Hey guys, it's me again with yet another rebooted version of this story. Before we begin, I'd like to issue an apology to the people who reviewed the last version just before I discontinued it. However, this time will be different. I plan on this being the last time I reboot this story. It's all or nothing now. I'm going to stick with it and finish it if it's the last thing i do. So, i hope you enjoy this take. Au revior!

It was a pleasant afternoon. Kuki held her summer hat as a breeze washed over her, immersing herself in the rustling of swaying leaves. Idly, she stared at a round leaf she picked off her sleeve, admiring its green color.

Up in the branches, a red bumpy berry caught her attention. She rubbed her chin as she wondered what it reminded her of. It looked like a red spikeball, and a funny looking one at that. When nothing else came to mind, she let out a bored sigh and flicked off dirt that got on her orange dress.

I wonder what to do when we get back home. Maybe we can play croquette with the berries? No, playing with food is bad. How about a game of tag, but we can only move one step at a time in turns…? Not that either, I'll probably lose like all the other games of tag we've played before. Urgh, I have to think harder.

'What's on your mind, Kuki?' asked a leavanny nearby.

Kuki puffed her cheeks in a pout. "I'm trying to think of a new game we can play," she replied, stretching her limbs.

The leavanny chuckled, snipping berries off stalks and placing them into a silk bag. 'Come up with anything yet?'

"No…" Kuki pressed her palms against her cheeks. "I'm still brainstorming."

The leavanny motioned the girl over. 'Here, help me hold this bag while I reach for those ones over there.'

Kuki received the bag, gasping when the weight pulled her a bit. "Geez, do we need all these berries?" Kuki asked, sweat dropping down her cheek as she went through the stash. And how was she able to carry all these easily with her thin arms?

'You have to eat a lot if you want to get big and strong, don't you?' the pokemon said, its body glowing white for a few seconds as its body shrank. 'That's why we need every single one of them.'

"I guess… but you always eat most of them anyway, Mew," Kuki replied with a pout.

Mew snickered. She hovered higher up the trees and perched on a broad branch. 'That's because I'm a pokemon. My belly is bigger than yours, so I can eat much more than you can!'

"Ooooh, I didn't know that. I wish I was a pokemon too then," Kuki muttered while staring down in thought.

'Kidding! I just like to eat a lot.'

"Oh. You got me there," Kuki said with a smile. "You know, we should probably hurry before the mean farmer gets back."

"What in the—it's you! You're that thieving girl! Come to steal more of my harvests, have you?!" a loud voice barked.

Kuki widened her eyes when she saw a large man wielding a trowel stomping towards her. From his overalls and straw hat, she recognized him as the farmer who chased them off last time.

"I'm not letting you get away this time!" he mumbled under his breath as he unstrapped a pokeball from his belt. "Tibbles, pin her down!" The angered farmer yelled, hurling the pokeball at her to summon a herdier. The dog pokemon bared its fangs and darted towards Kuki.

"Oh no, he's here, Mew! Let's g—" Gravity pulled the girl down, causing her to twist her ankle. She shrieked and face-planted onto the ground, losing her grip on the berry bag. A sharp pain erupted in her leg and when she looked up, the herdier was only a few feet away from striking her.

Mew gasped, her ears propping up in alert.

Just as the herdier was about to pounce on the helpless girl, Mew crashed in front of it in the form of a swampert. The herdier felt an odd pressure coming from its new enemy, but it leapt forward nonetheless, a decision it regretted almost immediately.

'Back off, bozo!' Mew yelled, throwing an ice punch straight to the dog's jaw, sending it rolling back to its master. Before the farmer could process what had transpired, Mew shot out a jet of muddy water straight at the man's face, toppling him backwards.

"What in heaven's name?!" The farmer fumed, incessantly rubbing his face with his sleeves to get mud out of his eyes. After about fifteen seconds of flailing around, he was able to open his eyes again, however both the swampert and the girl were gone.


Mew had teleported both of them to safety. They were back in their small room in the basement of a lighthouse, one Mew happened to acquire after winning a bet against a certain old friend.

"I messed up. That was so close," Kuki said, her hands tightly clasped around her left foot. "I even dropped my hat… but it's fine. I have other hats, so we don't have to go back for it. That farmer will probably throw it away since we made him mad," she said while forcing a smile.

Mew didn't reciprocate the smile. Her eyes drooped as she placed her paws on Kuki's cheeks, her big blue eyes staring into the girl's golden yellow eyes. 'You ought to be more careful, Kuki.'

Kuki gently pushed Mew and turned her face the other way. "I'm fine… You don't have to be so worried. I just twisted my ankle a bit."

'Well…' Mew's eyes glowed and she inspected Kuki's foot. 'It looks like you dislocated it.'

All color faded from Kuki's face as she gulped. "Wha? Nah, I'm sure it's no big deal. I can stand up just fine. See?" Kuki tried pushing herself to her feet, but stopped halfway when a sharp pain pierced her joint.

