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"Prepare to be vanquished, Lord Gengar!" Kuki cried, a cardboard sword in hand and wearing a squirtle costume with a papercraft hat.

'So, you've made it this far, Explorer of Stuff and Things?' Lord Genger said with a laugh.

Kuki raised her sword toward the sky. "Yes, I have! You'd better be prepared, because your reign of terror comes to an end now!"

To help Kuki immerse herself even more in their play, Mew even changed their surroundings with illusions to match the descriptions Kuki had written in their scripts.

Mew grinned and folded her arms. She was seated in a spiky purple throne, looking down at the brave hero who had foolishly dared to confront her alone. 'I didn't expect you to defeat my generals so quickly. I underestimated you, little explorer.'

Mew had also played the parts of all the defeated generals.

Kuki sported a cocky grin and pointed her sword at Lord Gengar. "Hahah! I have the power of my friends on my side. Once I've defeated you, peace will be restored to the lands once more!"

Mew threw her arms outward and descended from the throne with a dramatic flair.

'Don't be fooled. I have the high ground!'

"Oh yeah? I have an even higher ground than you do!" Kuki said, standing on her toes.

'Is that so? Let's settle this then. Come at me!'

Kuki roared and charged with her blade pointed outward. Mew Did the same, running at the girl with a grin. The two ran past each other as silence dawned upon them.

Mew held her stomach and then fell to the ground. 'Impossible. I'm Dark Lord Gengar! How could I have been defeated so easily?'

Kuki walked back to her defeated foe, resting her blade on her shoulder. She looked down at Lord Gengar with a triumphant smile.

'Is this the part where you finish me off?' Mew asked, faking a cough.

Kuki shook her head and bent over to lend Lord Gengar a hand. "No, I refuse! I won't allow the cycle of bloodshed to continue. It's not too late for you, Lord Gengar. You can turn over a new leaf."

'Uhhh.' Mew seemed to have forgotten her next line for a moment before quickly remembering. 'Ah, right… You think society will accept a monster like me?'

Kuki nodded, pointing her fist towards herself. "Of course, but you have to work hard for it. Everyone can change, and so can you!"

Mew couldn't help but snicker at that line. It sounded so cheesy, and Kuki looked too adorable saying it for her to bear.

"Meeew! You're ruining the play!" Kuki said with a pout.

'I'm sorry, it was just too much!' Mew said, hands over her mouth while she burst into laughter.

Kuki puffed up her cheeks, pouting even harder.

'Okay, I'll stop. Let's continue,' Mew said, wiping a tear from her eye.

Kuki dropped her cardboard sword. She turned the other way and squatted. "I don't feel like playing anymore!"

Mew sighed. She waved her paw and dispelled the illusion she'd cast, returning the landscape back to the grassy garden. She then hovered to Kuki and poked her cheek.

'Come on, don't be like that. You just looked too cute as the brave hero, and I couldn't help myself.'

Kuki's cheeks reddened, but she jerked her face the other way. "Hmph!"

Mew hovered to her other side to face her again. 'I know what will cheer you up! Let's go have some ice cream!'

"I don't want any!"

Mew smiled slyly. 'Are you sure? Not even a teeny bit? They're even Lum berry flavored, you know.'

"… Okay, maybe a little bit," Kuki said, groaning in defeat.

Mew giggled. 'That's what I like to hear.'


They returned to their room in the lighthouse basement. Mew had brought the ice cream from the refrigerator by the time Kuki was done changing into her normal dress. She added three large scoops into Kuki's bowl and handed it to her.

'Remember not to eat it too quickly or you'll get a brain freeze!' Mew reminded, twirling the ice cream scoop in the air.

"I know…," Kuki said, holding the bowl in her hands. She could feel the ice cream's coldness through the bowl. While she was staring at the teal green colored dessert.

'Ah, it tastes good, doesn't it?' Mew said, a dreamy look on her face as she took a spoon from her bowl. 'I wish I knew how humans made these things, then we could be making our own ice cream!'

"Oh, and we could even make all kinds of flavors too!" Kuki said with a smile.

'If you could make your own ice cream flavors, what kinds would you make?'

"I would make… popsicles!"

