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Author's note: This is dedicated to Lexi, the Princess of Sex and her sister Mira, the Princess of masturbation, as well as my friend John Oxus.


Harper Finkle has a weird ass that cause much more farting than any normal girls.

Alex Russo ( Harper's BFF ) is a wizard and has tried to use magic to fix Harper's fart problem, but it didn't work.

"Opsss..." says Harper as big fat farts escape from her round ass.

"It's fine, Harps. You can't help it." says Alex.

"True, but it's kinda annoying." says Harper.

"Yeah." says Alex.

"Being the fart girl isn't fun." says Harper.

"I know, but there's nothing I can do." says Alex.

"So sweet of you to wanna help me, Alex." says Harper.

"Of course I wanna help. You're my best friend." says Alex.

"Thanks." says Harper.

Harper fart again.

"Opsss!" says Harper.

"Don't worry, Harps. You and I are best buddies so I can accept your farting." says Alex.

"Very sweet of you, Alex." says Harper.

"I am a sweet girl." says Alex.

"Yeah." says Harper.

"Seems like your ass is taking a break for now." says Alex.

"Good." says Harper.

"True, girl." says Alex.

"Cute." says Harper.

"You're cute, yeah." says Alex.

"Awww, thanks!" says a happy Harper.

"No problem." says Alex.

20 minutes later.

"Uh...oppsss!" says Harper as she fart again, even though she doesn't wanna do that.

"It's okay. You can't help it." says Alex.

"Yeah, but it's so awkward that I fart so much." says Harper.

"Don't worry, Harper. Someday we'll fix your problem and you won't be the fart girl anymore." says Alex.

"Okay. I hope you're right." says Harper.

"Relax, have some faith." says Alex.

"Awww, you're a very sweet friend." says Harper.

"Thanks." says Alex.

"Oh, no..." says Harper as she fart again.

"I wish there was something I can do." says Alex.

4 weeks later.

"Justin, do you know any spell that can fic Harper's fart problem?" says Alex.

"Sure, but why should I help you?" says Justin.

"You're my brother." says Alex.

"Indeed, but you never do stuff for me so I refuse to help you, Alex." says Justin.

"Please!" says Alex as she goes donw on her knees and beg.

"Not good enough." says Justin.

"Help me and I will be a much sweeter little sister...!" says Alex.

"Okay..." says Justin with a sigh.

20 minutes later.

Harper pull down her baggy yellow stinky pants and turn her ass towards Justin.

"Akuuvio de la neurnes et daagubah!" says Justin as he swing his wand.

There's a flash of green magic light.

Harper's ass shake a bit and then it glow pink for a few seconds.

"That should do it." says Justin and then leave the room.

Harper pull her pants back up.

"I think it worked. It doesn't feel like I gotta fart." says Harper.

"Good." says Alex.

4 hours later, Harper hasn't farted even once.

Justin's spell did work.

"Yay!" says a very happy Harper.

The End.