…" she hardened the look on her face, going from one of sadness and misunderstanding to unbridled resolve.

I'll become stronger. Not just for me, but for him, my Papa, and everyone I want to protect. She mentally declared to herself before ducking a barrage of assault rifle bullets, removing her helmet and throwing it behind her, the blade quickly and cleanly cutting through the rifle and splitting the man in half, his lifeless body slumping to the ground before the helmet returned to Chi-Chi like a boomerang.

Through the rubble Goku was digging through, he saw many things―burnt and ripped clothes, severed and charred limbs and various other things that made him sick to his stomach.

These people were heartless, power-obsessed cowards, willing to slaughter those weaker than themselves for the sake of strength… Goku thought gritting his teeth.

He approached a far larger pile, which seemed to move. Goku watched it with a wary eye, seeing as the figure of a man

He was of a rather large build, stocky and reminiscent of a monster in a story Grandpa had read to him long ago, with short, black hair, thick brows with no eyebrows, and a large forehead with a line of stitches scars going across it along with his left cheek. He wore a navy blue suit and pants with a pale blue sweater underneath, white socks and black loafers. He provided a rather intimidating presence but Goku didn't―or rather, couldn't sense and maliciousness from him.

Scratch that, he couldn't even sense a life presence from him. It was as though he wasn't human, bar his looks.

"Did you do this?" he spoke, standing at his full height, looking down at the boy, as he gestured to the fallen tower.

Not hesitating to answer, Goku spoke back, "What's it to you?"

He heard a 'Hmph' before the man responded. "Such manslaughter and unnecessary and irreparable damage were not needed…" Goku winced upon hearing the accusation of the action he already regretted. Looking down, he was unable to face the stranger, clenching his fists with a disappointed look. He was about to speak, but the man wasn't done.

"However…" Goku looked up, wondering what the man wanted to say, "I must thank you." Raising a questioning eyebrow, the man answered the unspoken question. "I am not human, as you should have been able to tell. Rather, I am an android, a cyborg if you will, a creation made by the head scientists of this army to aid General Red in his quest to attain the Dragon Balls." Goku listened intently, wondering where he was going. He tensed up at the thought that this was potentially an enemy, but decided to listen to what the "android" had to say.

"I was made to be a war machine, one simply for combat and combat alone―even more so, a killing machine," he stressed the word "killing" with a scowl. "However, due to some faulty programming, or quite possibly my own will, I am far more benevolent than the scientists intending for me to be, not wanting to kill at all, but rather to cherish the beautiful life on this planet and protect it. Due to this, I was labeled as a defected creation, and thus caged up, locked in a cell with a built-in failsafe if I were to turn on the army―a bomb planted within me that with the press of a button, would cause me to explode immediately."

Goku's face contorted between a myriad of emotions upon hearing the explanation he was given. Not only was this… creature, for lack of better term, kind, but he was so kind that he did not turn his back on the creators that cared none for his wishes, caged him up, although he may have been able to escape with ease, but had been placed with the burden of living in eternal fear of being destroyed and robbed of the life he was given at the thought of betrayal to the disgusting pigs who made him. It caused Goku to shake with rage, as he continued to listen to the android.

"In an effort to do what I could to prevent any meaningless killing, I was able to procure one of the Dragon Balls they sought to collect from the villagers, hiding it to the best of my ability. But my plan backfired, as they still continued to pillage the innocent humans and take their lives for something they have never heard of, not sparing them whether they got the answers they wanted or not." Sighing, the android raised a hand that was held in slightly broken shackles, which held a Dragon Ball with two red stars on it.

"Th-the Two-Star Ball!" Goku exclaimed, not believing that the android was so easily able to secure the artifact. The android chuckled at the boy's incoherent babbling and extended his arm to hand the boy the ball. His look hardened upon doing so, as he clutched the ball tightly.

"Now, I won't deny my gratefulness that you have helped the villagers, but in doing so, you have caused dozens of deaths. The fact that they were of the Red Ribbon soldiers is none of my concerns, I understand that you may harbor an innate hatred towards them…" he paused for emphasis, watching as the boy's face turned serious, and smiled.

"But I trust that you will use these balls for good, and with the innocent people who lost their lives back," he said with a tone that was calm yet demanding. Goku did not need to be told much else before he clenched his fist in determination, hitting his chest in an attempt to salute.

