Hey, ya'll! It's Mickey and I'm here at the request of rhinocaputo777 who wanted me to do a crossover with Miraculous Ladybug and Danny Phantom and here it is!

I actually had a lot of fun making this and through the struggles of my cat rubbing itself across the screen of my computer constantly, I think I have created a pretty good story. Or maybe just good.

This is set in the first season of Miraculous Ladybug just (though now the show is way too slow, it really needs to hurry up) before Volpina. Then Danny Phantom is set up after the Nasty Burger explosion. Just so you guys know where everything is at.


Summary: Danny has lost everything. Jazz, Maddie, Jack, Sam, Tucker, even Lancer. It's made him a shell of the young hero he once was. But Clockwork, taking pity on him, sends him to another world into the middle of an villain prone city in Paris. But will Danny remain the empty shell he has become or will a certain bluenette rescue him? Light cussing, probably

Please, please, please let me know what you guys think in the reviews and let me know what miraculous Danny should get. I'm still debating over that, but opinions are very welcome.




Falling from New Heights (Edited)




The night sky was glowing with the help of the full moon and the twinkling stars around it. Below in the city of Paris, a young girl watched the night sky as she sighed. There was so much going on in that mind of her's, too much for a young girl like her. She moved her bluebell eyes downcast and saw the glowing city of Paris, her home. Then her phone began vibrating in her pocket causing the bluenette to jump and quickly dig for her phone. She saw the caller ID and answered it.

"Hey, gurl! How are you?" A little smile graced her lips. Her best friend and confidant, Alya Cesaire, seemed always to be there for her whenever she needed. She took her time before she answered.

"I'm good. Just thinking for inspiration for a new design." She answered as she looked towards where the Eiffel Tower stood, glowing in the distance.

"Really? Oh, I can't wait for you to show me, Marinette." Alya said as Marinette looked to see her flowers that were growing on her little balcony. There she caught her little ladybug themed kwami, a creature that allowed her to become someone very special. "Did you see Ladybug today? She was so awesome..." Alya continued to ramble on and on about Ladybug as Marinette stifled a laugh. Although Alya was her best friend and confined in almost everything to her, there were somethings that even Alya didn't know about Marinette.

First of all, she didn't know that Marinette owned a diary that held every single secret that she hid from the world. Next, Alya didn't know that Marinette knew how to defend herself in rough situations. And finally, she didn't know that Marinette was a very famous Parisian hero named Ladybug. Well, that was a secret that she kept from everyone including her parents.

"Marinette, are you listening to me?" Alya's voice brought Marinette out of her thoughts. Marinette saw her little kwami, Tikki, giggling in the corner of her eye.

"Yes, you were talking about Ladybug and how awesome she is that she stopped that akuma earlier today." Marinette said as she imagined Alya with a satisfied smile on her face. Oh, how easy it was to satisfy her best friend through the means of a superheroine.

"Good, well I got to head to sleep. I'll see you at school tomorrow, don't be late." Before Marinette could say anything the line was cut off. Marinette sighed and placed her phone back in her pocket.

"Are you okay, Marinette? You seem sad." Tikki said as she floated in front of her chosen's face. Marinette held out a hand for her kwami to land on and took a deep breath.

"I'm not sad, Tikki. I'm just thinking." Marinette said as Tikki tilted her head. She had to admit, her kwami was dangerously too cute for her own good sometimes. She even fell for all the cutesy faces that the child she babysits.

"Thinking about what?" Tikki asked as Marinette gave her a small smile.

"I've been saving Paris for a while now and I just feel..." Marinette shrugged her shoulders. "stuffed." Tikki blinked, but waited for her chosen to continue. "All I ever hear is that Ladybug has done this, Ladybug has done that. But...But what has Marinette done?" Marinette allowed Tikki to take flight as she folded her arms over the railing and leaned forward, staring at her city. "I'm the shy clumsy girl, who can't even talk straight to her crush. Ladybug is this confident persona that shy girl puts on and tries to be someone she cannot." Tikki's eyes widened.

"Marinette!" Marinette snapped her eyes to the floating spirit. "You are Ladybug as well as Marinette Dupain-Cheng! You're brave, shy, clumsy, confident, graceful, and smart all in one." Tikki placed a little stubby arm on her chosen's cheek. "You look down on yourself too much. It worries me." Marinette's eyes grew misty as she patted Tikki on the head.