'Popsicles? Aren't those different from ice cream? That isn't even a flavor.'

"Oh, then I would make lum berry ice-cream with chocolate cookies!"

'That does sound yummy.'

"We could even try making an ice cream cake, like the one Candace and Roy had in The Roadrail!" Kuki closed her eyes and smiled. She could almost taste the cake.

'Ice cream cake? Won't the ice melt?'

"You gotta eat it before it does… I think. I'm not sure," Kuki held her spoon in her mouth and groaned. "I don't even know how to make it, and they didn't show it in the movie. Do I even know how to make an ordinary cake? I think we need something called an oven or something to bake it."

Kuki hummed. "Did you know, if we had an oven, we could even make cookies, brownies and all kinds of delicious snacks!" Kuki said, twirling her spoon while she explained.

'We're not getting an oven. It's that thing that gets really hot, isn't it? You'll just end up getting hurt, and I wouldn't want that,' Mew said, folding her arms.

"I can be careful!" Kuki argued with a pout. "I'll even wear an apron, a pair of mittens and that long funny looking chef hat."

'How about we start with learning how to make ice cream first instead? It sounds less dangerous.'

"But I want to bake a cake," Kuki said, taking a spoon from her ice cream with downcast eyes.

Mew sighed. She didn't like making Kuki too upset, and she had already ruined Kuki's fantasy play earlier. 'Fine then. We can get an oven, but only if you promise to be extra careful. Also, you can only use it if I'm there to watch.'

"Really? You're the best, Mew!" Kuki said with a little dance. "Now we can learn how to bake a cake together!"

Mew drew her brows close, then leaned forward while staring at Kuki. 'Did you ask for an oven just so I'd spend more time with you?'

Kuki pursed her lips and turned her eyes towards the other side of the room. "I don't know what you're talking about. I mean, sure, it'd be wonderful and nothing would make me happier…"

Mew smirked, then burst into laughter. 'You sly vulpix. You don't have to trick me for something like that. I'm always going to be here for you,' Mew said, patting Kuki's head with the tip of her tail.

Kuki chuckled and straightened her bangs. "I really do want to learn how to bake cakes though. It sounds fun, but I know I'm clumsy sometimes, so, if an oven is really dangerous, it's fine if we don't get it. We definitely should make that ice cream though!"

'Are you sure? I can protect you if we're using the oven together.'

Kuki shook her head. "No, it's alright. My dream isn't to become a baker anyway, but to become a star!"

'Oh yeah, you mentioned something about that before, didn't you?' Mew asked, taking a large spoon out of her ice cream.

"Yeah!" Kuki exclaimed and stood up. "I want to be like those actors and be in my own movie. Did you know, when an actor takes a role it's like they get to become someone else entirely than who they really are?"

'Huh? Really?'

"Yeah! Even though it's for a short time, they get to live in the same world as those characters and feel what they're feeling. It sounds exciting, doesn't it?"

'Isn't that pretty much what we already do in our plays?'

Kuki chuckled. "Well, sorta, but there's a difference. When making a movie you need to have cameras, a director, actors, and a bunch of other stuff!" Kuki got up and pulled a book from a pile on their bedside drawer. "I read all about it in this book you got me!" The book was titled Movies in A Nutshell.

Mew hummed, taking the last spoon from her ice cream bowl. 'I'm sure you'll be a great star, Kuki. You'll be the brightest one there is.'

"Aww, thanks Mew!" Kuki said, her cheeks reddening. She sat on their bed and sighed. "I don't really know how to get in a movie though. You're supposed to do something called an audition first, but that's all I know." She furrowed her brows and flipped through the pages of the book. "I really need to read this book again."

Mew levitated their empty bowls and stacked them together. 'We'll figure it out together. That aside, do you want to go anywhere today, Kuki?'

Kuki raised her finger to her lip and hummed. "Actually, I wanted us to work on a script for our next play! I have a few ideas, but nothing is really hitting the spot for me yet. I need some inspiration!"

'Which place do you have in mind then?' Mew asked, hovering to her.

"I'm not really sure. A theater would be awesome! We would be able to see actors performing live there!" Kuki said, swinging her legs back and forth. "Maybe I could even ask the people there if we can be part of a play!"