As she was about to fall, Kuki felt an invisible force hold her in place. Mew smirked as she helped her sit back on the carpet. 'See? What did I tell you? You won't be able to walk unless it's fixed, young lady.'

Kuki puffed her cheeks. "But it's going to hurt just like last time, and I don't wanna!" she complained.

Mew scratched her cheek and chuckled nervously. 'Come now, I didn't know it'd hurt that much before. There's still plenty I don't understand about humans, but I know a way to make it not hurt at all this time!'

Kuki drew closer, tilting her head. "You do?"

Mew smiled brightly with a nod. She hovered onto Kuki's laps and her eyes began to glow. 'Just look into my eyes and you won't even feel a thing.'

Kuki did as told. Shortly after, she felt her mind becoming light as clouds. The girl couldn't feel anything, as though she was submerging into her sea of thoughts indefinitely. When she blinked, Mew was no longer in front of her. She blinked a few more times and looked around, quickly noticing the light bandaging around her foot.

"Huh? What happened?"

'I used a little hypnosis on you. It didn't hurt at all just like I said, right?' Mew said with a giggle.

"Huh," was all Kuki said in response. Her head still felt a bit fuzzy from the experience. Sure enough, she didn't feel any pain when she moved her foot anymore, only a slight dullness.

Kuki found Mew standing by the bag of berries they'd collected that day. Mew used her telekinesis to pick out the berries, grouping them by color and shape on a tray.

'I bet you're really hungry now. Which one are you going to pick first? The red ones, the blue ones, the pink ones, the orange ones…'

Kuki beamed up as she dug her fingers into the berry pile. "I'm taking all of them!"

Mew couldn't help but laugh when Kuki said that. She sat back and watched Kuki enjoy her meal.

"Aren't you going to take any?" Kuki asked while nibbling on the berry she was holding.

'I thought you were taking all of them.'

"Oh, well I don't mind sharing!" Kuki said with a chuckle. "Just don't eat all of them like you sometimes do."

'Alright, alright. I'll try not to finish everything,' Mew said with a smirk.

"Nuh-uh, I'm not sharing then!" Kuki said, playfully pulling the tray beside her.

'I'm kidding!' Mew reassured her.

Kuki giggled as she returned the tray back to its place. "I know. You always are."

Mew winked at the girl. 'Aww, you know me so well.'

The two enjoyed a quiet meal, exchanging glances every so often. Kuki had her head in the clouds, staring idly at the single light bulb on the ceiling. A slow smile found its way to Mew's face. She wondered what the girl was thinking, but she'd once promised not to pry into the girl's memories in the past. Besides, not knowing was part of the fun.

"Let's make a kite." Kuki said, breaking the silence as she bit on the last pecha berry.

Mew tilted her head sideways. 'A kite? Like the one in that lotad prince show.'

"It's Lotus Prince, not lotad!" Kuki corrected, her eyes firing up.

Mew giggled, her tail waving back and forth. 'Sorry, I can't seem to ever get the name right.'

"You actually remind me of the fairy queen from The Lotus Prince."

'Huh? What's the fairy queen like?' Mew asked, her curiosity piqued.

"Oh, she's this magical lady who helps and guides the hero on his great journey to save the Lotus Kingdom! She's the one who gave him his magic kite which he uses to fly around," Kuki said, waving her hand in the air with a wide smile, then her smile faded. "Maybe we could watch it again sometime? We never got to finish watching it together cause you're always going out somewhere."

'Oh, I apologize for that, Kuki. The things I often do away from here on my own are too dangerous for a delicate human like you, but when you get older and stronger I promise I'll take you out on my adventures more often!' Mew said, holding Kuki's hand with her tiny paws after hovering to her.

Kuki's mouth fell open. She held Mew's paws tightly and her eyes gleamed. "You promise?!"

Mew giggled. 'I promise!'

"Yay, alright! I sure can't wait to grow up then! I'm so excited!" Kuki said, humming to herself as she pictured herself and Mew exploring hidden caves, finding lost treasures and saving the world from bad guys among other stuff. "We'd have adventures just like in the shows and movies!"

Mew couldn't help but chuckle at seeing Kuki absorbed in her dreams like that. 'Come on now, let's not get carried away. Here, tell me more about this kite thing you mentioned earlier.'

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot," Kuki said, lightly slapping her forehead. She got up and walked to the pile of papers and cardboard they happened to have sitting in the room. "We can make a kite out of some light paper, and with these sticks… Oh, don't forget the strings to tie them up together."

Mew peeked over Kuki's shoulder to see what she was doing. She made an 'ah' sound when a realization dawned upon her. 'So, this is why you took those things from that human shop the other day?'

"Oh that? I actually wanted to make something else called an origami that day, but I couldn't really figure it out. I kind of gave up," Kuki explained with a sigh, twirling a string around a chopstick.

'You silly girl, you shouldn't give up on something just because it's difficult.'