"I, Son Goku, promise to avenge the people of this village and return them to life! No more innocent lives will be taken as long as I'm alive!" he said with as much seriousness he could muster. The android closed his eyes and nodded, allowing Goku to take the ball from his hand, scan it, and put it in his sack.

"Thanks, Mr. Android―," he was cut off by said android saying "8. Android 8, was the number I was given, as I am the eighth android created."

Goku assumed a thoughtful position, "That seems too long to say, so how about I give you a nickname…" he pondered. The android stared at him in confusion.

"Nick… name?" Goku snapped as soon as the question was asked.

"Eighter! It sounds cool, doesn't it? And it's easy to say!" he smiled genuinely at the now proclaimed "Eighter". The shift from serious to childlike within in an instant threw Eighter off quite a bit, nonetheless, he smiled in return and gave a nod, as the android said, "I suppose it does. Thank you, Son Goku. You will become the hero this world has needed for so long, I am sure of it," he said reassuringly.

Goku flashed him a grin and a thumbs up. He was about to regroup with Chi-Chi but a call of his name brought his attention.

"Erm, Son Goku, was it?" the elderly voice came. Goku turned to see that it was the man he had rescued from falling―the leader of Jingle Village.

"Yeah, Jii-San? What's up?" he asked, wondering what the man wanted from him.

Sweatdropping at the rather… off-putting name, the man shook his head with feigned exasperation.

Getting a better look at him, Goku saw that the man had fluffy gray hair, stuffed under a brown top hat. He wore a lavender dress shirt with thin black stripes going down vertically across it. To complete his fit, he wore black overalls tucked into the same colored snow boots.

"Well, I'm the mayor of this village, the village chief if you would, and I'd like to thank you for liberating my people from the burden that is the Red Ribbon Army―" he started before he was cut off by the sound of a gunshot ringing out. A bullet pierced the man's forehead and through his skull, killing him instantly.

Goku, Chi-Chi, and even Eighter slowly turned to where the shot came from to see a rather large man with a muscular build in a black tank top and khaki dress pants. He had graying hair and a face that showed years of battling experience, his shoulders slumping over as he lowered the firearm and began panting heavily.

"Shit," the man said between breaths. He had wished to hit the boy but his aim had been rather off due to the immense pain he was currently going through.

General White was shocked, to say the least when he had heard the alarm of an attack having devastated Muscle Tower. The fortress should have been resilient to even the most powerful of artillery, not having much as a crack should even a bazooka attempt to blast down the base.

What he had not been able to fathom was that through the panic of evacuating soldiers, he had caught a glimpse of the surveillance monitors, seeing the form of a spiky-haired boy that fit the description of the late Mercenary Tao's killer.

Snarling, he gripped the gun on his waist and began to follow the other soldiers in an attempt to retreat―that was until the entire building collapsed upon him.

White watched as the form of the orange-clad boy turned towards him. The boy's cold, dark eyes were like an abyss―a black void of sorts, like a pit of endless fury, seemed to rise from them. He could have sworn he saw the pupils of the boy turn yellow, with small black irises in the center, but it may have been a delusion caused by his lack of balance.

Goku was seething as he looked at the village chief's killer. Several scenarios of how he was going to torture the man in front of him playing in his head.

For a split second, he knew his vision went hazy as he began to see red before it flashed back to normal. His fists were clenched, and even with the mittens he had on, he swore that his nails had dug through the fabric, causing tears to form and trickles of blood to seep through.

He began to feel as though he were falling, unaware that his ki was flaring so hotly that his aura was melting through the snow, the pressure around him seeming to intensify.

As the look was focused on White, he felt the full brunt of the killing intent leaking towards him, but this did not mean Chi-Chi was faring any better―or so Goku had thought.

In a burst of speed, the girl had flown past Goku, causing his hair to fly about wildly and his eyes to slowly widen, his rage-filled aura slowly fading away.

The girl had leaped forward and in a fascinating display of strength punched the man in the muscle shirt square in the face, breaking his jaw with the impact of her fist, the sound of a sickening crack filling the area before the man blasted away hundreds of feet before hitting his head into a tree, halting his momentum and causing a massive thud to ring about before his seemingly lifeless body fell to the cold ground.