"Thank you, Tikki. I really needed that." Tikki beamed at Marinette. Marinette took one more deep breath, but didn't hear the creaking of metal. She once more fell into her thoughts, which now had a much more positive outlook on her life. She didn't hear Tikki's warnings until it was too late. A long creak rang out and her railing gave loose. She toppled over the side and began to fall. Weirdly though, Marinette didn't scream. It was as if she was paralyzed and her body wasn't responding to her at all. All she could do was stare at the sky before her. If this was the last thing that she saw, then she could be happy. At least for now, she was content. She awaited her fate, but then she felt herself stop and the night sky still looked the same.

"Are you alright?" She heard a gruff voice and turned to see the bluest of eyes she had ever seen. Marinette felt something within her stir as she nodded her head. "That's good." She was placed on her feet and looked at her savior, at least for the night. Those blue eyes belonged to a boy with unkempt raven hair that fell over his eyes, giving him that mysterious look. He was tall, taller than her and possibly Adrien. But there was one thing that she noticed, his eyes were dull as if they held no light in them at all.

"Thank you...for saving me." Marinette said as the boy nodded.

"It's really no problem. Please don't mention it again." Then the familiar chime of a bell rang and Marinette turned to see her parents with worried looks on their faces.

"Marinette! Are you alright?" Her mother asked as she grabbed Marinette's cheeks and checked all over for any sign of bruises or scrapes.

"Maman! I'm fine. I was caught by a boy passing by." Marinette turned around to introduce her parents to the boy, but he was long gone. Marinette blinked and tilted her head. "He was right here." She looked around for any sign of the boy, but there was none at all.

"I don't see any boy." Her papa said as he looked around as well. Marinette shook her head, but couldn't get the image of the boy out from her head. There was something about him that drew Marinette towards him.

"Nevermind. I'm just going to head to bed." Her parents nodded understandingly. She truly had the best parents in the world. They always cared for her and made sure she was alright mentally, physically, and emotionally. It was because of that it killed her for not telling her patents about her super secret. She bid goodnight once more to her parents and walked up the stairs to her bed room. There she saw Tikki with a furious expression.

"Do you know how worried I was when you fell over?! You didn't even transform! You could have easily swung away." Tikki lectured as Marinette quickly climbed in bed. Yes, why didn't she transform? Maybe cause she thought there might be other people around to watch her? To protect her identity? She truly didn't know.

"We can talk about this in the morning, Tikki. I'm tired..." And with that Marinette fell into a peaceful sleep, dreaming about blue eyes.

He was taking a walk when it happened. A young blue haired girl had fallen from the sky, or rather the balcony, into his arms. He had easily caught her and kept on his feet as he grunted. It wasn't that she was heavy, it was freaking gravity. Actually, everything was gravity's fault. He snapped out of his depressing thoughts and focused on the girl.

"Are you alright?" He asked and she turned to face him. He was stunned. Her eyes were this shade of blue that reminded him of flowers. He had forgotten the name, but they were beautiful. He felt something shift, but paid it no mind. He had to know if this girl was alright or not and it was drying him crazy. Finally, she nodded her head. "That's good." He let out a silent sigh of relief that went unnoticed by the girl. He studied her for a moment. She had dark blue hair and a fair complexion with these little freckles, it suited her face.

"Thank you...for saving me." She said as he placed her down. He nodded and the sound of footsteps alerted him.

"It's really no problem. Please don't mention it again." He said as he continued to study the girl. Usually, people would be screaming if they fall from a high place, yet this girl didn't. It was as if she was used to falling off high places. He mentally snorted. Like that was going to happen, but the girl was interesting to watch. He watched as the girl's attention was somewhere else before turning invisible.

"Marinette! Are you alright?" He saw her parents rush out from the front door and rush to the girl, Marinette. Marinette...the name rolled off his head easily as he stored it into his memory. He decided to leave, his job was done. Besides, it would be better if he left anyways before he started any trouble. He began to walk over to his temporary home. At least it was empty like before. He climbed up the stairs to the massage room where it was turned into a small tea table. There sat an old man with gray hair.

"How was your walk, Danny?" The older man asked as Danny walked past him. Before he could walk to the hallway to his room, he stopped. He was thinking on that walk, but it seemed that everything disappeared once that girl fell into his arms. He couldn't even remember what he was thinking about before Marinette fell into his arms.

"Productive." Danny answered making the old man hum.

"I have gotten all your school papers in order and you start school tomorrow." Danny nodded and walked out of the room. School, practically the bane of his existence. No matter where he went it was always the status quo where bullies are number one and he was always at the bottom of the social latter. How could this school be any different? And with that, Danny went straight to bed.