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"No, that's not possible and you know it." Sherlock rolled his eyes. "The neighbour can't be the murderer, he was in Italy by that time."

Greg stared at him, while John raised his eyebrows sceptically. "And how do you know that?" John asked when he noticed that Greg wouldn't say anything else. It was Sunday morning and Greg had shown up at 221 B with a new case. Just that Sherlock had to solve this one alone, John had to leave soon. He wanted to spend the day with Mycroft. John just didn't want to leave Greg alone with Sherlock since his best friend wasn't in a very good mood. Most probably because he didn't have a case for nearly a week.

"Oh come on, John! It's easy!" Sherlock muttered and crossed his arms. "Apparently, Lestrade and his team didn't do their research properly."

Greg sighed. "Alright, don't explain how you know that the neighbour wasn't there." He decided. "Just tell me where to start then."

Sherlock started to explain everything to Greg, whose eyes widened while he listened, but John didn't pay attention to them. His phone had vibrated in his pocket.

Will be there in ten minutes. Walk on the lake and a cup of tea before we head home for dinner? – MH

John smiled when he thought of a day outside with Mycroft. He replied quickly.

Sounds great. See you soon. – JW

He ignored Sherlock's confused expression when he stood up to get his jacket. "I'll leave you two alone now. Don't annoy each other to death, please."

Sherlock held up his hands. "It's not my fault when Lestrade doesn't understand the things I say!"

John shook his head and smiled slightly when Greg rolled his eyes. "Don't start complaining." He pointed at Sherlock. "There will be a party in three days and you're both invited. We would be very happy if you both come uninjured."

Sherlock frowned. "A party? Why is there a party?"

Now John and Greg exchanged a look. "The first anniversary of their marriage?" Greg asked and looked at Sherlock questioningly. "The party we've been planning for weeks now? You even helped us to choose the date."

Sherlock still didn't seem to know what they were talking about. "The day the old lady nearly fainted when you opened the door in your bathrobe." John added, but there wasn't a reaction. "When Mycroft was here for dinner."

That seemed to do it since Sherlock groaned. "Don't mention that evening. It was horrible. One of the ten worst evenings in my entire life."

"It wasn't that bad." John complained. "You even said you liked the food."

"To make you happy." Sherlock muttered and shook his head. "Don't say anything else, John. Now go, Mycroft will be waiting and I don't want him to come up here. Besides, Lestrade and I will have to leave as well. We'll need to look at the garden shed."

Greg frowned. "As far as we know, he doesn't have one."

"He does!" Sherlock argued. "Your research is horrible this time, Lestrade. Even worse than before." He stood up to get his coat.

"Good luck." John whispered to Greg, who smiled slightly. "I'll see you tomorrow, Sherlock. if something happens, you can call me!"

"Yes, yes. Bye, John. And don't greet Mycroft from me!"

"I won't!" John replied before he left the flat.

Downstairs, he met Mrs. Hudson. "He's having a bad day, isn't he?" She asked and John nodded.

"How do you know?"

"Before you came this morning, he's been shouting, even if no one was there." She shrugged. "I think he's been yelling at the wall."

"That happens, sometimes." John agreed. "At least he's not shooting at it."

"Thank god!" She agreed and smiled. "Say hello to Mycroft. And I'll bring a cake to the party."

"That's great, Mrs. Hudson." John hugged her tightly.

Outside, Mycroft was already leaning on the car. He smiled when he saw John. "I see that my brother is not in a good mood today." He said when he kissed John on the cheek.

John chuckled. "And how do you know that?"

"Call it intuition." Mycroft said simply and opened the door of the car for John.

"Did you hear him shout upstairs?" John asked, not quite believing him.

"Indeed." Mycroft grinned. "What was it this time?"

"He told Greg that they didn't do their research properly."

"And did they?"

Before John could answer, Sherlock and Greg left the house. "Oh no, why are you still here?" Sherlock asked and raised his eyebrows. "I told you to leave, John!"