'Where would we even find a theater? Do you know any places?'

"I don't really know… There might be one in Nimbasa City! There are so many cool places there, especially the amusement park!" Kuki chimed with starry eyes.

Mew's eyes lit up as well. 'The amusement park! We had so much fun there last time! Let's visit it again after the theater.'

"Really? We can?! Yay, this day just got even better!"

Mew giggled. 'I'm glad you're feeling energetic.' Mew levitated the empty bowls with her. 'Lemme clean these up and then we can leave right away!'

"Okay!" Kuki replied, resting her head on her hands.


Mew went out of the basement, humming to herself while she made her way to the other building connected to the lighthouse. She raised a brow when a lone black feather fell in front of the door before her. When she recognized it, her pulse quickened. The pitch-black feather, bearing red veins that coursed from its spine, belonged to none other than them!

A shadow loomed over her, revealing the one who dropped the feather. A large bird-like pokemon laid perched on the side of the lighthouse. They brandished large claws on their wings and tail, claws almost as sharp as the horns on their head. Even the slightest movement they made sent red light pulsing across them. They scowled at Mew with their lifeless blue eyes.

'Yveltal…' Mew uttered, her body stiffening.

'We meet again, Firstborn, as we always do,' Yveltal said. What came from their beak was a mismatch of several voices. It was as though they were making a sparse imitation of one.

'What do you want?'

'You know what we seek. There is a soul here about to depart, and we…' Yveltal began to crawl down the lighthouse, its claws digging into the cement with every step. 'WE are here to collect.'

'It's only been three days. She's perfectly fine right now!'

Yveltal cocked their head sideways. They laughed. 'Are you certain about that?'

Mew widened her eyes, her body trembling in place. The bowls she had been holding fell on the ground, the noise snapping her back to reality. She immediately made a run for the basement room.

When Mew got there, Kuki had her hand pressed to her chest. Her hair hid her face while she was hunched over, but Mew could see that she was trembling uncontrollably.

'Kuki!' Mew called out to her.

"Mew…?" Kuki tried to stand, but she collapsed on the ground the moment she took a step.

'Kuki!' Mew rushed over to her. Gently, she sat her up, pulling aside the hair covering her face.

Kuki's forehead was drenched in sweat, and blood was trickling from the corners of her mouth. When their eyes met, Kuki looked at her with tears and parted her lips.

"It… hurts…"

Mew pursed her lips, a sour taste building up in her mouth. Kuki's voice was weak, and she was barely hanging onto her consciousness. Mew held her close, tears forming in her eyes.

'It's going to be okay. I'm with you now.'

A black wisp sprung into the room, manifesting Yveltal from it. Their foreboding glow was even brighter in the dimly lit room. They perched over the mirror-side drawer, having shrunken their size considerably.

Yveltal leaned forward. 'Her time has come, Mew, and we will help her pass on.'

'Why? You're only supposed to show up when a calamity is happening. Why are you trying so hard to take Kuki from me?!'

'What you have spoken is true, but this situation piqued our interest. Just as we are supposed to appear during calamity, you are supposed to use your power of genesis only to restore what has been lost, after we are done collecting the fallen souls. Yet, you have been using it all on a human for the past two cycles. Outrageous!'

'So what?! It's the only way I can save her, otherwise…'

'You are misusing your power, Firstborn. You needlessly postpone the inevitable. End her suffering. Let her pass on. Let us collect!' Yveltal demanded, a dark aura erupting from their body.

Mew winced, but she brushed off the aura. She frowned and laid Kuki down. Mew then hovered over her and held out her arms. Her fingers disappeared as her arms grew three times in length, tapering at the tips. Her whole body shone in a bright pink color, then she stabbed her needle-like arms into Kuki's chest. The energy from Mew's body started pouring into Kuki, which evoked a growl from the displeased Yveltal.

'Do you even know what will happen if you keep doing this?!'

'I know what will happen. I'll give Kuki part of my power, her body will heal for a while, I'll get to spend some more time with her, then you'll rear your ugly head here and start blabbing nonstop again. Rinse and repeat.'

'How foolish! We do not understand your intentions. What do you hope to achieve? It does not make sense!'