Kuki pouted with her arms folded. "The instructions were too complicated. I couldn't follow them at all! There were like fold it like this, and like that. There were pictures, but they were no help," Kuki said while drooping her shoulders.

'Well if you're feeling up to it again some other time, we can make some of these origamis together!' Mew said, throwing her fist in the air. 'If we put our heads together, I'm sure we'll be able to understand the instructions!'

"Really?!" Kuki asked, leaning forward. "But first, we have to make the kite!"

Mew giggled as she climbed up Kuki's shoulder. 'That's the spirit, my girl! Now then, where do we start?'

And so, the two of them set to work on the kites. After a few failed attempts, Kuki suggested they watch The Lotus Prince again to figure out how, but they ended up marathoning the series because Kuki forgot which episode the instructions were shown in. After a few hours and lots of used paper, they finally made something that actually resembled a working kite.

"Hooray, we did it! We made a kite," Kuki said before letting out a huge yawn. She heaved a deep sigh and rubbed her eyes groggily. "Let's go and test it out, Mew. We… still don't know… if it can fly yet," Kuki said, struggling to keep her eyes open.

Mew giggled as she flicked off a small bit of paper on Kuki's nose. 'Let's leave that till tomorrow, dear. You're tired right now,' Mew replied, holding Kuki in her arms as she transformed into an audino.

Kuki groaned as she meekly tried nudging away from Mew before her arm dropped again. "I can still keep going…" Kuki argued, but the bags under her eyes weren't fooling anyone.

'No, Kuki. It's sleepy time for you.'


'Don't worry. We'll play again first thing in the morning.'

With what strength she could muster, Kuki held onto Mew's hand and met her eyes. "Mew, will we always be together?"

Mew's eyes widened at the sudden question, then her expression softened to a smile. "Always, Kuki. Always."

"Yaaaaay…" With that, Kuki finally fell asleep with her body resting limp in Mew's arms.

After holding onto her for a few minutes, Mew got up and gently tucked Kuki into bed. She drew some of the girl's loose hair behind her ear and then kissed her on the forehead. Mew's eyes felt heavy, and she too yawned just like Kuki did before.

'Guess it's sleepy time for me too.' She hovered onto the bed and stretched her limbs. With a hum, she tucked herself under the blanket next to Kuki, a smile on her face as she closed her eyes. 'Good night, Kuki.'


Kuki found herself standing alone in a dark lit area. Her eyes were distant, and she slowly glanced back and forth to perceive her surroundings. "Where am I?"

There were no doors or corners in sight. Both the paths ahead and behind her were pitch black, and the only thing guiding her were the invisible light sources that lit the tunnel. With a gulp, Kuki did what she felt made sense. She walked in the direction she was already facing.

Kuki wrapped her arms around her. The area was strangely cold, and she felt like she'd been walking for hours on end. "Mew! Hello! Is anyone here?!"

She bit her lip when her voice echoed back toward her. Kuki sighed, marching on and hoping she could find a way out somehow.


Kuki's body stiffened at the sound. She slowly turned toward where it came from, widening her eyes when she saw a red viscous bundle of chains crawling toward her. She screamed and bolted forward, not once stopping to turn backwards again as she ran with all her might.




Kuki fell when something pulled on her leg. She gazed back in horror upon seeing that the chains had caught up to her. Looking at them up close, they had a burning glow to them and a dark aura rising off them like smoke. Kuki raised a hand to untangle her foot, but the chain quickly seized her arm. Raising her other arm led to the same outcome, and she soon found herself completely restrained

Kuki screamed as the chains constricted around her to the point where all she could do was wheeze, her ribs slowly squeezing down on her lungs as a burning pain erupted from her chest. She squeezed her eyes shut, tears running down her face as she begged for the pain to stop.

Mew… save me.

A strange pink light filled the tunnel and Kuki felt the chains rapidly untangling her. When she opened her eyes, both the chains and the tunnel were gone. She found herself sitting in a bright lumpy area that resembled cloud tops.

When Kuki turned her gaze, she saw a pink light orb facing her. She squinted her eyes at it, tilting her head and wondering what it was. She felt a familiar warmth, drawing her closer to it. When she touched it, it dissolved into her body, making her body radiate a pink glow.

Right after that, the clouds began to shatter like glass all around her. Before she could even stand, she'd already lost her foothold, screaming as she fell into the abyss.

Kuki awoke with a gasp. She was back on her bed, the lightbulb on the ceiling greeting her as she stared at it. She stared idly as she sat up, her movements somewhat sluggish.

'Rise and shine, Kuki!' Mew said, suddenly appearing on her shoulder. She gave Kuki her usual carefree smile.

Kuki felt her eyes watering up when she saw Mew. With tears running down her face, she suddenly pulled the pokemon into a tight embrace.

Mew's eyes widened for a moment, then she lightly stroked Kuki's forehead with her tail. 'Did you have a nightmare again?'


'Everything's okay now, Kuki. I'm here for you. I'm here,' Mew said, smiling softly.