"It's good to see you too, Sherlock." Mycroft smiled at his brother, but Sherlock ignored him. He stopped the next cab and gestured for Greg to follow him. Greg smiled at Mycroft but didn't stop to talk to them. Apparently, he didn't want to upset Sherlock even more.

When they got in the car, Mycroft chuckled. "Today, he is really bad-tempered."

"Can you believe that we'll be married for one year soon?" John shook his head in disbelief. "Time's running so fast."

"Good times have a habit of passing too fast." Mycroft agreed and wrapped his arms around John's waist. The day has been calm and now they were sitting on the couch in their living room, enjoying the evening alone. Sherlock didn't contact them all day.

"In two days, Sherlock will be back for a year as well." John muttered, remembering the evening Sherlock had shown up in that bar.

"You look thoughtful." Mycroft noticed.

"I've been wondering how different that year would have been without him." He admitted. "He's still driving me crazy at times."

"All of us, I think." Mycroft corrected him with a smile. "But it affects you more than others because you see him nearly every day."

And honestly, John wouldn't want it any other way. "I've missed him, in those two years when he's been gone."

"I know." Mycroft kissed him. "Sometimes, I close my eyes and see you again on that first day I've visited you after his 'death'." The smile on his lips faded when the old memories came back. "You've been so sad, I couldn't stand that."

"You made everything better." John whispered. "Without you, I don't think that I would have survived that time."

He shook his head. "You're so strong John, of course you would have been alright."

"I just don't know how long that would have taken." John muttered thoughtfully. "Maybe he would have been back before I fully accepted his death." He tried to let the last sentence sound playful, but it didn't work.

"Don't think about that anymore, John." Mycroft interrupted him. "I am glad that everything worked out in the end."

He raised his eyebrows. "What do you mean?"

Mycroft chuckled. "We are together and married for nearly a year, my brother is back and solving cases, you help him with that and next to that, we're all fine."

John knew that he meant the two days in which Mycroft had thought that John and Sherlock were dead. Months have passed since that case and sometimes, Mycroft still woke up from nightmares. Just like John still saw Sherlock jump in his dreams three years later.

"I'll never leave you again." He pulled Mycroft closer to kiss him deeply. "I love you."

"I love you too, John." Mycroft whispered and ran a hand down John's back. "And you can be sure that I'll never let you out of sight again."

"We talked about that." John argued softly.

"It is highly distracting not to have you around. Let me at least know where you are."

"I do." John promised. "You don't have to observe me for that."

"Old habits…" Mycroft shrugged. Ever since the 'War of the Roses' case, as John had called it on his blog, Mycroft has been overprotective.

"You're impossible." John whispered before he kissed Mycroft again.

John couldn't tell how long they've been kissing when a noise distracted them.

"What was that? Sounded like the front door. But it's locked." John asked and raised his eyebrows. He stood up slowly and began to button up his shirt again.

"That is a good question." Mycroft reached for the umbrella that leaned against the table. Right now, John was glad that he had it close by. Normally, he didn't like Mycroft taking it everywhere in the house.

They listened silently for a few moments and heard the front door close. As quiet as possible, John and Mycroft positioned themselves on both sides of the door that led to the hallway.

The footsteps came closer slowly and then, the light in the hallway was switched on. "John, Mycroft!" A familiar voice shouted and they both relaxed.

"Sherlock Holmes, did you just break in?" John said loudly and crossed his arms when Sherlock entered the living room. He was paler than usual, his eyes were wide and his coat was open, like he didn't take the time to close it.

"Yes, I did, but it is urgent." Sherlock ignored the reproachful looks on their faces and went to the tv. "There's something you have to see."

"Can't that wait until tomorrow?" Mycroft asked and wrapped his arm around John's waist.

"I said you should call when something happens, Sherlock. Not break into our house." John added.

"Just look at it!" Sherlock said and switched on the device.

What they saw there nearly made John's heart stop. He heard Mycroft inhale sharply next to him. When he turned to Sherlock, he saw that there was a dark look on his face.

On the screen, John saw Jim Moriarty's face. He was smiling and four words always repeated themselves.

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