Since this is one of the last oneshots I have in store, I thought I'd leave you with something extra fluffy. Everything else I got is kinda messy, and I don't particularly feel like that at the moment - who does, really. I hope you enjoy. Cheers x.

This one is set after Ellster's story Old Friends. Very mild spoilers. More of a teaser, if you ask me.

Bed and Breakfast

It really is amazing.

In the beginning, Skye woke up the moment a key turned in the lock, then she would lie in bed, every muscle tensed, until Benji called out or came into the room. By now she is so accustomed to him that she keeps sleeping if he comes home late from a mission. It's a little scary, the knowledge that he's learned how to move in order not to disturb her, that he can slip past her if he's careful.

But mornings like this are worth it ten times over. Skye went to bed alone and wakes up with her face pressed against Benji's neck, feeling the heat radiating off him through two layers of blankets.

She doesn't move for a long while, listens to his relaxed regular breathing, just cuddles up to him to watch him sleep. After about an hour she gets up. In the kitchen she turns on BBC Radio on low volume and starts making breakfast. She leaves the bedroom door open. Sometimes the smell of vafler alone is enough to gently rouse him from his sleep. But when she goes back into the bedroom, balancing a tray stacked with glasses of orange juice, Benji is still asleep. She puts it down on his night stand and slips in next to him.

"Mmh..." Benji murmurs at the movement. Skye kisses his cheek. He sighs and turns his head towards her, eyes still closed. She puts an arm around him and starts ruffling his hair. He edges closer.

"Good morning, Agent Dunn," she whispers.

Benji has to smile. Waking up in his own bed, to the smell of Danish waffles and fresh linen and Skye's shampoo is heaven. And is that...?

He feels something touch his lips, tentatively opens them and bites down: the fruity taste of summer in one perfect strawberry.

He opens his eyes. Skye is smiling at him, one hand still in his hair, the other one holding the strawberry. She eats the rest of it herself with another bite, and licks the red off her lips. She's lying on top of the blanket, wearing black panties and a short white shirt that exposes her left shoulder.

Benji feels like this should be a dream. But it's real.

Skye reaches over him to put the strawberry trunk on the tray. Benji catches her in his arms. "I missed you."

She looks into his eyes, still smiling, and strokes his stubbly cheek. "I missed you, too."

Benji tries to get the blanket out of the way, but is distracted when she kisses him. She escapes his hug, pushes the blanket off, holds him in place by gently pressing one shoulder down. Skye pushes up his shirt, kisses his stomach. It comes as a shock, the best kind. Benji's head tilts back onto the pillow as she nips his skin.


His hand curls into a fist around a handful of blanket. He wants her to continue, to move lower, very aware of the bulge growing in his briefs, but instead she straddles him, holds his shoulders, kisses his neck in small quick touches.

"Mmmmh?" she asks playfully.

"Don't stop..."

"Any bruises I should know about?" she whispers, so close to his ear that he feels her lips. She bites his earlobe.

Benji can't care less about injuries now. He tugs at her shirt, finds the rubber band holding her hair together and tugs that out as well. "Right thigh," he mumbles between kisses. "But it's all right."

Skye shifts her weight accordingly, and pulls her shirt over her head. It is joined by Benji's on the floor moments later.

It's when he manages to elicit noises from her that he gets aroused the most, because it's not easy. It takes skill and knowledge of secret spots to coax out her soft moans. This morning there are a lot of them.

The vafler havecooled down on the tray by the time they finally take a break. Skye has put her head on his chest, listening to his rapid heartbeat, when he reaches for another strawberry. She looks up and he holds it so that she can take a bite. The movement of her jaw against his chest as she chews is even more delicious than the strawberry itself. Benji traces her shoulder blade with one finger and watches the fine hairs on her arm stand up in response. He reaches for a waffle.

"That's not just a bruise," Skye suddenly remarks. Her hand moves over his hipbone down to his thigh. "Did you get shot?"

"Yes, but it's fine," he says quickly and grins. "I have so much to tell you."

Skye smiles at him. Benji can't resist kissing her again. He tastes vafler and strawberries, holds her closer, clutches her white-blond hair.

"You know I'll never wake up to anything less now?"

Skye laughs. "I could get used to that. But next time it's your turn to make breakfast."