Chi-Chi, suspending in air, was panting heavily, her breaths quavering and uneasy. She began to slowly fall to the ground as she floated down to her hands and knees in a hunched over position.

Upon hearing her erratic breathing, Goku had an idea of what happened. Walking over to his now sobbing friend, he knelt beside her and placed a calming hand on her shoulder, feeling as her body got stiff. What he had not expected, however, was for the girl to quickly turn around and latch onto him, burying her face into his chest and latching her arms around his neck.

Being unused to this sort of confrontation, Goku knew not what to do other than rub circles on the girl's back. He knew how it felt to be unable to protect someone, the hurt one felt at knowing how powerless you were, even if it were an unfeasible feat to do what you blame yourself for occurring.

"It's fine Chi-Chi," he said, lowering his head near Chi-Chi's ear to whisper the reassuring words. "We'll wish back all the victims of the army with the Dragon Balls," he said, attempting to keep his voice level while at the same time the volume being above her sobs.

Her sobs lessened slightly, and her shaking was not as extreme as it had been.

Eighter looked on with an impassive expression. He knew nothing of human emotions, all he knew was what he had seen around him―hate, anger, envy, and sadness. While he was familiar with the latter, this was something he found incomprehensible for humans to cope with. Being an android, he had no one to protect other than those who ordered him to―even then, he did not like to do so, through violent means, at least. So he continued to watch the two teens as they held each other. It was a heartbreaking and heartwarming sight at the same time.

Chi-Chi had begun to look up, peering at Goku with a tear-stained face. It did him poorly to see his friend with such a pain-filled expression. Her once vibrant eyes shone with the wetness of tears, glazed over with a sense of self-loathing, one that showed blame and guilt. Blame for being unable to act sooner, and guilt for resorting to such immediate and brutal tactics.

Goku continued to stare back at the girl, straining to keep a straight face.

His friend, his crush, had such a beautiful face. Her soft-looking, full pink lips, her glistening, smooth skin, her cute button nose, and the beautiful locks of swaying black hair, although now it was rather messy and filled with small flakes of snow in several of the strands.

His hand impulsively moved the strands of hair that blocked some of her faces out of the way before he felt an inclination to lean forward. Seeing what the boy was about to do, the girl began to lift her head, coming closer and closer to the boy. They closed their eyes and their faces continued to close in on each other until…

Their lips touched.

The two, not having as much of an idea as to what they were doing attempted to fix the position of their faces to move their lips into a more comfortable position.

Their lips continued to press against each other, the two enjoying the taste of each other's lips. Chi-Chi moaned lightly at Goku's slightly rough, yet soft approach, and Goku lowly growling as a smile parted his lips, eliciting the two to part as well. It lasted no longer than 30 seconds, but it felt like hours.

The two gazed into each other's eyes, new feelings swelling within them as they simply sat still.

Goku was the first to shake himself from his shock, holding Chi-Chi up as he began to stand.

Surprisingly, neither was blushing, but the two continued to gaze into each other's eyes, similar thoughts going through their heads.

Did she/he always look this pretty/handsome?

Ignoring those thoughts, the two began to find the words they wanted to say.

Goku was stammering, scratching the back of his head nervously as he attempted to find the right words. Surprisingly it was Chi-Chi who spoke first.

"Um… let's keep looking for the Dragon Balls," she stated meekly before trailing off, now unable to look her crush in the eyes. Reshifting his focus, Goku steeled himself.

"Right!" he said, nodding to Chi-Chi, pushing the thoughts of a minute ago to the side for the time being. Goku gave Eighter a curt nod, promising he would return once he had completed and fulfilled his promise before he and Chi-Chi encased their bodies in pure blue and white auras, taking to the skies with their destination being the Red Ribbon Army HQ.

The red-haired Suno hurriedly stepped out of her igloo to wish her saviors good luck and farewell. After doing so, a Frankenstein-like creature to her knowledge began to stalk towards her. Having seen Goku hold a conversation with the tower of a man, she deemed him to be friendly and walked towards him as well.

She stopped in front of the android, her head not reaching past his kneecaps, his shadow looming over her. He offered her a creepy-looking, albeit kindhearted smile to her and she returned the gesture, grabbing his massive hand and offering him to join her inside her home, which she doubted he would fit in.

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