(I really never post anymore lmao. I'm sorry. Buuuuuuut I got this sexy new Chromebook for Christmas, with Google Docs on it, so imma possibly start writing new stories. Anywhoo, here's a story about Robin and Batgirl in a relationship. Also, I'll be using the Damian Wayne and Barbara Gordon (from Killing Joke) versions. There will be more chapters to this one soon btw. Hope ya like it!)

"Seriously? Another mission? AGAIN? Coincidentally the SAME night we're supposed to go out for dinner and have a nice date? This is ridiculous," Barbaba complained. This was the third time in a row that Damian Wayne had to skip date night with his girlfriend, Barbara Gordon, in order to stop crime in Gotham. The first and second time saddened Barbara, but this third time enraged her.

Damian had just gotten home from stopping several criminals from robbing a nearby bank. Seconds after walking into their home, Damian was on the receiving end of a verbal punishment, courtesy of Barbara. She was extremely upset with him, and wasn't going to let him off the hook this time.

"Barb, please, I'm sorry. If crime happens, I have to be there. You know this." Damian felt terrible for skipping their date. "Damian," Barbara said softly, "is there another girl?" Damian's heart sank. "What do you mean?" "You heard me. Are you cheating on me?"

He replied, "Of course not, Barbara! I love you. I would never cheat on you. You're the only girl for me, and I want to be with you forever." A tear rolled down Barbara's face as she said with a broken voice, "Okay. I'm sorry crime is more important than me." Her lips started trembling, and tears formed on her eyes, ready to roll down her face.

"Babe, you are so important to me. I love you, and although crime has to be stopped, I wanna spend more time with you." Damian loved Barbara so much, and couldn't stand to see her in pain. Barbara then dropped to the floor to her knees, crying heavily with tears streaming down her face. Damian quickly ran over to her and held her in his arms and his chest. She continued crying as she buried her face into his shoulder.

"Barb, after you're done crying, I'm gonna pour you a glass of milk, make a plate of Oreos, and we can cuddle in bed, okay?" Barbara wiped her face and said, "Okay, but we're going to dinner tomorrow. I don't care how many crimes happen, we're having a nice dinner at a nice restaurant tomorrow." Damian smiled. "Okay, I'll tell my dad to cover for me."

Damian helped Barbara up. She went to their bedroom, lay on the bed, and wiped her face a bit more as Damian went and poured her a glass of milk and put two handfuls of Oreos onto a paper plate. He brought her the milk and cookies, then took off his Robin outfit and got into bed with Barb, wrapping his arm around her and kissing her on the forehead.