'Of course, it doesn't make sense to someone like you. You only know how to collect, but I am different. For me, If I get to spend even one more moment with Kuki, then I'd do whatever it takes to save her," Mew said, her expression growing bitter.

As Mew channeled her life energy into Kuki, she recalled what happened two years ago. It was when she took Kuki to a hospital the first time she collapsed from her illness. To ward off suspicion, Mew had used her psychic illusions to create a human-shaped puppet as a stand-in for Kuki's legal guardian.

After the doctors ran a diagnosis on Kuki, the doctor took the human puppet aside in the waiting area. Mew could remember exactly what he said that day.

"It brings me much distress to have to inform you of this, ma'am. It's concerning your daughter… She has… cancer."

"Cancer?" Mew's puppet asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes. We've examined her blood, and there's no denying it. She has a rare form of leukemia, specifically. It's a condition associated with a rapid production of white blood cells in the body."

The puppet's eyes widened, its emotions reflecting Mew's own. "What? Can it… Is there a cure for it?"

"Unfortunately, there isn't a known cure. There are existing treatments, but they're hardly permanent solutions. Making matters worse, it seems your daughter is already in the final stages of the illness." The doctor took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. He looked up to meet the puppet's eyes again. "This is off the record, but maybe it'll bring you some consolation… At the very least, let her enjoy her life to the fullest while it still lasts."

Her mind returning to the present, Mew pulled her arms out of Kuki with a huff, and reverted them to their original size. Kuki's condition had stabilized for the time being, and she slept soundly as if nothing had happened.

Yveltal craned their head back, crushing the edges of the drawer as they sank their claws deeper into them. 'Sooner or later, Mew, you will have to let us collect. After all, even your genesis has begun to lose its effectiveness.'

'You don't know tha—' As if Yveltal's words had jinxed her, a crack appeared on Kuki's face.

Yvelted tilted their head. 'Oh? It seems something interesting is about to occur.'

Mew's heart sank. The crack soon began to spread, and more appeared across Kuki's body. Mew trembled, unable to understand what was going on. Cracks had never appeared on Kuki's body when she used her powers on her before.

Yveltal didn't seem to react further. They remained still, watching in silence.

'No… why is this happenening?!' Mew shot Yveltal a glare. 'Did you do this?!'

'No, this is not of our doing. We only collect, we do not act.'

Mew turned her face back to Kuki, whose body was crumbling with no signs of slowing down. Her heart drummed uncontrollably, and she didn't know what else to do. She made her body glow again and poured more of her power into Kuki. 'Stay with me, Kuki. I'll save you!'

However, the more Mew used genesis on Kuki, the faster the cracks grew and spread. By the time Mew realized that, it was already too late, and Kuki's body began to disintegrate into white dust.

Mew's mouth hung open. She watched helplessly as Kuki's body completely vanished into nothing, leaving behind only the dress she'd been wearing just seconds before. Several thoughts ran in her mind, and yet she just sat there, completely frozen.

'How disappointing. We shall take our leave now.' Yveltal raised their wings and vanished in a puff of smoke, leaving Mew to her thoughts.

Mew clenched her paws. She lowered her head and tears began to well up in her eyes. 'I couldn't save you Kuki, just like I couldn't save anyone back then. I'm sorry…'

She covered her face with her paws, tears dripping down her muzzle. She sniffled and stared blankly at the spot where Kuki had been before. Mew considered taking Kuki's dress and burying it, as that was how humans took care of their deceased. Her girl deserved a proper burial after all.

When she levitated the dress, something fell out of it. Mew gasped, her gaze following it as it rolled across the carpet. She placed the dress aside and approached the object until it was just by her feet.

'What the...? What is this?'

Mew picked it up and gave it a good stare. The object was a dark blue orb about the size of a pokeball. Not only did it feel warm, but a faint blue glow pulsed through it every few seconds. While Mew scrambled her mind to understand what she was even holding, she gasped when a realization hit her.

'Did Kuki turn into this?!'

Mew glued her ears to it, but she could hear nothing but silence from the orb. She drew it away from her face and went back to staring at it. She drew a blank on what to even make of the orb. After sitting there for a long moment, she decided she needed to pay Uxie a visit. Perhaps she would know what to do…

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