TW: Swearing in French? Some abuse?

Alexander is riding to the headquarters to inform General Washington of developments, when he feels a sharp pain in his side. He looks down to see an officer dressed in red with a knife in poked into Alexander's side.

He tries to get away, but before he can move, he is tugged off his horse and onto the ground.

Alexander continues to struggle, but his frail frame is not putting up much of a fight. He feels a hand over his face, and realizes the man is trying to knock him unconscious.

Alexander continues to fight, but he feels his body slipping away. He throws out one last kick before a bag is placed over his head, and he swears.

"Merde! Connard!" swears Alexander.

He feels a hand contact his cheek, and blood and pain explode in his face.

That's when his world goes black.


When he comes to, Alexander is gagged and tied up.

He doesn't know where he is, but he knows that it was those Redcoats that brought him here.

He hears voices outside his compartment door. He focuses on the noise.

"You sure he's Washington's right hand man?" he hears some voice he doesn't recognize say.

"Yes." comes the reply.

Alexander's eyes widen. He knows that voice! But it can't be. His tired mind must be playing tricks on him.

The door opens, and in come two officers.

One is a Redcoat with medals denoting high rank, and the other is the one and only Benedict Arnold.

"You useless idiot! How can you be here? Aren't you a Patriot?" screams Alexander.

Benedict Arnold shrugs. "I was. But the British are giving me better opportunities, something you and that George Washington, who was full of merde, couldn't."

Alexander's eyes open even more. "You were the one who captured me, weren't you? The only other person I've ever heard pronounce it correctly is Lafayette and the French soldiers."

"Yep. Who are you now, Sherlock?" Benedict scoffs.

"Just someone who will have evidence against you when we take you to trial." Alexander answers promptly.

"I'm never going back, so don't waste your time." Benedict says.

"Where am I now?" Alexander wonders.

"You are still technically on colonial soil, so you can't claim that we kidnapped or imprisoned you. You're Sherlock, I'm sure you'll figure it out quickly."

And with that, Benedict and the other officer laugh and file out of the room, slamming the door behind them and leaving Alexander to puzzle where exactly he is.


Alexander is startled awake again by the sound of a door banging against a wall.

He sits up just as Benedict and the other officer reenter the room.

"So, we know you are very close to George Washington, and draw up a number of his us, or we promise to get it out painfully."

Alexander shakes his head. Even if it bothers him, he is used to it. The other soldiers depend on his silence.

"Come on, spill." The high officer coaxes.

Alexander clamps his mouth shut.

Benedict becomes upset, and grabs Alexander by the shoulders. Then he turns to the other officer for confirmation.

The officer nods, and Benedict throws Alexander against the wall, causing his world to spin. He almost loses consciousness, but struggles to stay awake.

He cannot let any secrets slip while he sleeps.

"You couldn't be half as good as General Washington if you tried!" He exclaims desperately.

"Ehh…I doubt it. I'm already better." Benedict sneers, throwing Alexander against the wall again.

The officer comes forward and slaps Alexander across the face.

"Let's leave him to think about his decision." The officer says coldly, gesturing for Benedict to follow.

Alexander stumps against the wall, straining against his shackles, and falls into a fitful sleep.

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