A/N: A special shoutout to Robotkitty5848 for letting me use her characters Alex and Hazuki in this story.

Dirk's P.O.V

Miss Eda then patted my shoulder as she told me and Shan to sit back down. Was it in my imagination, or was that a wink I saw in the elderly woman's eye? It's like she knows something that I don't. Sitting back down, Lexi was giving me a look.

"What are you doing?" She gestured towards my…

Looking down, my hand was still holding Shan's and I was trying to think of a way to defend myself. "I uh…"

"I-I'll take my hand back now Dirk," Shan said nervously. And there goes my unexplained warmth.

I couldn't explain it, but holding Shan's hand brought comfort. Nothing like when I'd hold Lexi's hand. And why am I thinking about this?

"Now then," Ms Eda brought me back to reality. "I want everyone to pair up into groups of two, I want you to write, and form, an emotional scene. It can be whatever you like. And Dirk, since it seems you and Shan work so well together, I'm pairing you up first."

"Ms Eda What about the rest of us?" Lexi suddenly asked. Was that jealousy I saw?

"Let's see… Lexi I'd like you to work with Fritz, Alex with Lisette, Wayne with Chelsea, Mark with Allen, and Hazuki with Rod." Ms Eda had decided. "You have two weeks for this assignment, just before the upcoming school dance."

Just then the bell made it's presence known and everyone quickly made their exit. Probably because it was lunch time.

"Dirk," Ms Eda stopped me.

"Yes ma'am?"

"The kiss? Next time, keep it under 30 seconds." She smirked.

"Right…I'll remember that…" I hope.

In the cafeteria, I made an beeline towards Ivan, however before I could say anything, Lexi literally sat her butt down next to me.

Ivan gave Lexi a look. "Do you always have to sit here? Not that I don't mind, it's just…" He looked at me. I just shrugged.

"Ivan of course I do! Dirk is my boyfriend. Is he not? We do everything together."

I can see Ivan trying to stop himself from saying something.

"Hey look!" I suddenly spoke up. "Shan is trying to find a place to sit. I'm going to go see if she wants to sit with us."

Lexi pulled my arm. "No. She's not like us Dirk. We are popular, she isn't."

"She's not that bad Lexi."

"She can't sit with us."

"Hey guys can I-" Shan did approached us, asking if she could sit here. I wanted to say yes, but Lexi beat me.

"Sorry, we're full."

"Actually there's a seat-" Lexi covered my mouth.

"That seat is taken. Hey Ash over here!" Lexi called out.

"…But I-" Shan sighed.

"Sorry maybe next time."

From the corner of my eye, I could have sworn I saw Lexi slipped her foot out, ending up tripping Shan and she hit the floor, food tray included.

"Oops. Sorry, innocents accidents right?" Lexi said then.

Ivan got up from his seat. I wanted to do it, but Lexi was holding onto me.

"Are you alright?" Ivan asked Shan while helping her up.

"I…" I can see Shan looking around her surroundings, her brown eyes landing on me while tears starting to form. "I gotta go…" Shan quickly removed Ivan's hand off of her shoulder, running out of the cafeteria. It looked like Alex had noticed, because she ran after her.

Ivan and Ash gave Lexi a look.

"It was a accident. She probably deserves it anyway for being so clumsy."

"No. She doesn't." I mumbled. I wanted to say more, but I chickened out. Damn. What did I saw in Lexi to begin with?

"Lexi what did you do to my sister?" Lillie stepped in then.

"Just a little incident Lillie," Lexi said innocently.

Lillie rolled her eyes. "Incident my-" She sighed. "Just be careful next time okay?"

"Of course!" Lexi said with a forced smile. I stayed quiet. There was nothing I could have done at this point anyway.

Actually yes I know what I could've done. I should have stepped in, but I didn't have the guts. Come on Dirk be a man for once!

Shan's P.O.V

I want to crawl into a hole and just fucking die. What just happened was no incident. Lexi's out to get me, and just because Dirk's her boyfriend and she thinks she can control him. Well whatever. I'm done with this school. Done with fucking everything.

"Shan? It's Alex. Are you okay?"

I sniffed. I ran into the girls bathroom. Do I sound okay? "I will be Alex, thanks for checking on me…" I wanted to be alone, but am grateful that someone did came. Coming out of the stall, my clothes and hair was still covered in food, and my eyes and cheeks were stained with tears. I went to the bathroom sink.

"Lexi is a bitch. You didn't deserved any of this." Alex helped me cleaned up the best she could.

"You didn't kiss Dirk. And yes, I know it was a stage kiss, but Alex, it felt real. And I think Lexi could see it too…" I groaned. "I just wanted to stay in the shadows where I'm supposed to be. But no. I've been in this school for 5 hours and I'm already causing drama…" I started crying again. "I just want to go home…"

I gave Alex a look. "Sorry, this probably wasn't how you wanted to spend your free period." I smiled a little.

Alex waved her hand with reassurance. "Don't worry about it. You looked like you could use a friend."

"Friend? Really? You want to be my friend?" I was cheering up.

"As long as you want me to be." Alex smirked.

"Yeah. I'd like that." I smirked back. "Well, I guess this is the best we could get it." I gestured towards my shirt. "I'll just wash my hair when I get home." Too bad about my lunch though. I literally could feel my stomach.

Alex gave me a grin. "I have a idea. Come with me." She took my arm and guided me out of the bathroom. She took me into one of the cooking classrooms. I blinked. "It's okay. The teacher won't mind us being in here. His door is always open. Now, what would you like to make?"

When I got home, I literally jumped into the shower. It feels good to be clean.

Doing my homework now, I looked up as Lillie knocked on my door. "I don't want to talk about it Lillie." I got off my bed to grab a book from my desk. "Let's drop it okay?"

"I wish you'd talk to me." Lillie frowned. "I heard about drama class from Fritz. You kissed Dirk."

"A) He kissed me, and B) We were acting. That's it. Let's move on." I was tired of this conversation.


"Lillie. Please. I want to drop it."

"Fine." She looked at me. "Just…just know I'm here for you."

"Thanks Lillie," I smiled.

"Shan," Mom came in the room. "There's a young man downstairs wanting to see you."


"Lillie it's probably Dirk. We have a script to write." I groaned. "Mom can you tell whoever it is that I'm not in the mood?"

"I think you better tell Ivan yourself." She placed her hands on her hips.

"Ivan? Odd I don't know a Ivan.." I tilted my head.

"Shan he's Dirk's older brother. He was the one who Dirk was with at lunch."

"Oh…. So that was his name."

Well great. That's what I need a reminder of earlier. Getting up, I went downstairs to see this guy I don't even know. "You wanted to see me?" I crossed my arms.

The guy looked at me. "Just wanted to see if you're alright. Dirk wanted to come with me but…Lexi wanted him to sit through cheerleading practice."

Of course. But again I don't want to know. I smiled weakly. "I'm doing better than I was earlier. So you can tell Dirk that when you see him. You also can tell him that the next time he'd like to leave me a message, to do it his damn self." I couldn't help but snap like I did. "Sorry Ivan I-"

"It's alright. I have a feeling you didn't mean it." He smiled softly at me.

"It's just been a long day. But I do appreciate you checking up on me." I smiled shyly. "Hey, actually you can give Dirk a real message. See, we're supposed to be working on a script for drama and-"

"You'd like to know if he's free to work on it."

"Well I didn't mean right this second, but basically yeah…"

"I got it." He thought for a moment. "You know I'm not doing anything right now, would you like to go on a walk with me? There's a lake I like to sit at."

"A-are you asking me out on a date?" I nervously asked. Ivan was cute and I never did this before.

"Oh…um…." Was that a blush I saw? He wears it well. "I-I well,"

"Ivan. It's okay. I'll walk with you. It beats homework." I went to grab a light jacket before walking out the door with Ivan. We walked for a while, talking about nothing. Date or not, I needed this distraction.